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American Idol Predictions

Over at Wizbang Pop! we've stuck our neck out and predicted the final two for American Idol. There's a few hours to bash or second guess us.

On a semi-related note, we've found a video that partially explains where Katharine McPhee's penchant for performing in the horizontal position comes from...

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Can I just repeat that real... (Below threshold)

Can I just repeat that real quick?

Katharine McPhee...performing in the horizontal position

Works for me.

i totally agree with this p... (Below threshold)

i totally agree with this prediction! KATHARINE YOUR HOT!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Go Taylor!!! He is the be... (Below threshold)

Go Taylor!!! He is the best all around performer. Katherine doesn't have the virsatility that he has and has bombed on many of her performances.

Has America gone absolutely... (Below threshold)

Has America gone absolutely insaine!!! Taylor is an absolutley bumbling fool who is mediocre at best. He is very karioke and is not even in the same leauge as Katharene. It would be an absolute travesty if Taylor won, he doesn't deserve it and he is not an idol, much less THE AMERICAN IDOL.

Taylor has a nice vocal tim... (Below threshold)

Taylor has a nice vocal timbre, but his singing is mediocre at best. Without sounding like Simon,
he is like a night club act.
Unfortunately he will most likely win.
Kat has a beautiful voice, much better than Taylor.Unfortunately she has been singing poorly lately, cracking and off pitch on occasion.
She really needed to pick better songs.All in all though, i think she has more potential than Taylor, she has a beautiful voice. Very little personality though. Taylor is the idol of the mediocre and flabby everywhere.
Better than Taylor would also be Mandissa, Paris,
Elliot, and more.

i was just wondering whos t... (Below threshold)
Pedro de Souza el Capostarano:

i was just wondering whos the final 2?? Is it Ayla Brown and Mandisa or is it Buckey and Kevin? Because i bet that Kevin would, I mean hes so garsh darn cute.

Kat all the way. Simply no... (Below threshold)

Kat all the way. Simply no comparison.

Elliot Yamin or Chris Daugh... (Below threshold)

Elliot Yamin or Chris Daughtry would have been better than Katharine or Taylor but then, America likes mediocrity, right? Taylor will probably win but he DOES belong in a karaoke bar with Katharine along side him singing "9 to 5." Taylor's last name is what he is and phooey on"Soul Patrol," a name that belongs in New Orleans or Detroit. These people do not even compare to Pavarotti or Aretha--they are no where near the same league. Better, more talented singers were voted off earlier. Neither of these two finalists will become superstars!

Kat in a upset.. The talk i... (Below threshold)

Kat in a upset.. The talk is how Taylor was giving a silver spoon through out the competition. Elvis songs in the semi.. Give me a break. What if Taylor had to sing Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. That Kat had to sing male dominated songs. I didn't like how they finished the last 4 weeks. Past years had better methods of showing their talents. My prediction.. Kat edging out Taylor. It should of been Chris.. That was the biggest let down.

hi... (Below threshold)
domsome dodosoli:







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