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New England flooding update

Well, the waters are starting to recede around southern New Hampshire and northeast Massachusetts. It's still messy as hell, a lot of roads are still closed, and a lot of people are homeless or stuck with huge messes, but it looks like the worst has passed.

It wasn't as bad as New Orleans got hit, but it was pretty bad. The local paper had some good photo coverage, and my fellow New Hampshirite blogger Giacomo got some great pictures from Andover and North Andover, Massachusetts -- locales with which I am very familiar.

It's at times like this that you learn who your friends are -- and, more importantly, who are not. Up yours, Lair, you racist, and may Nardo mistake your dangly bits for a lizard.

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Frankly, the more bad thing... (Below threshold)

Frankly, the more bad things that happen to the people of Mass. the better. They deserve much worse for their voting record.

CRIPES...and to think i was... (Below threshold)

CRIPES...and to think i was bitching about 4" of rain here in Michigan. No matter how bad ya got it...

The Eagle Trib got an <a hr... (Below threshold)

The Eagle Trib got an aerial view of the same area as my photos, route 114 in North Andover at the Lawrence line. It's a small photo, and I'm not sure the link will work, but all you see are buildings and water. Lots of water.

Thanks for the link, Jay.

It's bad up here in Souther... (Below threshold)

It's bad up here in Southern Maine as well. Entire neighborhoods are under water. Most of the shops in York Beach are a complete wash - no pun intended - hotels are closed, hundreds of roads are ruined. I watched several driveways just crack and rush down the mountain with the water a few days ago.

I put up a picture yesterda... (Below threshold)

I put up a picture yesterday (http://blog.rjwest.com/?p=2757) and there's an excellent link in the comments that's got pictures of Saugus, MA.

The last thing we need is a... (Below threshold)

The last thing we need is a bunch of affluent white New England liberals coming to this city.

Besides, there's nowhere in town to ski.

"God said to Noah Th... (Below threshold)
Ned Flanders:

"God said to Noah
There's gonna be floody, floody
God said to Noah
Better build an arky, arky..."

That's for you, you Masschusetts sinner-inos! What with all that gay marriage and people who enjoy that hard livin' and drinkin' like Ted-didly Kennedy, what did you expecterino?

God's just trying to wash away your sins!

I am sorry to hear about it... (Below threshold)

I am sorry to hear about it. I hope things improve for the innocent people. God will help everybody out- just have faith and pray for help.

How touching, MU. Of cours... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

How touching, MU. Of course, since most of Massachusetts does not belong to your death cult, and are therefore not "innocent", your well-wishes are as worthless as any other bit of taqiyya you spew.

All humans have the same bl... (Below threshold)

All humans have the same blood- red. It is very clear from what you say who really is the culprit, who really doesn't know to have logical conversations and use their brains. I pray for everybody no matter what their religion is as long as they are true humans and not racists, extremists and fundamentalists. I wish that every human being on Earth is happy and lives in peace, including my innocent brothers and sisters in America of all religions. Let America and the World be free of hate and free from oppressors and extremists. Let us try to be friends my dear friend.
I believe in killing my enemies by making them my friends.

jay tea,I'm glad t... (Below threshold)

jay tea,

I'm glad the flood waters are receeding, I'm also glad that you have Paul to report on what happened to New Orleans during Katrina. I too have pictures and videos. But they are from the footnote of Hurricane Katrina. They are from Gulfport and Biloxi Mississippi, you know the area to east of New Orleans where 400,000 peoples lives were affected also.

Storm surge coming into Biloxi Mississippi

Storm surge coming into Gulfport Mississippi On this link, you need to scroll down and select the video stream for the Holiday Inn

Pictures from my brother's neighbor in Gulfport two months after Katrina He lives just west of where the Holiday Inn video was shot. He was very fortunate. He only had water under his house and not in it. His house is a 1/4 mile inland. The storm surge that Katrina produced on the Mississippi Coast was unheard of and I hope to G-d we never get another one like it. I hope no one ever has to experience the shock of what we in Mississippi and Louisiana faced and are still facing.

I feel badly for those in New Orleans and for those in New Hampshire and Massachutsetts. It's not fun having your world changed in a matter of hours.

I provided the wrong link f... (Below threshold)

I provided the wrong link for the Biloxi video. This is the unedited video

Funny, I didn't see the peo... (Below threshold)

Funny, I didn't see the people of New Hampshire and northeast Massachusetts screaming for someone to come clean up their mess while they sit on their backside and watch Oprah.

Frankly, the more bad th... (Below threshold)

Frankly, the more bad things that happen to the people of Mass. the better. They deserve much worse for their voting record.

Spoken like a true Christian.

Jay, We feel your... (Below threshold)

We feel your pain. I found this post on the nola.com boards and I thought I would pass it along.

"God Bless New England this evening. And may our federal government quickly provide disaster relief -- in this -- their greatest time of need. We understand your flooding problems N.E. We've been there.
SHOUT OUT: And, to all those Mass. National Guardsmen from the "Patriot" Group that so wonderfully guarded our homes and saved lives in NOLA, thank you, we know you're hard at work right now saving lives and protecting properties."

I, of course, happened to t... (Below threshold)

I, of course, happened to travel to Boston and back this past weekend. I have the worst timing in the world.

And I'm quite confused... d... (Below threshold)

And I'm quite confused... do Jay Tea and Lair really hate each other, or is it some sort of joke or an act?

Serves them right, living s... (Below threshold)

Serves them right, living someplace that gets rain. They should have known they were going to flood. I say let 'am sink and don't give any of OUR tax money to help them.

Seriously, best of luck, and if you need any advice on post-flood repairs and mold remediation, those of us who AREN'T sitting on our backsides and watching Oprah (ie, most of us) can give some helpful tips. (For starters, it helps make the mold go away if Wayne is sacrificed to Baron Samedi...)

Since nobody else has done ... (Below threshold)

Since nobody else has done it, allow me:


Oh, the horrors. There's a ... (Below threshold)

Oh, the horrors. There's a Kohls under water and that used to be my favorite one.

I got my revenge on all the friends and relatives saying to me, "I could nevah live in Flahrida with all those huhracanes!" I do feel bad for them though. I've offered to help them find homes down here in Orlando.

Many in the Gulf Coast area... (Below threshold)

Many in the Gulf Coast area regroup and went to work cleaning up the mess. However the MSM cover the complainers in NO that bitch about all the trash and what not while they sat on their backside. I also know many volunteers that went down there to help out. Many locals treated them like servants. They complain about starving but when they were given some good food they toss in the trash and stated, "I want McDonalds".

Wayne, My mothe... (Below threshold)

My mother lives in Pass Christian, MS and I am a native New Orleanian. I am very close to the situation in both areas. Your entire post is a fabrication and you are a liar. It is a pitiful person that gets their jollies degrading fellow Americans.

doctorj All seeing a... (Below threshold)

All seeing and knowing doctor, if only one volunteers told me a story I would consider it an anomaly. However since several have told similar stories I would say it was more common. Are you sure your just not lying to yourself? Also there is no denying what was seen on video unless the MSM fabricated the whole thing.






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