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New Hampshire's Lake Titicaca

As many of you may know, we here in New Hampshire (as well as some folks in Massachusetts and Maine) have been getting soaked pretty thoroughly the last few days. I think there are parts that have had a full foot of rain since Friday night, and it ain't easing up for a couple of days. While I won't go so far as to say I'm starting to identify with Paul and his fellow New Orleaners, I can safely say I can sympathize a bit more. We've had roads flooded, roads washed out, roads collapsed, and some people report five feet or more of water in their basement. And quite a few people have been making inquiries along the lines of "how big is a cubit?" and "where can I get a buttload of gopherwood?"

Last night, it got personal for me. And dammit, it gave me one more reason to regret that I'm not married.

I was driving home from work and I got stuck in the right lane on Salem, NH's main drag. That means I went right through the deepest part of a very large pool of water. The mighty Shaggin' Wagon promptly lost about 15 MPH, I started throwing off a serious bow wave, and the water reached nearly to the top of my tires. I honestly feared I'd stall out, but the mighty Shaggin' Wagon didn't let me down, and I reached the far shore safely. I had to ride my brakes for a while to dry them out, but we both escaped our own little Poseidon Adventure. (And Mr. Duckie was spared a Chappaquiddick-like fate.)

Afterwards, though, I realized I had wasted an absolutely perfect excuse to the future Mrs. Tea.

Thanks to the quirks of Salem's topography, that impromptu pond was situated right in front of the local Hooter's. In fact, it extended into their front parking lot.

"Sorry, honey, I'm not gonna be home for a while. The car got stuck in the water. I'm going to have to wait here at Hooters until AAA shows up."

Courtesy of the Animaniacs:

Lake Titicaca, oh Lake Titicaca
It's between Bolivia and Peru
Lake Titicaca, oh Lake Titicaca
With waters tranquil and blue.
Oh Lake Titicaca, yes Lake Titicaca
Why do we sing of its fame?
Lake Titicaca, yes Lake Titicaca
'Cause we really like saying its name!

Comments (5)

Oh, what a tangled web we w... (Below threshold)

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When we drive thru a puddle and lie to the wife.

"Hooters" you say? Hard to believe
You'll pay for this for the rest of your life.

Jay, we'll save that one for the Future Mrs. Tea just in case the creek rises again.

Off subject, my cursor on my laptop has suddenly become highlighted, and I'm chasing a black box as I type. HELP!! Anybody know what happened? I'm the computer teacher, so I should know this - but I've never seen the likes of it. And I'm "sans le caffeine" right now.... 'nuff said.

Any reason is a good reason... (Below threshold)

Any reason is a good reason to go to Hooters.
The food is good too.

New Orleanians. /... (Below threshold)

New Orleanians.

//just sayin'...

I rather like the little An... (Below threshold)

I rather like the little Animaniacs! reference at the end. It's a crime that shows not available on DVD.

Ah Jay,Finally, vi... (Below threshold)

Ah Jay,

Finally, vindication for my entry in the 'name the Shaggin Wagon' contest.

Now I know Pale Whale should have won.






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