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Another NY Times / Kennedy Family Love Fest

The New York Times Kennedy Defense Task Force has issued their post incident report soliciting sympathy for another of the family's drunks. Patrick Kennedy's problems with the bottle are not his fault you see... He's a victim.

For a Kennedy, Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness Becomes Personal

WASHINGTON, May 14 -- Patrick J. Kennedy was keeping an uncomfortable secret.

Representative Patrick J. Kennedy spoke at a news conference on May 5 about his car accident the day before and his addiction to painkillers.

Representative Kennedy, scion of America's most loved and hated Democratic clan, has been a passionate advocate for ending the stigma of mental illness; he told voters years ago of his treatment for depression and cocaine abuse. But when he slipped off to the Mayo Clinic last December to get help for addiction to prescription painkillers, he had trouble overcoming that stigma himself.

When he crashed his Mustang convertible into a Capitol barricade in the middle of the night earlier this month, Mr. Kennedy, of Rhode Island, was thrust into a clash between personal privacy and political beliefs. Hours before he told the world he was checking himself back into the Mayo Clinic, he wrestled with going public.

"He consistently talked about being in the spotlight and not being able to just say, 'I'm struggling, I have issues,' " said Jack McConnell, a good friend who counseled Mr. Kennedy that morning, May 5. "One of the things he weighed was whether doing this would take the weight off his shoulders that he always felt when he was out in public."

At the risk of pointing out the obvious... If he doesn't like being in the spotlight perhaps -just perhaps- he shouldn't run for public office?

It's like the well worn joke about the guy who killed his parents then asked for the court's mercy because he was an orphan. If Patrick Kennedy doesn't like the being in public, he should quit running for office!

But of course to the NY Times, running for office is just another burden those noble Kennedys must bear.

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I'm glad Kennedy wasn't doi... (Below threshold)

I'm glad Kennedy wasn't doing something REALLY important while addicted to drugs, like hosting a radio show. He only passed laws that impacted every American, which I'm sure is of far less important.


I wonder if the Rhode Islan... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Rhode Island prosecuters are going to seize Kennedy's private medical records to see if he was "doctor shopping" for extra painkillers - or anything else that may look suspicious? Oh wait -excuse me - he's a liberal -so they leave him alone and then give him a great humanitarian award for courage!

Also ... Let's see if Ambie... (Below threshold)

Also ... Let's see if Ambien, which supposedly helped PK to crash his car, is eviscerated and investigated. Right after PK's crash, stories began appearing in the MSM about how dangerous Ambien can be.

I still think it is funny t... (Below threshold)

I still think it is funny that Kennedy's first accident where he filled out a police report and was unable to to even write his name legibly happened when he was trying to turn into a pharmacy lot.

Guess he was just low on band-aids.

We've become a nation of Ke... (Below threshold)

We've become a nation of Kennedy enablers. No matter what a Kennedy does, we forgive him. Here's a family with a persistent history of reckless driving (plus reckless flying and reckless skiing), drunkenness, drug abuse, abuse of women, seducing baby sitters...etc. Hey, we forgive you and will re-elect you.

Maybe the public actually expects and enjoys the spectacle of the Kennedy family's cordless bungee jump into the abyss of substance abuse and bad behavior. It's political soap opera for the bored and titillated






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