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Pentagon 9/11 Crash Video To Be Released


The government will release tapes to Judaical Watch today showing American Airlines Flight 77 crashing onto the the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 today. Judicial Watch fought the government to obtain the tapes, still of which have previously been seen.

From CNN:

The Justice Department will hand over tapes showing American Airlines Flight 77 striking the building outside Washington to Judicial Watch, a public interest group that requested the video, the group said.

At least two tapes are expected, from different security cameras. The two cameras, from the same Pentagon checkpoint, show the building from different angles.

Still photographs from those cameras showed the Pentagon on fire, but no images of the Boeing 757 striking the building have ever been made public.

The video to be released Tuesday was the source of those still photos, and shows the airplane more clearly.

"We fought hard to obtain this video because we felt that it was very important to complete the public record with respect to the terrorist attacks of September 11," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

"Finally, we hope that this video will put to rest the conspiracy theories involving American Airlines Flight 77. As always, our prayers remain with all those who suffered as a result of those murderous attacks."

Release of the tapes should shed light on the nutjob contention that no plane hit the Pentagon, though for some reason I'm expecting to be underwhelmed by the footage.

We'll have the video here when it's released.

Update: Here's the CNN video coverage of the video release.

Update2: Pentagon release of two videos of American Flight 77 striking the Pentagon on September 11, 2001
Video 1 | Video 2 (RealPlayer required), and Windows Media versions of the files, Video 1 | Video 2

[Note: The picture above is a screen capture from Video 2 at around the :36 second mark.]

More coverage at Hot Air.

Here they are...

Video 1:

Video 2:


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It's about time. What was t... (Below threshold)

It's about time. What was the Justice Department afraid we'd discover?

From the CCN article linked above:

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request, but the government had refused to release the video until after the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the convicted al Qaeda conspirator who was sentenced earlier this month to life in prison.

Sources told CNN in 2002 that the FBI confiscated a hotel security camera video that showed the attack on the Pentagon. It's not known whether that tape will be released.

Judicial Watch is "a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law," according to its Web site.

The group filed a lawsuit this year, arguing that there was "no legal basis" for the Pentagon's refusal to release the tape.

Conservatives who are Patriots, not Loyalists! Hurray!

The American authorities ha... (Below threshold)

The American authorities have played a very dirty game in which several innocent people of all religions and cultures have died. The truth about September 11th is that it had been done by the American government so that it had an excuse to attack Afghanistan, they said Osama the evil pig was hiding there- but the truth is that he wasn't there. Bush kept giving him messages and they are still in contact. Osama is a slave of Bush and is not a TRUE Muslim, instead is a kaffir just like Saddam and other slaves of the dirty American government who wants to spread hate. Dear fellow brothers and sisters here all of you should learn the truth as September 11 was not an attack on America but an attack on every innocent man and woman on earth by evil politicians and terrorists supported by them who use religion as an excuse to kill.

Sure thing buddy. Can't wai... (Below threshold)

Sure thing buddy. Can't wait. By the way, did you take your meds this morning?

Tinfoil adjustment in ward ... (Below threshold)

Tinfoil adjustment in ward 3, STAT!

I can tell you first hand t... (Below threshold)

I can tell you first hand that the conspiracy nut jobs are still saying the same thing. They just watched the video on CNN and STILL claim there is no plane, and that a missle did it. But at least the conspiracy has changed. Now they say CNN is in on it too...LOL

I was going to suggest that... (Below threshold)

I was going to suggest that Muslim Unity receive the flaming, retard troll award for this quarter, but then he would probably consider that a conspiracy of the Bush-neocon-Jooo government to hurt his wittle feewings.

Banning him might be a more appropriate response.

MU: You left out t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


You left out that it's also all the fault of the joooooos.


Even if we give MU the bene... (Below threshold)

Even if we give MU the benefit of the doubt and accept everything he/she wrote as gospel, how can you reconcile the very last line - "...by evil politicians and terrorists supported by them who use religion as an excuse to kill."

[Muslim] Terrorists use religion as an excuse to kill, yet they are merely the puppets of the evil politicians??? And that was written by someone calling themselves Muslim Unity???

This is a prime example of how stupidity can be terminal.

MUWho are the seven ... (Below threshold)

Who are the seven innocents from different cultures and religions that died?

Damn. Getting the comments... (Below threshold)

Damn. Getting the comments off to a running start with Grade A Delusional Thinking, eh MU?

I can think of one reason not to release the tape, and it's the same reason sports teams watch footage of the games they lose: to learn why things didn't go as planned, and find a new tactic for victory. If the tape showed information that could show how the Pentagon avoided the damage the terrorists intended, they may have a case to withhold it.
Or it could just be that that the DoJ and DoD are notorious about hoarding documents...

Muslim Unity: Quit life.</p... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity: Quit life.



Lee said:""It's ab... (Below threshold)

Lee said:

""It's about time. What was the Justice Department afraid we'd discover?""

Excellent question Lee, and I'll tell you the answer.

It's in the first paragraph of the article you posted.

Now that I've pointed you back to your own link, perhaps you can think about it for a sec and come up with a more sensible question.

Muslim Unity,It is... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity,

It is conspiracy theory nuts like you which give cause to organizations like Judicial Watch to make public videos like the above on Flight 77.

Muslim Unity? I thought it... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unity? I thought it was the Judean People's Front?

Wait, or was it the People's Front of Judea?

Im sorry Muslim Unity, Your... (Below threshold)

Im sorry Muslim Unity, Your right! after viewing the video clip I noticed Osama jump off the missle right before it hit the Pentagon,and if you look really carefully you will also notice Rumsfield sneaking Him away to meet with Bush..

I learn something new everyday on here!

MU is amazing. Strange, th... (Below threshold)

MU is amazing. Strange, the video showed nothing I didn't see on that day. Too bad MU wasn't around to see all of it happen. Would have been nice for him/her/it to share their opinion then.

The French people still won... (Below threshold)

The French people still won't buy the Pentagon story...it's a Bush plot.

""The French people still w... (Below threshold)

""The French people still won't buy the Pentagon story...""

If the French people's impotent opinions ever mattered in the first place I'd be concerned.

What? Is that supposed to b... (Below threshold)

What? Is that supposed to be a video making the controversy going away? This will just make the conspiracy grow.

So what is the conspiracy?<... (Below threshold)

So what is the conspiracy?

scsiwuzzy - If you've watch... (Below threshold)

scsiwuzzy - If you've watched the video, do you think that's still the case?

This video isn't proof of a... (Below threshold)

This video isn't proof of anything. You can barely see anything, it's just a streak and a mark in the camera.

Furthermore, let me add that if the airliner was clear, I'd know it was fake because you can't possible get a picture that clear from a security camera.

Bush isn't gonna put one over on me.

Why is there smoke trailing... (Below threshold)
Nick J:

Why is there smoke trailing out of the back of the plane? I see the fin of the plane, but that looks waaaay too small to be an airplane.

Underwhelmed is right. This... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Underwhelmed is right. This is basically the same angle as the first camera, which I think shows far more detail than this second camera (just my opinion of what I can see on these crappy media players...I hate RealPlayer...it ReallySucks).

And do I really need to see more detail of the plane going into the building to convince me that it happened? Nah. Maybe things like eyewitnesses on the ground who saw what happened and families who were murdered on the flight may not be enough for MU, Lee and a host of other tinfoil conspriacy buffs, but no amount of footage, no matter how clear will ever be enough for them.

That jetliner is a couple h... (Below threshold)

That jetliner is a couple hundred yards away! thats why it looks small, but that building is like 70 feet tall, so the scale is accurate.

Anyone who thinks anything ... (Below threshold)

Anyone who thinks anything but an airplane hit the Pentagon has their head so far up their ass they aren't worth the waste of oxygen it would take to call them immeasureably stupid.

Lee,My comment was m... (Below threshold)

My comment was made before the video was available for viewing (to me, at least-no streaming video until I am home).
So I'll fall back on my second posistion. The DoJ and DoD hoarde info, and are loathe to release it.
If that wasn't the case, we'd never need the FOIA in the first place.

scsiwuzzy - I agree.<... (Below threshold)

scsiwuzzy - I agree.

Nick J: Why is there smoke trailing out of the back of the plane? I see the fin of the plane, but that looks waaaay too small to be an airplane.

I read reports that the plane clipped a few streetlights or stoplights as it headed in. The low altitude we see in the videos would confirm that it was just barely off the ground by the time if hit the Pentagon.

Gringo "Bush isnt gonna put... (Below threshold)

Gringo "Bush isnt gonna put one over on me"

thats great to hear Einstien!

"furthermore let me add,that if the airliner was clear id know it was fake because you cant possible get a picture that clear from a security camera."

The airliner is not clear! if it was clear we would be looking at Wonder Womans plane! geez some people.

All I see in that screencap... (Below threshold)

All I see in that screencap, and forgive me that I can't see the whole video as the link won't work, is a white blur... I'm not saying that is isn't a plane, but I can't say for sure that it is, either. This is hardly conclusive evidence either way, at least not based on that screencap. I find the idea of a cruise missile to be pretty hokey, but based on that photo, I don't see a plane either.

While Im not at ALL a consp... (Below threshold)

While Im not at ALL a conspiracy theorist, a lot of people are forgetting that this "cause" that Judicial Watch is perpetuating and pushing forward is that JW is a CONSERVATIVE group. Also, there are tapes from the Citgo station, the VA Dept of Transportation and a Sheraton Hotel that all purportedly show the attack on the Pentagon. If the conspiracy theorists are to be put to bed, they should release all tapes to the public domain.

Steve, you can never put th... (Below threshold)

Steve, you can never put the conspiracy theorists to bed. They keep wandering into the living room, rubbing their eyes and asking for a glass of water, and X-Ray glasses.

Sensible people may have suspicions, but they will listen to the evidence and learn from it. Nutjobs won't.

If it wasn't a Boeing 757 h... (Below threshold)

If it wasn't a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon, why did the survivors inside smell jet fuel and why were some of them burned by flaming jet fuel? Did they (the victims) go on tv and lie about the odor of jet fuel in the building and the burning jet fuel? Did the medical doctors who worked on the burn victims lie about the burns being caused by jet fuel? Conspiracy people are pretty irrational as far as I'm concerned.

As a former Air Force offic... (Below threshold)

As a former Air Force officer and a consultant to the FAA, I want to know how this "video" sheds any new light. First of all, it's not a video, but a series of still images. Second, you cannot tell what the object is. Can you honestly view these images and tell me what it is?

If the object was a 757, then it was basically taxiing across the Pentagon parking lot, because it is ridiculously close to the ground. How did the FAA radar operators not see a commercial airliner going 350+ mph at a low altitude?

I am not saying there is a conspiracy. All I am saying is that the "new" images do not show that a 757 hit the Pentagon. Why don't they release the video from the other surveillance cameras (the Sheraton, the gas station, and VA Dept. of Transportation)? If it was a 757, then let's see it and settle this thing for once.

Go back to sleep sheeple! <... (Below threshold)

Go back to sleep sheeple!

For those of you who think ... (Below threshold)

For those of you who think logically and don't believe everything you see and hear from our media.....the real story on 9/11 will continue to be a subject of substance. For those of you who believe in the story you were told and witnessed what the media showed, will render yourself to more lies in the future.

I don't discredit those who belive in the governments version, and just because some of us question the events of that day, does not mean we should be discredited either.

My friend Chris was an eyew... (Below threshold)

My friend Chris was an eyewitness and saw a large, twin-engine airliner hit the Pentagon. But seeing it from directly underneath and behind after it flew over his van, he couldn't identify the airline or the model.

That's proof enough for me to believe that is a airliner in those videos.

So exactly what evidence is... (Below threshold)

So exactly what evidence is there that Flight 77 hit the Petagon anyway? Check out Pentagonresearch.com, which gives views from both sides of the argument.

Just remember, on that day ... (Below threshold)

Just remember, on that day 2 passenger airliners "vaporized" leaving behind no seats, no luggage, and nothing more than 4 foot sections of fuselage.......yet this had never happened in other other plane crash in history.

The FBI confiscated security video tapes from the Sherraton Hotel and Citgo station within minutes of the attacks, and these have never been released to the public.......hmmm......why is that?

Now is that a question from a crazed conspiracy theorist, or a question from someone who can think for themselves?

Now is that a question f... (Below threshold)

Now is that a question from a crazed conspiracy theorist, or a question from someone who can think for themselves?

The former.

My friend Chris was an eyewitness and saw a large, twin-engine airliner hit the Pentagon.

That is a statement from someone who SAW FOR THEMSELVES.

My friend was on I-395 at 9:38 on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

In whose basement were you toking?

I never said I didn't belie... (Below threshold)

I never said I didn't believe you or your friends story, and I posed no personal attack on you...possibly a jetliner hit the pentagon, possibly a jetliner that was not Flight 77 hit the pentagon possibly a smaller chase plane hit the pentagon.....we may never know.........but according to your logic, because I asked, I was in some basement "toking".......shows your lack of maturity to those who have a different view than yours.......why is that?

You are kidding right? Thes... (Below threshold)
Bruce Rideout:

You are kidding right? These two videos show absolutely nothing! Especially a 124 foot long 200,000lb airliner!
Aeronautically no plane this size could fly that close to the ground at the speed it was claimed to be flying, approximately 400mph, without crashing. This plane has been claimed to have flown within 20 feet of the ground for almost a mile. It would never have made it to the Pentagon. These videos show something almost on the ground flying level.
Not one witness noted the almost deafening roar of a full throttle 757 flying overhead.
Clever how the time/date stamp has been removed. It originally had the wrong date, Sep. 12 and wrong time of day.The second video has been on the internet for over a year.
Idiot criminals do a better job of faking evidence.

MU, that's not true!... (Below threshold)

that's not true!
we never called Osama a pig.
that would be insulting to pigs.

is there ANY evidence we could show you that would convince you that a 757 hit the Pentagon?

Bruce,Yes, you are... (Below threshold)


Yes, you are absoulutely correct......but if you state your opinion here be prepared to be blasted.....or in some basement "toking"...there is more evidence that said flight didn't hit the pentagon, than there is of a smaller plane or missle..........

No personal attack?<p... (Below threshold)

No personal attack?

It is according to your logic that those who question the Krazy Konspiracy are people who cannot think for themselves.

What "different point of view?" This is not a difference of opinion, you are stating something other than fact.

All you have is questions and conjecture.

I have an eyewitness who was there, a half-mile away from the Pentagon when it was hit by a jetliner. There is no "possible" about it.

You might not have been smoking on 9/11, but you must have in the last hour or so.

MU......Sure I am ... (Below threshold)


Sure I am very open to looking at whatever evidence there is.......maybe if more of us were we could have a good discussion on the subject....link me to some places, and I'll be glad to check them out....I have an open mind, and not 100% sold one way or the other.

Ok, so your friend saw it..... (Below threshold)

Ok, so your friend saw it.......does that mean I have to believe it......just because you say so, I have to believe so.......another self absorbed person who can't tolerate another view or opinion.

Yikes, I'm afraid to share... (Below threshold)

Yikes, I'm afraid to share the same country with these nuts.

Funny how a lot of the wackos in this thread are the same trolls who inhabit many other threads BDS'ing.

Not just half nuts -- completely nuts. No wonder netroots is so successful.

You can't argue anything, much less sense with a crazy person. It would be nice if blogs had an ignore function on their comment threads.

So mesablue....who are you ... (Below threshold)

So mesablue....who are you referring too...I had never posted here before today,actually just found this site a few hours ago.....besides some sports sites, I don't post on the net

Dear friends here,... (Below threshold)

Dear friends here,

Why is it so difficult to have a rational conversation with most people here? No mater what I say people seem to bend it, twist and, and start posting some illogical insults like small babies. Let us behave like mature people. I have been doing a lot of research since the unfortunate event happened, and have also discussed this matter with several ex-military people from Iran. The September 11th incident has unfortunately not been examined in a proper way. From some information obtained by intelligence groups studying American security, it is very clear that every time any object which enters sensitive areas, is shot down no matter what. How come this didn't happen in the case of the Pentagon? The involvement of a few core officials and insiders behind the entire plan is very clear. Let us assume that people who say this is a conspiracy are right, why are all of you so opposed to logical discussions? Who do you scream instead of speaking? Are you afraid that the truth might be different? Why have no major Media channels discussed this? Is it because they are afraid the government might shut them down for questioning something which is logically true?
I am presently half- way through writing a book which will reveal the truth. I hope that people start discussing and debating with an open mind instead of abusing and posting insults.

A difference of opinion wou... (Below threshold)

A difference of opinion would be if you said "Bush stole the 2000 election," and I disagreed.

What is NOT a difference of opinion, and proof that your mind is NOT open, is that I tell you a FACT and you claim it is just my opinion, that I am not thinking for myself.

You're lying if you say you are not 100% sold on the crackpot theory; I give you a fact and you've already thrown it away - it doesn't fit into your closed mind.

Time to get fitted for your tinfoil hat.

Okay, MU and other conspira... (Below threshold)

Okay, MU and other conspiracy theorists, it's not a plane, it's a missile/whatever. Question: what happened to Flight 77 and the souls onboard?

Good question YFS.I ... (Below threshold)

Good question YFS.
I have an possible answer.
The souls from Flight 77 along with the supposed passengers of the 3 other famous flights of that same day, are all being held captive in the "TOP SECRET" black prisons in Germany.

Ohh wait... I think I have that mixed up

I wish I could fly an airli... (Below threshold)

I wish I could fly an airliner that low at that speed - they must have been great pilots with years of training-

Oh, hang on...

BTW, why not show us the camera shots of the approach? If there's a plane on them, then I'm convinced 100%. No question.

Why make a song and dance about one still shot of a white blur?

Finally!! The proof needed... (Below threshold)

Finally!! The proof needed to shut up these conspiracy theorists has been released. Now these nuts can go back to questioning the moon landing!

Uh-oh. Might be losing my mind myself. Now that I see the video, I'm not sure what I see. It is a ways back from the camera, but it seems small. Wish we could see more of the plane. Seems awful level too, didn't it just make some crazy descending turn that these nuts said was impossible? Guess the guy was a pretty decent pilot to level that thing out after such a quick descent. Looks to be pretty low too. Low enough that the engines would of dragged in the lawn? Nah, there weren't any marks on the lawn, those nuts were quick to point that out. Remember?

Now I'm really thinking about what these nuts have been saying. That 757 made a tight, spiraling descent at 400-500 mph, leveled off just a few feet from the ground, just high enough not to damage the lawn, and then struck the very bottom of the pentagon. Again, keeping the lawn intact. When the plane hit the building the wings vaporized, and the fuselage went through the infamous 16-foot hole. The fuselage then continued on through 2 more rings of the pentagon where it made another 16-foot hole, and then it also vaporized.

WTH are these nuts questioning anyway???

redrock:That is th... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


That is the most craptastic tinfoil hat web site ever! Thanks for the laughs! LOL. You do know they have drugs to cure delusions, don't you? Might want to look into them.


Nobody's screaming. Most people are just tired of people like not making a lick of damn sense. LOL.

"Not one witness noted the ... (Below threshold)
Little John:

"Not one witness noted the almost deafening roar of a full throttle 757 flying overhead."

- Posted by: Bruce Rideout

Bruce, if you've ever been to an air show, observe an F-16 or F-18 (or any other noisy military jet, as opposed to a relatively quiet civilian jet) perform a fast, low-altitude fly-by. You'll barely hear a thing until that plane is right on top of you because it's traveling so close to the speed of sound already. At the Pentagon, the roar of the engines was very likely lost in the almost immediate roar of the explosion on impact.

<a href="http://www.911-str... (Below threshold)
There was no wreckage, you ... (Below threshold)

There was no wreckage, you know, wings and stuff... have you ever seen a missile being shot? It has a trail of white smoke out of the end... and, even if a plane did hit the pentagon (unlikely... but how would we know with no proof?) that does not tell us why the Twin Towers and WTC building 7 came down in near-symmetry, as a controlled demolition... WAKE UP. Did you know that Hitler was voted in right before he burned the Reichstag? Hmmm, how about the U.S.S. Maine?? Northwoods document??? Hmmm, pretext for war? Hmmmm, Afghanistan and Iraq... to be continued in Iran? The mislead Arabs on those airplanes were helping with the plot, the sooner you nay-sayers figure that out, the sooner America and the rest of the world will be better off.
Oh, and if all you can do is attack character, don't bother...
Debate the facts instead. Rather, research the facts on outlets other than major media and see for yourself.
Educate yourself, knocking down true patriots that care about the citizenry of this great country isn't going to make you a man.

Aeronautically no plane ... (Below threshold)

Aeronautically no plane this size could fly that close to the ground at the speed it was claimed to be flying, approximately 400mph, without crashing. This plane has been claimed to have flown within 20 feet of the ground for almost a mile. It would never have made it to the Pentagon. These videos show something almost on the ground flying level.
Not one witness noted the almost deafening roar of a full throttle 757 flying overhead.
Clever how the time/date stamp has been removed. It originally had the wrong date, Sep. 12 and wrong time of day.The second video has been on the internet for over a year.

first. a 757 can fly at 400mph at pretty much any altitude below 25,000ft. There is no mystical layer of hard air that would stop a plane from flying. a mile at 20ft off the deck would've taken the plane roughly ten seconds. ten seconds is about when i'd start the dive into the building. there were plenty of witnesses you said they saw an airliner hitting the pentagon. do you understand how big of a missle that would have to be to look like that on a security cam? minutemen ICBMs aren't that big. and the time/date stamp. wouldn't it be just as easy to fake that the date is 9/12 to make you conspiracy buffs crazy? or maybe the guy who reset the camera didn't know what day it was. i screw up every now and then programming my vcr. its the same thing.

instead of looking at the bush administration for conspiracies look at where you are getting YOUR information from. are your sources altruistic? or do they stand to gain something from you believing in them?

MuslimUnity reminds me of a... (Below threshold)

MuslimUnity reminds me of a compelling question of the day: Why are so many Muslims so utterly ignorant, deeply irrational, and morally deranged?

As the saying goes, if it l... (Below threshold)

As the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like one, it is a duck. The truth is there to see; is it a major jet airliner that had hit the Pentagon.

As far as the maturity issue is concern, when a bizare conspiracy theory is discussed, expect a full reaction.

"The truth is there to see;... (Below threshold)

"The truth is there to see; is it a major jet airliner that had hit the Pentagon."

Does anyone realize how hard pressed the conspiracy nuts would be to continue on with their theories if that video and shown ANY MORE THAN IT DID. Be honest with yourselves. You can't say for sure that you saw a commercial jetliner on that tape.

Had they told you 5 years ago that it was a missile that hit the pentagon, and then the theorists came out and said it was plane, you would then say, upon seeing the new video, "See! We told you it was a missile!"

Truth is it could be either a plane or a missile on that tape. But NO ONE can say with absolute certainty which it was BASED ON THAT TAPE.

P.S. To keep discussions like these on subject, maybe we should all come in assuming everyone else suffers from some sort of mental deffect, then we won't need to waste time belittling each other.

if all you can do is att... (Below threshold)

if all you can do is attack character, don't bother...
Debate the facts instead. Rather, research the facts on outlets other than major media and see for yourself.

One more time for the new moron (which is not really attacking character, which you must possess before one can attack it):

FACT: I know an eyewitness who was 1/4-mile away from the Pentagon who will tell you that he saw a jet airliner crash into the building.

What part of that do you not understand? That's not a "point of view," it's not someone's "opinion." It's not an out-of-context sound-bite from the major media, it is not a quote from an anonymous source in the administration. It is a first-hand account and a statement of FACT.

This eyewitness voted for Clinton x2, Gore and Kerry, is 100% against our invasion of Iraq and has said that blowjobs in the Oval Office should be an Executive Perk.

He has no reason to lie for the administration, he just states what he saw.

"FACT: I know an eyewitness... (Below threshold)

"FACT: I know an eyewitness who was 1/4-mile away from the Pentagon who will tell you that he saw a jet airliner crash into the building."

Here's a fact for you:

HEARSAY - Unverified information heard or received from another; rumor.

We have alot of that type of info already. Lets talk pictures, videos, documents. I don't care who saw what. I need to see it. You need to see it. Everyone should see it for themselves by way of the Sheraton tape, or the gas station tape, or the highway tape. No more guessing, lets see the evidence!

Of course, I couldn't get u... (Below threshold)

Of course, I couldn't get up on a witness stand and testify about what my friend saw.

Yes, that would be heresay.

My friend, however, could take that witness stand and that would be EVIDENCE.

Anyways,... Popular Mechanics debunked all that bullshit last year

I couldn't find where Popul... (Below threshold)

I couldn't find where Popular Mechanics debunked the existence of the video tapes from the Sheraton, Citgo, and highway. Please don't skirt the issue. Would you agree or disagree that those tapes should be shown?

Would you agree or disagree that those tapes should be shown?

Would you agree or disagree that those tapes should be shown?

Brown, tell us what happene... (Below threshold)

Brown, tell us what happened to the people who were on Flight 77. I'll pass the info to Elvis and Bigfoot, who are on the Mothership with Nessy and Ogopogo.

Lets talk pictures, vide... (Below threshold)

Lets talk pictures, videos, documents. I don't care who saw what. I need to see it. You need to see it. Everyone should see it for themselves by way of the Sheraton tape, or the gas station tape, or the highway tape. No more guessing, lets see the evidence!

yes, lets talk pictures and videos. I want to see pictures of a 'missile' hitting the pentagon. then lets do a comparison of what a 'missile' that size has done to a building.

lets understand how big missile systems are. the trident D5 SLBM (yes thats a nuke with 5 independent warheads) is only 74 inches in diameter. all the other missile systems in the US arsenal are much smaller. the MLRS system uses 9" missiles.

where did this whole missile idea come from anyway?

ok i do believe the gov is ... (Below threshold)

ok i do believe the gov is still holding back info that should be released,

*they shot down flight 93, many witnesses say so
*release the other videos IE:sheraton hotel, gas station video, and also the DOT cam on the highway
* explain what the "flash" was before the plane hit the south tower(many videos show this from diff angles as well) and why did they edit out of some videos later released on tv?
*explain the 3 punch holes (perfectly round) in the C-Ring on the pentagon and why there is no pictures of what could have done it...

anyways i do believe a plane did hit the pentagon but still would like to see the other vids,
and also i dont believe the whole theory about how everybody was forced onto 93 and planes were remote controlled into the towers and such welll hopefully those questions will be answered soon.

I repeated this question 3 ... (Below threshold)

I repeated this question 3 times---- Would you agree or disagree that those tapes should be shown?

"YFS" answered like this: "Brown, tell us what happened to the people who were on Flight 77. I'll pass the info to Elvis and Bigfoot, who are on the Mothership with Nessy and Ogopogo."
Not sure if that was a 'disagree' or 'agree'

"Ubrmnsh" answered like this : "I want to see pictures of a 'missile' hitting the pentagon. then lets do a comparison of what a 'missile' that size has done to a building."
Guess thats an 'agree'

"Csboi1337" answered like this: "anyways i do believe a plane did hit the pentagon but still would like to see the other vids"
Another 'agree'

Now I'd like to make another point. I don't know how many of you will remember this, but a few months back there was a plane at the Chicago airport that suffered from landing gear failure. Not positive here, but I believe it was before takeoff, and there were no injuries. What is the relevance here? Well, that plane was not moved so much as an inch for a week, just left it at the end of the runway. That's how serious they were about investigating a mechanical failure. In contrast, within minutes of the Pentagon crash the authorities were there removing evidence. Thats quite a difference in investigation methods.

This whole thread is based on video evidence provided to us by the Pentagon, remember? Now that video doesn't provide definitive proof, so I again say - We all need to see the other 3 tapes.

I'd also like to point out that I have proposed no theories here. I haven't said the official story is wrong. All I have said is there is more conclusive evidence available to us, and we'd be foolish to disregard it.

Look even though I am prett... (Below threshold)

Look even though I am pretty sure the goverment would not cover something like this up, or do what some people believe they did, but it would be nice if they released the videos of the nearby camera shots and also released the videos of the black boxes in the planes that hit the twin towers. Because they were apparently retreived.
Also weren't there some eyewitnesses sayin they saw a helicopter? Also the survivors smelt something other than kerosine...something with a distinct smell, used in explosives...

whatever the answer....Glod Bless America and its beautiful people

FROM JPR ENG<br ... (Below threshold)


Wow, "College Chena" (Is th... (Below threshold)

Wow, "College Chena" (Is that any relation to Cottage Cheese?) has just made the most well worded, articulate post ever by any Osamaite *ever.* I can just see them banging on the keyboard with a chicken to type that out. JPR? JRR? No, not JRR. At least not Tolkien, that's for sure. Unless the post is written in Elvish!

But the 9/11 deniers, they are in the same book as Holocaust deniers. Both are motivated by two factors, either singly or more often in concert. The first is the wish to hide an inconvenient truth for whatever reason, from themselves or others. The second is that they have contempt for the dead and injured. They wish to either transfer blame or ignore their deaths, in fact ignoring their whole lives and the effects of the evils done on them. They seek to deny them the basic humanity of being remembered. Those two reasons are found in both camps of loons.

Fundamental difference here... (Below threshold)

Fundamental difference here Jersey Dave. Arguing that the holocost didn't happen, versus HOW September 11th happened. I've yet to find someone who says 9-11 didn't take place, only people that question who did it.

I am just doing a little re... (Below threshold)

I am just doing a little research on what happened on 9-11

What i would like to know is if they ever told us what was in that big box that was removed from the pentagon after the attacks? Does anyone remember that or know what was inside?

Of course those who believe... (Below threshold)

Of course those who believe in the conspiracy theories dismiss it as faked evidence.

This gets me back to my thesis: Those who believe in a well financed, highly technologically competent, tightly secret, powerful, cabal behind this can, and do, dismiss any evidence that contradicts their take on it as faked and any witness whose report is not consistent with their views as either a dupe, incompetent, or as part of the cover-up.
In general it is tough to prove that something does NOT exist. Given the ability and willingness to dismiss evidence against a conspiracy I would evaluate it as impossible do so even if the conspiracy is fiction. The way I was trained in western science, if something can't be DISproved it is outside the realm of western knowledge and can't be investigated. In street language, if not scientifically correct formulation, "If it can't be disproved, it can't be proved."

I THINK IT BULL SHIT THAT S... (Below threshold)


I've looked at both videos ... (Below threshold)

I've looked at both videos numerous times. It seems to me like the aircraft is more like a small personal aircraft than a large boeing. So, although I'm sure it's been said many times before . . . where the hell are those other video tapes?

I don't quite understand. It's been nearly 5 years now, and those tapes are still confidential, along with many other video surveillance tapes from the vicinity, including ones OUTSIDE of the Pentagon's tight security perimeter.

There's only 3 real answers here:

1) Some sort of conclusive footage shows that it is in fact NOT a plane at all, that it is a missile, small commuter plane, etc. - which suggests a blatant COVERUP

2)The Pentagon is hiding the tapes because the surveillance is used as future security measures for possible later attacks (security was rather high for Washington D.C. and its government buildings. I can't understand how that plane was allowed to continue in flight without being shot down. I doubt they need this tape to "learn more" because the security is so highly placed now, what's the point)

3)The actual plane that hit the Pentagon was a different plane than the one that was reported to hit the Pentagon and it's just easier to stick with the old records than restart and say, "No wait, wrong plane - I don't know how we messed up."

If you argue that you doubt the government messed up, and then you argue it must be a plane that hit the building, why would they need that footage for future protection against their fault . . . ? It's a contradiction to suggest they understood the plane was the correct plane but failed to realize how to protect a government building. The tapes are being hidden for an obvious reason.

There's no coverups here. The American people are going along with the government (or a good portion are); coverup is a way of saying CONSPIRACY THEORY - (cringe). The fact is, people just don't care anymore about this - "coverups" are a dime a dozen.

I refuse to believe, though, that our government hasn't the slightest clue what is flying over Washington D.C. and the measures that must be taken to protect a government building. If they are THAT incompetent, then I must say I'm even more afraid than if this were a coverup.

-just a college student - ryan

Anyways,... Popular Mechani... (Below threshold)

Anyways,... Popular Mechanics debunked all that bullshit last year

Posted by: [email protected]&R at May 19, 2006 09:31 AM

Maybe??? but Ben Chertof-editor in chief of popular mechanics is........ oh yeah.... the cousin of Micheal Chertof- Secretary of Homeland Security. Im sure the "debunking" was done with no bias

alluminium vapourized due t... (Below threshold)

alluminium vapourized due to extreme high temperatures.but if people with proper scientific mind think than they will ask where did the vapours condence and settle.did anybody show places where vapours of alluminiun from the planes had condensed and settled?

I have just read all the co... (Below threshold)

I have just read all the comments on this page, and I have to say, the only person that seems unable to have a civilized discussion here is this " [email protected]&R " character, always insulting others instead of trying to prove their claims wrong. Altough i believe you probably have a friend who saw an aircraft crash into the Pentagon, you stating it here doesn't make it proof to the rest of us.

I can state that I just saw Jesus ressurect from my toilet, but it still wouldn't be a widely accepted proof of him doing just that.

As for the film clips this entry was originally about, i think most of us have to agree that they are undecisive, if I put my will into it, i guess I can see something resembling a tail fin in one of the frames.

Why the U.S. goverment won't release the footage from the other cameras, is very strange to me. Seeing as they are making daily footage of the pentagon building from viewpoints accessible to the general public, it can't really be that any kind of secret about the building would be revealed (like SAM sites on the roof or something similar).

Are there any thoughts on logical reasons for them still holding onto the tapes? Afaik, the gas station tape was being held back because it could somehow (how sure beats me) afflict the trial of the hijacker, but that trial is now completed.

There is no arguing with pe... (Below threshold)

There is no arguing with people who believe in a conspiracy. There could be many reasons why the tapes from other areas were not released. There could be evidence of suspicious vehicles or people caprtured on those tapes that are still under investigation. For all the nutjobs know, the Citgo film might show a man filming the event from outside his car at the precise moment it hit and he is still being tracked. No one is thinking of alternatives to why this info is not being released. The bottom line is most of the nuts are LAYMEN WHO HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THEY SPEAK OF. Case in point, a recently released picture of the plane seconds from hitting the second tower was called BS by a guy who is NOT a photographic expert in any way shape or form. He looked at the picture and tore it apart saying the reflections and lighting were all wrong based on where the plane was and the position of the sun. No one reading this bunk and believing it is looking at the people who come up with it. You have no idea what their intentions or ideals are. You just eat it up because they present it as fact with no photographic experience. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about NY, knows that you are surrounded by hundreds of buildings covered with windows that reflect light in all different directions. At no time does he take any alternative light sources into consideration to explain his belief. He claims the picture was either altered by the government or if it IS a real unaltered picture, then there are all these things on plane to suggest remote control and/or an explosive device attached. No amount of truth will ever be enough. There will always be some way for the nuts to explain it. So what is the real conspiracy? The nuts or the government? To the nuts, either the evidence is real, and the plane was remote controlled or the evidence is fake and it was a missile. OK...way to have an open mind.
People who say the Pentagon plane couldn't fly that low are not pilots or aviaion specialists. People who say images were faked b/c of time stamps NEVER want to take into account everday human error that happens all the time. We don't not live in a perfect world. Arguing about the time stamp if you don't know if it was ever reset by the person in charge after daylight savings is just ludicris and fishing for something to hold onto. The other thing is none of the people coming up with this stuff are "experts." Case in point, Redrock or anyone else posting their info are getting it from alternative sources. Not from their own research. They don't study avaition or photography. They are not experts in the field. They are just passing along what someone else said b/c to them it sounds logical and like most people, have no desire to be proved wrong. I saw the plane fly overhead before striking the Pentagon. I know there are many witnesses to it. I have never seen Alex Jones or ANY other nut job try to speak with actual winesses to these events. And finally for those who speak of the utter chaos of the day saying there was "misinformation" spread, I suggest yu play a game I learned in Psycology class called "telephone." Sit around with a group of ten or more people in a circle. Have the first person start with a story of his own creation and whisper it to the person next to him. Find out how twisted that story becomes by the time you reach the end of the circle, and you will find out why there was so much false reporting and alternative comments during that day. People want to believe so badly there is some great monumental reasoning to what happened. It simply is what it is. It was a terrorist attack that was bound to happen sooner or later. The signs were ignored out of arrogance and error, not out of some dasterdly plot. To many chiefs, and not enough indians. And finally, the Chertoff-Popular Mechanics connection...are you kidding me? Did you NOT read the last page of all the people consulted to create this article who ARE NOT government officials? So now the common man on the street is as well involved in the conspiracy? How do you people live from day to day believing this stuff?

BTW--- Watch this:

I just cant believe it, the... (Below threshold)

I just cant believe it, there are still people that swear that 911 was just a complete blunder and cant fathom the gov being involved, ever heard of Pearl Harbor ? and as for the argument of witnesses at the pentagon, i say people can be placed there or even bought, coached in what to say, look at that kuwaiti girl who lied about babys being put on the cold floor to die by iraq soldiers. Wake up people, your bill of rights and constitution are being shredded by the patriot act. and dont you think that all americans deserve a huge tax refund due to all the money that was poured into U.S defence only to have it completely fail miserably on that day. at least look at the photos and make your own conclusions, dont just take what the nightly news lets you see.

i think the plane crash is ... (Below threshold)

i think the plane crash is very bad i think since i was in the first grade when this happened i did not understand i cant balieve that someone would kill us because he did not like the way we worshiped god and i think he did not care if he died as long as we died and just because that way more than 5,000 people died i just really hate that the people died cause they had family just like i do and i will cry even though im only 9 i think i still understand and you will or do to.






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