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Congressman William Jefferson To Announce Resignation?

Sources say that Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), a member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, may announce his resignation from the House of Representatives today at a press conference.

Former i-Gate executive Vernon Jackson has pleaded guilty to bribing Jefferson to promote deals for the company in Nigeria and several other African countries last week, and prior to that an aide to Jefferson plead guilty. This morning's Washington Post explained his predicament, which is very much like the one that former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham faced.

Jefferson attracted notice last fall for commandeering Katrina rescue resources to ferry him to his New Orleans home. Prior to Katrina his offices were raided by the FBI as part of the i-Gate bribery investigation, where the FBI found, among other things, $90,000 in cash in a freezer.

Paul Adds: Sorry gang, I called Kevin voice to blog this becasue I was busy and there was a misunderstanding. There was supposed to be a question mark behind that subject (which I have since added)

Congressman Jefferson called the media to give a statement this afternoon. The scuttlebutt was that he was going to resign. I should have known he was too arrogant for that.

Instead Jefferson got up and played the race card. (imagine that!) "There just picking on me because I'm black." Other than jury tampering I'm not sure why he gave the speech.

Comments (26)

But I thought only rethugli... (Below threshold)

But I thought only rethuglicans took bribes!


Nah, You dont say! check Hi... (Below threshold)

Nah, You dont say! check His mattress too..

Let's see how well that lin... (Below threshold)

Let's see how well that line plays out for Cynthia McKinney in her "difficulties"...if they don't buy it, maybe William Jefferson will reconsider.

Paul, just wait until Jeffe... (Below threshold)

Paul, just wait until Jefferson begins whining in the media, comparing his travails to the way the mean ol' Feds picked on Edwards for 30 years...

Louisiana: where bribery, graft, and all manner of political shenannigans are haute couture, and where the highest cluster of voting Democrats per square mile live in St. Louis Cemetaries #1 and #2...

Oh goodness, what a culture... (Below threshold)

Oh goodness, what a culture of corruption embraces those democrats!

I am in Louisiana and unfor... (Below threshold)

I am in Louisiana and unfortunately this crook got about 80% of the vote last time.

I hoped when they fimed him using troops to go get things from his home during Katrina that that would stop him but the stupid is thick in District 2.
Maybe this will play out and he will get some jail time; yeah, I'll think about that.......

Resign...then spend about t... (Below threshold)
Drew E.:

Resign...then spend about ten years on Parchman Farm..I am going to google and see what BS this MF was spouting after Katrina. See these folks think that getting away with everything will last forever...nothing lasts...there are a couple of more Dems going down soon. However,; When will Ney do the right thing?

Can't wait for someone to p... (Below threshold)

Can't wait for someone to publish the "standings" - listing how many Republican elected officials are caught accepting bribes and ripping off the public, versus how many Democrats are simlarly caught.

By my estimation the Republicans have a solid lock on first place in the standings - but then, you don't read stories about them on this blog, do you...?

In the next election the dems will have buy 60 second TV spots instead of 30 second spots just to be able to list and show all of the Republican crooks.

You mean Soros will have bu... (Below threshold)

You mean Soros will have buy ads...

Lee, are you aware that vot... (Below threshold)

Lee, are you aware that vote fraud is an overwhelmingly Democratic phenomenon?

Lee, are you aware that ... (Below threshold)

Lee, are you aware that vote fraud is an overwhelmingly Democratic phenomenon?

If I was a Republican I'd try to change the subject too. I thought we were talking about elected officials taking bribes?

Does the large number of Republicans being caught engaging in this sport make you want to change the subject real quick, JohnAnnArbo?

It's a good thing Republica... (Below threshold)

It's a good thing Republicans don't confuse fantasy with reality.
Whoops, spoke too soon, looks like he's not resigning, then?

Sorry, better luck next time!

This from the same Sadie wh... (Below threshold)

This from the same Sadie who STILL thinks that Rove being indicted story is true...

Folks we are talking Louisi... (Below threshold)

Folks we are talking Louisiana here. An honest Louisiana politician is an unindicted one. The bar isn't raised too high in the State Of Louisiana.

I don't know if he's being ... (Below threshold)

I don't know if he's being indited or not. We will have to wait until later on this week to find out. Talkleft says no sooner than Tuesday, but more likely, it will be later.

I can wait. Champagne keeps, you know.

Seeing as how he had "24 ho... (Below threshold)

Seeing as how he had "24 hours to get his affairs in order" several days ago --- NO, he is not being indicted.

HOWEVER, if this IS being used to detect leakers --- it's fucking brilliant. Nails leakers AND makes the left seem downright deranged.

Hmm, UNLIKE Delay, Jefferson ACTUALLY did illegal things. UNLIKE Delay, he isn't stepping down by choice.

Yeah, play up that "culture of corruption" meme. I'm sure it'll work brilliantly.

"Lee, are you aware that vo... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

"Lee, are you aware that vote fraud is an overwhelmingly Democratic phenomenon"?

Phenomenon? It is a fact and a way of life for the democrat party of perpetual fraud. Lee obviously has no problems sleeping at night with all the sweet dreams he shared with us. Nighty night.

Just like the dimocrap R... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

Just like the dimocrap Rank member in the Ethic Committee having not resigned before he resigned. The democrat perpetual fraud and only culture of corruption in Washington reminds me of the beginning of every "Fantasy Island" episode: "SMILES EVERYONE SMILES".

Does anyone esle find it desparate and pathetic that the only hopes of the Rats ever gaining power rests on deceiving the Majority? After all it crystal clear that they have engaged in the "WE WILL ACCUSE THEM OF WHAT WE ARE IN FACT DOING" strategy. There really shouldn't be any surprise that the dem party is incapable of offering any ideas. They are liars and frauds , how many ways are there to twist we will take more money from you while we pretend to care for the poor dummies we pretend to care for. LOL

MAN, I'll be glad when that... (Below threshold)

MAN, I'll be glad when that slimy POS Jefferson steps down.

Up until Katrina, we in Baton Rouge figured he was dirty but that there wasn't much we could do about him because of Orleans Parish's interesting voting patterns, as alluded to above.

Between making an ass of himself on the nightly news with that National Guard stunt and getting caught red-handed with a lot of cold hard cash mysteriously stored in his freezer, he's going up the river for QUITE a while.

While I certainly don't expect a Republican win in his particular district (which, coincidentally, is probably the SMALLEST district, population-wise thanks to Katrina), I'm at least hoping they get someone who can make a difference instead of another poverty pimp like him or Cleo Fields, or an all-out incompetent like Nagin.

where the FBI found, amo... (Below threshold)

where the FBI found, among other things, $90,000 in cash in a freezer.

What's unusual about this ? Haven't you heard the phrase 'cold, hard cash' ? I mean, suppose you've got a deal that needs funding, but all you've got is room-temperature, bendy cash ? You're just SOL.

- MikeB

Dirty bastard! they should ... (Below threshold)

Dirty bastard! they should examine all democrats including clinton!

Nothing will happen to any... (Below threshold)

Nothing will happen to any democrat who breaks the law if it did kennedy kerry clinton and their entire party would be inn jail, because they are stuck on stupid like the general said and their supporters and their is no cure in the world for stupid , stupid is forever from cradle to grave.

You guys are calling Dems c... (Below threshold)

You guys are calling Dems crooks,look at the current Bush administration,ive yet to hear the truth about anything they have done.Clinto left office with a balanced budget,and yes a surplus,were are we now?and dont even say its because of the war,maybe if your republicans were spending your money right,New Orleans wouldnt be up to its waist in water!How can you be a working middle class American and support the republican party?I hope Jefferson goes down,just as Rove,Delay and the rest should.But to hear some of these posts,i wonder whats in your drinking water down south,the republican party could steal the carpet from under your feet and you guys would think there inocent.

I think his "associates" ha... (Below threshold)

I think his "associates" have pleaded guilty to giving him up to $400,000, now.

Yes,he should step down.</p... (Below threshold)
mike olszewski:

Yes,he should step down.

HELLO! We are now leaving F... (Below threshold)

HELLO! We are now leaving Fantasy Island.

Their are Democratic Crooks, Repulican Crooks and
Indipendant Crooks. But the Democrats by far, Hold the record. Look it up, its called history.

Or you could do like the Democrat's and wait for the liberal media to make up their own dilusional history.

Only a Democrat with a dilusion,(as usual)and a lack of knowledge in history Could make such a
stupid statement that the Repulicans hold the record.

Even though their have been far more democrats to hold office.

Getting away from dilusiion land, understand this.

We always have to try and vote the best of two evil's.

You only get to vote for these aristocratic families that the NDP or GOP pick.
Or hav'nt you figured this out yet.

If I have to Pick a Crook
anyway, why not pick a Crook who lie's but has balls and has no delusions about it






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