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I yam what I yam

A few pieces I've written this week have led to some rather startling accusations against me. It occurred to me that I haven't done a good enough job spelling out just where I stand on a lot of things. I figured I better pull it all together for some of my detractors, who have some rather odd perceptions about me.

I am not:

A Republican. I have considered myself an independent since I first registered to vote in 1985. I spent four years as a registered Democrat after I forgot to unenroll after the 2000 primary and was too lazy to correct it, but I've never been a Republican for more than a few minutes at a time. I vote in whichever primary is the more "interesting" each time, and for the candidate I agree with most strongly. In 2000, I voted for Bill Bradley; in 2004, for Joe Lieberman. I've never given a penny to any political party or candidate, nor worked for any campaign. I've put bumper stickers on my car, but that's it.

A Conservative. I consider myself a "militant moderate." I dislike and distrust the extremes of both sides. Unfortunately, I don't think I have changed much, but the left has moved farther away from me. My position has, by default, moved to the conservative side as the left's migration has redefined the center as being more left than before. I have also come to the conclusion that while both the left and the right have their nutcases, the right-wingers are less dangerous, as they are easier to check and rein in. They tend to marginalize themselves quite nicely, while the Left tends to lionize theirs. Pat Buchanan has no shot of ever being elected Republican National Committee Chairman, unlike Howard Dean.

A Christian. I was raised Methodist, but I long ago reached the conclusion that I just don't have the capacity for sincere religious faith. I half-jokingly call myself a "born-again agnostic." I have a great deal of Christian friends, and have tremendous respect and affection for them (colored with a bit of envy). I also spent a considerable amount of time exposed to Judaism, and developed a lot of respect for their beliefs and traditions, but never embraced either.

I am:

A libertarian. Note the non-capitalized "l." I don't belong to the Libertarian Party, and think that some of their antics are just plain stupid. They once held a protest where they refused to show their ID before boarding an airplane, and I thought they were idiots. I agree with the statement "that which governs least, governs best," and that the most inefficient, expensive, and cumbersome way to do almost anything is to have the government do it. But I think that there are certain tasks that are incumbent upon the government to perform, and assailing those functions is just plain stupid.

An independent. I spend a lot of time assailing folks on the left, but that's because their words and deeds are so offensive to my libertarian principles. I have also slammed Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North, Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich, and others. I think Bill O'Reilly is a self-aggrandizing blowhard. I think that Ronald Reagan, for all his accomplishments, made at least two major blunders that we are still paying for today, in his handling of the Marines in Beirut and the 1986 Immigration Reform. I think George W. Bush has made some very bad missteps, such as the Harriet Myers nomination, his failure on Social Security Reform, and his refusal to take border security and illegal aliens as serious threats.

A libertine. I have big problems with so-called "victimless crimes." There are a huge number of serious problems out there, and wasting scarce law enforcement resources on cases where there is no complaining individual is stupid. I also have no problem what two or more consenting adults do in private.

A gay marriage supporter. I think that the institution of marriage would be strengthened by opening it up to more people who sincerely want to marry. I just put my support for that below my support for working within the system, of changing the law instead of simply declaring it to mean whatever a couple of people say it means. Not only does that principle violate my belief in working within the system, it is just begging for a public backlash where people who oppose the tactics (like myself) find themselves alongside those who oppose the idea of gay marriage to reinforce the supremacy of the democratic system.

A pragmatist. I understand that my ideal notions simply will never work. I am fully aware that "the perfect is the enemy of the good," and am willing to compromise along the way towards getting what I consider ideal. Demanding "everything or nothing" most often gets you nothing. "Give me a little now, and we'll talk more later," in my opinion and experience, gets more done. In the example of gay marriage, starting out with civil unions that grant most of the privileges of marriage without the actual name would be a tremendous stride forward, and would most likely make the introduction of "marriage" a lot easier, after a few years of experience that it will not lead to rains of fire, dogs and cats sleeping together, and the sun rising in the west after all.

So, please keep calling me a Republican Fundie Shill, and all the other things I've been tagged with. I just got my bi-weakly paycheck from The Day Job, and I need a good laugh.

(Update: in the comments below, three people all decided to criticize me. Well, I'm not so sure about that. After all, "viet vet," "jerzey girl," and "maggysturn" all posted their comments from the same AOL IP within 15 minutes of each other. In fact, that IP has posted consistently critical comments under the names "nick," "rachel," "jesus," "maggie," bobbi pin", "allright," "bethright," "candycane," "pete," "babs b," "bennito," "knight," "babsbush," "carmine," "georgeisamonkeyboy," "antiparty," "nobushfan," "darleenisagopshill," "vietvet," and "nancyreagan" since February -- some times even supporting each other's arguments. I think someone is running around barefoot, having emptied his sock drawer to make more and more puppets.)

Comments (47)

Thanks for that!Can ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for that!
Can I say "ditto," from Maggie's Farm?

Right. And Shrub is a 'comp... (Below threshold)

Right. And Shrub is a 'compassionate' conservative.

You got a nice HT from Will... (Below threshold)

You got a nice HT from Will Franklin at Blogometer yesterday. I second it.

DAMN!!!! I missed that, San... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

DAMN!!!! I missed that, Santay! I'll have to send him a nice thank-you note or suitable bribe now. Thnks for the tip!


You're scaring me Jay. I co... (Below threshold)

You're scaring me Jay. I could've written most of your post. Even the "raised Methodist" and hates Bill O'Reilly parts.

I do differ from you on the gay marriage issue. Marriage is basically state subsidized procreation. Do I need the government to legalize my friendships/lovers? I think not.

I also consider myself a "free agent Christian". I believe in God, but not in any particular religion.

A non sect aligned believer... (Below threshold)

A non sect aligned believer in a monotheistic God might be called a Deist, as many of our founding fathers claimed to be.
I have the following problem with gay marriage, the married state implies third party recognition, specifically employers providing health insurance to mates. That obligation, which would be required as non-discriminatory, is I think the chief reason. The government should not be in the marriage business, and there should be a statute which defines and allows government and legal acknowledgement of a gay union, but no requirement for third parties to recognize it as the same as traditional marriage.
I support your position on victimless crimes, but like universal health care, we must be willing to let the people who choose poorly "die in the gutter". We can't as taxpayers absorb the results of attractions to gambling, drinking, drugs, prostitutes, etc., without capping our liability through vice laws.
As a pragmatist do you acknowledge that advocates will use your practicality to advance their agenda via the slippery slope of incremental change? As a pragmatist do you acknowledge that adversaries will "compromise" on your issues if you will on theirs? Hardliners hold the line because no good can come of small concessions. Pragmatism gave us McCain-Feingold.

Re: the Airport ID protest,... (Below threshold)

Re: the Airport ID protest, that wasn't a "L"ibertarian event, but a single man, small l, who fits much of your above description, with the exception of pragmatist and Republican. He won't even vote.

Amen.I was raised ... (Below threshold)


I was raised Methodist too.

OK, Jay,You are su... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

OK, Jay,

You are such a Republican, Fundie shill!

So, there.


Hmmmm.I'd usually ... (Below threshold)


I'd usually try to include a pithy comment but I'm still stuck on the Florida teacher thing so it'll take awhile.


More bad news (from the rig... (Below threshold)

More bad news (from the right-wing Wall St Journal no less).....

Bush's Ratings Hit
New Low, Poll Shows
May 12, 2006
President Bush's rating has fallen to its lowest mark of his presidency, according to a new Harris Interactive poll.

Of 1,003 U.S. adults surveyed in a telephone poll, 29% think Mr. Bush is doing an "excellent or pretty good" job as president, down from 35% in April and significantly lower than 43% in January. It compares with 71% of Americans who said Mr. Bush is doing an "only fair or poor" job, up from 63% in April.


• See previous Harris polls from April, March and February and January of 2006

• Polling organizations tracked in the related graphic ask respondents about President Bush's performance in different ways.

Meanwhile, ratings for Congress are also sliding, as 18% of Americans say Congress is doing an "excellent or pretty good job," compared with 80% who say Congress is doing an "only fair or poor" job. In February, 25% of Americans gave Congress a positive rating and 71% gave a negative rating.

Poor Jay Tea.This ... (Below threshold)
viet vet:

Poor Jay Tea.

This post is so pathetic. All you Bushies running from your man now that he's sinking. But I guess you're only taking your cue from the White House - use em and lose em.

I haven't seen this much squirming since I was at the reptile house at the zoo.


Can Jay Tea say "flip flop"... (Below threshold)

Can Jay Tea say "flip flop"?

Sure can, Jerzeygirl. Watch... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Sure can, Jerzeygirl. Watch me!

"John Kerry."

BTW, I said nothing new here. I've previously published each and every one of these positions before; this is just the first time I've put them all together (with the possible exception of the Bill O'Reilly bit). I'd cite examples, but do your own homework. (Hint: use the "search" feature with certain keywords.)


Can Jay Tea say "flip fl... (Below threshold)

Can Jay Tea say "flip flop"?

More importantly...can you cite flip-flop?

Jay has been consistent. Everything he has stated in this post has been stated by him before......

Why dont We just get over t... (Below threshold)

Why dont We just get over the polls already and say it! Bush is at 0% approval today! there He can only go up now, i think? anyways the only Flip Flopping going on here is from You Kerry chronies..flip flip flip flop..

Did I miss something? What ... (Below threshold)

Did I miss something? What the heck does Bush's approval ratings have to do with what Jay Tea is or is not?

I know the libs have trouble staying on topic, but yeesh!

I dunno you tell Me? or ask... (Below threshold)

I dunno you tell Me? or ask maggysturn instead.

Re: Jay's "update."<p... (Below threshold)

Re: Jay's "update."

One lonely, deranged person, of his/her meds, either unemployed or (obviously) not doing the job s/he's paid to do.

You're "all" busted. No listen to the voices in your head and go take a bath.

Jay, congrats on the openne... (Below threshold)

Jay, congrats on the openness and transparency, it's refreshing. I'd like to hear more about your suppor tof Lieberman someday.

Re: "sockpuppets", I hope you will provide the same openness and transparency with those sockpuppets who agree with you and wizbang -- it might go along way towards lessening the vitriol, me thinks... We all know they exist, calling them on it publicly would help.

Lee, I don't go looking for... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Lee, I don't go looking for them. This idiot made himself TOO obvious -- three comments in minutes, all with the same tone. If you have someone you suspect of being a sock, e-mail me their name and one of their suspected comments, and I'll look into it. I will answer you, and if it's true, I'll say so publicly as well.

BTW, there is one that I know about, and tolerate. It's my real-world best friend, who tries to sneak comments past me as a private game between us. It's infrequent and innocuous enough that I don't have a problem with it.

Oh, and occasionally I myself use an alternate name when I comment here. But that is limited STRICTLY to the Caption Contests -- I don't want there to be an appearance of impropriety. And I blush to disclose that under that name, I've won twice and won lesser prizes twice.

How's that for transparency, Lee?


Your misquote of Tho... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Your misquote of Thomas Paine should read,

"That government is best which governs least."

Jay Tea,Very inter... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Jay Tea,

Very interesting, the part about how many monikers are coming from the same IP. You should talk to Kevin and see if he could add a database feature that would track monikers that come from the same IP, then give public access to that list. I'm not suggesting you publish the IP address, but I would like a feature where I could enter a moniker and get a list of what other monikers use the same IP address (or addresses) and the date/time last used.

Liberals are all for openness, so none of them should object to a public interface into such data. This feature would encourage commenters to consider their on-line reputations before flaming others.

Please put that feature on the WizBang wish list.

Hmmmm.Thi... (Below threshold)


This post is so pathetic. All you Bushies running from your man now that he's sinking. But I guess you're only taking your cue from the White House - use em and lose em.

Who cares what his approval rating is? He's not running this Nov.

In case that's escaped your attention.

You know, I think they have... (Below threshold)

You know, I think they have a point. There is just no way we can re-elect this Bush guy. His negatives are too high. Their scathing attacks have caused my desire and energy to wane. I. can't. continue. to. support. his. re-election. campaign. the light is going dim...

Oh, wait, he's not running for re-election? We're gonna hav'ta choose another candidate? No way!. How can we every find someone to run against Ms. Bill?

Maybe, shhh, if we're sneaky, we can keep the bad guys focused on the one hand (President Bush) while we choose a candidate with the other hand. We could take vote and choose based on how they commit to policies and ideas. Perhaps somebody will come along that agrees with all these wacky ideas like sovereignty and smaller government.

Lee, I don't go looking ... (Below threshold)

Lee, I don't go looking for them. This idiot made himself TOO obvious -- three comments in minutes, all with the same tone. If you have someone you suspect of being a sock, e-mail me their name and one of their suspected comments, and I'll look into it. I will answer you, and if it's true, I'll say so publicly as well.

Thanks J. I'll drop you an email sometime this weekend.

I hate yams.--|PW|... (Below threshold)

I hate yams.


JT,What you wrote ... (Below threshold)


What you wrote about yourself is why the republicans are the big tent party. You don't have to agree with everyone else in the tent. We don't have to like everything done by those in the tent. There are a few big over arching themes (like national security, rule of law, personal responsibility) that we all can agree on in general, though still have some disagreements in the details.

Can you imagine the joy of holding the exact same positions and being in the democratic party? But remember, republicans are the knuckle dragging bigots who hate people different from ourselves and democrats are the sweet, gentle people who can enjoy and embrace diversity just for the sake of diversity.

On your "gay" rights deal, ... (Below threshold)

On your "gay" rights deal, who get to be the "mommy" and who gets to be the "daddy"?

You've got to be careful Ja... (Below threshold)

You've got to be careful Jay. If AOL is proxying the children, it's likely you'll see a great many posters with the same IP, the Proxy's IP.

Just remember, most people using AOL are probably there for the structure, safety and familiarity of AOL. I suspect that these people probably don't stray far from the comfort of home. Granted, I'm not knocking AOL. It has it's purpose, but if I was forced to use them as my online provider, I think I'd read and watch TV more.

I'd say a great number of A... (Below threshold)

I'd say a great number of Americans fall into your post above, I would count myself as one of them.

Sadly, we have no one to represent us in Congress, and probably never will.

Takes a lot of guts to say ... (Below threshold)

Takes a lot of guts to say what you think and then stand by it.....GOOD Job...

Like I said before, this po... (Below threshold)
viet vet:

Like I said before, this post is pathetic.

Jay Tea is about as "transparent" as a concrete wall. Up until a week or 2 ago, he and all you other losers were gung ho Bush a-lickers. Now, Jay is distancing himself from the preznit, as, apparently, are millions of other "conservatives" and "libertarians" (note the lower case "l"). And that is called a flip flip you morons.

Have a great day!

This folks is a great examp... (Below threshold)

This folks is a great example of the "Great Conservative Walkback."

Y'know, I'm pretty much in ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Y'know, I'm pretty much in the same categories as Jay Tea. The fact that complete tools like "viet vet" and jp2 hate him, but openly support the Democrats, is one of many sufficient reasons to hold my nose and continue to support Republicans.

I don't hate Jay Tea. And I... (Below threshold)

I don't hate Jay Tea. And I don't openly support Democrats. 0 for 2.

Generally, I think Republicans like Jay Tea are destroying the country and generally I think Democrats are helping them. Always exceptions, but that's basically the case. I'm an indie.

ah, well Jay, no one is per... (Below threshold)

ah, well Jay, no one is perfect.

Sometimes listing our faults can be cathartic. I hope you feel better.


Don't confuse me with the f... (Below threshold)

Don't confuse me with the facts, I can't be distracted from spewing my bile at you.

Generally, I think Re... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Generally, I think Republicans like Jay Tea are destroying the country

So you're illiterate, as well as deranged . Have fun with that, let us know how it works out for you.

Jay, I have to give you som... (Below threshold)

Jay, I have to give you some props on your positions, and I must admit, that I have always thought of you as an independent. Having said that, you are wrong about the right wing marginalizing the crack pots on their side. It's society that marginalizes them. And the crack pots on the left who constantly drink the Kool-Aide, and who are basically one trick ponies, are marginalized by society too.---see Jessie Jackson. That's because no matter what your political persuasion, a phony is a phony, and nobody likes one---see Bill OReilly.

I like what you said about religion, and I think I am in your boat on that one-gnostic,and somewhat sceptical of organized religion-Believe it or not, this is probably what makes your approach to things more practical and pragmatic with less fanaticism. I don't like the I am right because the bible told me so attitude which seems to be the mantra of so many right wing politicians, and that's what scare me about the right. But hey, to each his own, I will check those on the right and on the left if I think it's necessary, and if I think it's best for(Virgo here it comes) my people :)

I'm a member of your party!... (Below threshold)

I'm a member of your party! Except I'm an extreme moderate.

If we can get the governmen... (Below threshold)

If we can get the government out of marriage (for example Social Security benefit determinations, laws on requiring medical benefit eligiblity, etc.) I'll agree. I am a Christian but that's private and supposed to be. I call myself a libertarian-NeoLibertarian-Objectivist as the only way I can sift through the nonsense

"viet vet," if that's the n... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"viet vet," if that's the name you're going to use, stick with it or get banned. I have a hard time believing you are any kind of veteran, given your attitude and history for lying, but if you stick with just that one I won't ban you.

And I'm still waiting for you to cite one example of my flip-flopping. Any day now, putz...


Gee, and yet I think there ... (Below threshold)

Gee, and yet I think there must be so much more to you that we don't know - your favorite color, the consistency of your last bowel movement. Why deny your fans?

Hmmmm.Thi... (Below threshold)


This folks is a great example of the "Great Conservative Walkback."

Oh for God's sake. What frigging "Walkback"?

Every conservative I know is against illegal immigration, wants the borders secured. Illegal immigration has been one of the primary reasons why I stopped supporting the GOP a couple years ago.

Liberals. They never frigging read anything. And whatever they do read they never remember.

field negrowhateve... (Below threshold)

field negro

whatever you said? sounds ok to me, but why did you mention Me?

Just having a little fun wi... (Below threshold)

Just having a little fun with you Virgo, because you always call me on my racial tants :)

Lighten up! A little armistice for now.

We will have plenty of time to go at each other again in the future I am sure.






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