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Pentagon Video Postscript

Allahpundit at Hot Air goes Zapruder on the screencap I pulled from the newly released Pentagon crash video earlier today, as seen below.


Apparently that's smoke not plane, and similar stills have been in the public domain for four years. I'm still not exactly sure what exactly we proved in this whole exercise (others have done much more), but it's fairly safe to say that those who continue to doubt that American Airlines 77 was flown into the Pentagon are bat-shit crazy...


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We need to see the video sh... (Below threshold)

We need to see the video shot from the gas station across the street. The angles which were relased today are side angles, with the plane traveling from right to left at 400 miles per hour. When I freeze framed the video I couldn't see a plane.

I'm not saying the plane wasn't there, just that the video shot from this side angle isn't showing it. We need to see the gas station video.

Releasing this film now, on... (Below threshold)

Releasing this film now, on the eve of Hayden's confirmation hearings, reminds Americans why we need NSA and all Government intel agencies doing everything they can do to prevent another occurrence of this atrocity.

Call it blowback for the NSA leaks.

Not looking for a conspirac... (Below threshold)

Not looking for a conspiracy theory here, but how the hell does one manage to bottom out a 500 mph plane just a few feet above the ground (as the vidcap shows)?
I had thought the plane hit at a vertical angle, not skimming along just above the ground. Was there a bounce before it came within range of the vidcam?

There's evidence that the p... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

There's evidence that the plane clipped a mult-ton diesel generator on the ground near the Pentagon with an engine and wing, which damaged it to the point where it trailed smoke. The generator itself was in the path of the plane, knocked towards the Pentagon (which no bomb or explosion could do), and has impact damage consistent with an engine strike.

It's spelled out, with pictures and everything, at the site Kevin linked to above.

"Was there a bounce before ... (Below threshold)
John S:

"Was there a bounce before it came within range of the vidcam?"

Yes. The terrorist pilot hit the ground a few hundred feet short of the building.

Can it be true?... (Below threshold)

Can it be true?

The plane had "bounced" pri... (Below threshold)

The plane had "bounced" prior to hitting the Pentagon. On site evidence of that was unmistakeable. Heck, IIRC, it even hit a cab, killing the driver. Obviously, there would have HAD to have been smoke and debris from that event trailing the plane as it continued on its crash path. It was not a frisbee, after all.

Heck, IIRC, it eve... (Below threshold)
Heck, IIRC, it even hit a cab, killing the driver.
Hot Air is also making that claim I believe.

However I had not heard of any cab being hit so never one in believeing desd cats were the result of curosity I went looking and found this:

WASHINGTON -- Lloyd England, a D.C. taxicab driver who was almost killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon said he believes Zacarias Moussaoui should get life in prison.

Lloyd England told News4 reporter Tony Dorsey he doesn't know why his life was spared. He was driving his cab near the Pentagon when Flight 77 flew over him and crashed into the building.

"The plane was so low it hit the light pole," England said. "And when it hit the pole it knocked the light part off and nothing came through the car but the pole itself."

The light pole shaft speared its way through England's cab, pushing the front passenger seat backwards into the rear of the car. If it had fallen a few feet to the right, England said he would have been crushed.Don't seem too "dead" to me. In fact he's alive enough to believe Moussaoui should get life.

Sorry, the two paras after ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, the two paras after the blockquote should be included in it.

Damn MovableType! Hey Kevin, MT sucks haven't you learned that by now?

Thinking anything other tha... (Below threshold)

Thinking anything other than an airplane hit the Pentagon means you have to disbelieve the eyewitnesses and the people on board flight 77 that had called their loved ones up until the crash.

It's not being bat shit crazy to buy into the conspiracy theory. It's pure fantasy born of willful ignorance and rank stupidity.

I've seen tweeked out crack whores spewing out more sensible ramblings.

The generator itse... (Below threshold)
The generator itself was in the path of the plane, knocked towards the Pentagon (which no bomb or explosion could do),

It Castro or the mob were behind this and had another bomb on the grassy knoll by the diesel generator. They actually flew the plane to a super secret air base at Area 51 in an effort to keep the bloodline of Jesus (a decendent of his was on board) hidden from the Catholic church. It's amazing how well they airbrushed out the black helicopters that were all around the Pentagon that day.

OK, I think I've hit all the popular conspiracies. Do I win the grand prize consisting of a lifetime supply of tin foil and an autographed picture of Oliver Stone?

What Faith+1 said. Geeze, m... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

What Faith+1 said. Geeze, moonbats, please take your meds...it's really important.

I live two blocks up Columb... (Below threshold)

I live two blocks up Columbia Pike from the Pentagon, and I did on 9/11/01. When the screeching, screaming jet engine went overhead my apartment building (actually over and a bit behind) I saw the wing shadow drape over the parking lot outside my window. Hundreds of cars were in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Washington Blvd (Rt. 27) running parallel to the wall the plane hit. There are hundreds of witnesses to this plane hitting the Pentagon. South Arlington, which the plane flew over on its descent, just wasn't populated that morning with a bunch of people hanging around with camcorders. The plane seemingly came out of nowhere, and there was no mistaking it for anything else than what it was: a jet airliner with the pedal to the metal flying pretty damn low.

It's astonishing that anyone could suggest anything else.

...it's fairly safe to s... (Below threshold)

...it's fairly safe to say that those who continue to doubt that American Airlines 77 was flown into the Pentagon are bat-shit crazy

...a statement that I will allow, so long as you agree that a great number of the people who had no doubt about this are also crazy, and indeed are daily candidates for protective restraint.

My wife has said this to me for 22 years: "You're crazy." My response has always been, "What does that have to do with anything?"

If the pic shows smoke but ... (Below threshold)

If the pic shows smoke but no plane -- how is that possible?

The reports are that the plane was traveling at 400 miles per hour (although it was no doubt slowed when it clipped the light poles and diesel generator). The frame above was only oneor two TV frames before the impact (1/30 or 2/30 of a second) - how could we be seeing smoke from the plane before it impacted? If the plane was traveling that fast - the smoke would have been far behind the plane at that speed.

Example: If someone is driving down the freeway at 60 miles an hour and holding a smoke bomb out the window - will an observer standing on the side of the road see the car enveloped in smoke? No, the smoke would be trailing behind the car.

This is total bullshit. I a... (Below threshold)

This is total bullshit. I am shocked there are so many people out there gullible enough to believe that a plane hit the pentagon. It's just another (really obvious) American government lie.

the goverment is hiding som... (Below threshold)
jazmin diaz:

the goverment is hiding something research has shown most of the things they said on the pentagon and the twin towers are LIES if we cant trust and believe our goverment who can we?

People: How can a 757 cras... (Below threshold)
Dave Bradshaw:

People: How can a 757 crash into a building and leave a hole smaller (alot smaller) than the plane itself, and then just disappear? If you're reading this, than you saw the video that was released earlier this week. I've watched it 25 times, and truly I just don't see a plane. Remember,... especially you dumb-ass right wingers, a 757 airplane is big! Really big. Hell, if a lawn mower streaked by you'd see it, and be able to make out Briggs & Stratton. If there WAS a plane in the video, for Christ's sake don't you think you'd see it. No just a blur, but the whole thing. Wake up you goofy bastards, and realize that Bush and his entire administration has lied to you, .... again.

Watch this please, watch it... (Below threshold)

Watch this please, watch it all, it will change the way you think about bush and everything, that wasnt a plane that hit the building , at least not a comercial plane. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848&q=loose+change






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