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My afternoon plans

I wasn't really planning to see The Da Vinci Code (the book didn't wow me), but last week I saw something that sold me.

In a supermarket, they were selling a bunch of DVDs, bundled with a coupon to see the movie. And when I saw that they had a movie I wanted to own among the selections, I had to buy it.

The irony was just too delicious.

I find myself wondering if Tom Hanks's quest takes him to Castle Anthrax, or if Audrey Tautou has huge tracts of land...

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Perhaps Langdon (Hanks) wil... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Langdon (Hanks) will find one of the relics that Brother Maynard carries with him?

You didn't own Holy Grail until now? Blasphemy!!

I could see it now... Tom H... (Below threshold)

I could see it now... Tom Hanks addressed from the castle,

"Welcome, brave sir Knight. Welcome to the Castle Anthrax... we are nice, and we'll attend to your every need."


But surely there would be other castles on Brave Sir Tom's quest...

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time."

No matter how bad the movie... (Below threshold)

No matter how bad the movie could suck, it could never suck as bad as Tom Hanks haircut.

I suspect that there would ... (Below threshold)

I suspect that there would be a few scenes about shrubbery, and the murdered victim might not be quite all dead yet...

Hmmmm.No ... (Below threshold)


No matter how bad the movie could suck, it could never suck as bad as Tom Hanks haircut.

When I first saw that I thought I was looking at a younger Lando from Babylon 5.

The theology in "Monty Pyth... (Below threshold)

The theology in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" is certainly more sophisticated than that of "The Da Vinci Code"; it also has the advantage of being deliberately funny whereas the "Code's" laughs are unintentional. For instance, compare the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch to Tom Hank's haircut.

They should rename this "Th... (Below threshold)

They should rename this "The Davinci Load".






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