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Online Hazing Pictures Rock College Campuses

See Wizbang Sports for our exclusive story on college athletics hazing.

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You know what? Who cares? C... (Below threshold)

You know what? Who cares? College students are adults and if somone wants to make them dress up goofy to be part of a clique, why do they need protection from the law? Why would we lock up in prison someone who got someone else to wear women's underwear? Why should my taxes be used to protect members of the women's lacrosse team from volunteering to be humiliated with lipsticked messages on them?


I agree with Don: I don't ... (Below threshold)

I agree with Don: I don't see anything that "recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission" unless a bad hair day is truly mentally unbalancing...

Hmmm.Their parents... (Below threshold)


Their parents are paying $40,000 a year for exactly what again?

when can I buy the DVD? Wha... (Below threshold)

when can I buy the DVD? What a bunch of uptight asses adults and school administrators are these days. Those girls look like they are having loads of fun. Im sure their parents and teachers never did such things in thier youth.

You know what absolutely ba... (Below threshold)

You know what absolutely baffles me about anti-hazing laws? 99% of the time, the people getting hazed knew what they were getting themselves into and then went along with it anyways.

If these girls made the team (probably due to their coaches decision), then initiation by the other PLAYERS changes their position and role on the team not one iota. It is 100% voluntary to go through the hazing. Not only that, the last picture sure looks like everyone is having fun. So I really don't see how anyone as getting any emotional trauma from the matter.

The problem is the legal on... (Below threshold)

The problem is the legal one. When hazing gets out of hand and someone gets hurt or killed, or someone has regrets later and complains - then the bad press, then the lawyers, then the calls of "why didn't they stop this", etc, etc.

See the Duke team party for the nightmare college administrators see for themselves. Not sayin' the two are exactly related, but that's the mess they are trying to stay out of.

Is that a Lacrosse team pee... (Below threshold)

Is that a Lacrosse team peeking in the window?

See, I told ya those Lesbia... (Below threshold)

See, I told ya those Lesbians didn't know what to do with a condom!






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