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The unforgivable offense of self-defense

Once again, we are being reminded that the single most offensive thing that Israelis can do (besides exist) is to try to protect themselves. In Europe, officials are forbidding El Al -- Israel's national airline -- from flying to certain airports. Their objection is that the airliners are equipped with a missile-defense system, to protect them from terrorists who might try to shoot down the planes.

The Europeans say that the defense system could cause injuries on the ground, either from diverted missiles or the flares the system ejects.

After all, the idea that terrorists would ever try to shoot down an El Al plane is simply ridiculous...


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Comments (13)

It is true that the flares ... (Below threshold)

It is true that the flares can cause fire or injury if released, and given the timing necessary for successful deployment of the flares, the possibility of a false alarm and deployment of flares is real. Military aircraft are [or at least at some times in the past] also "prohibited" in some countries from arming their countermeasures for similar reasons.

Somehow, the death and destruction on the ground from a downed aircraft seems a bigger risk than the flares might offer. Typical EuropeanThink.

El Al passe... (Below threshold)

El Al passenger planes will be barred from landing in some European countries because they have been equipped with defense systems against shoulder-held missiles, German newspaper Der Spiegel reported. The Swiss aviation authority has already barred El Al aircrafts equipped with the new system from landing in the country, and the German paper said more countries are expected to soon follow.

Actually, the reason they are banning the planes is because the system might actually prevent a missile from hitting the plane. As a result, Israeli citizens (and Jews in general) would be saved, but the missiles would continue on and hit somewhwere else.

The Swiss cannot allow anyone (nonJewish) to be harmed just because some Jews want to continue to live.

Sabba Hillel

So if a shoulder fired SAM ... (Below threshold)

So if a shoulder fired SAM hit and knocked down a fully loaded and fueled Israeli airliner, the flaming wreckage would magically stay up and not harm anyone or any property below its immediate flight line? Stupid Euros.

I wondered if the European ... (Below threshold)

I wondered if the European approach was an over-developed sensitivity to other cultures or just a startegy of laying prostrate before the Islamic Hordes.

I now know its the latter and that they begrudge anyone who behaves differently.

North Americans should acquire as much as they can about the heritage of Western Culture in Europe because soon North America will be the last place Western Culture exists because Europe is done.

Europe is quickly becoming ... (Below threshold)

Europe is quickly becoming the graveyard of Western Civiliation.

US flag carriers are also a... (Below threshold)

US flag carriers are also at risk from Islamic terrorist. Would this mean that the Europeans would also ban US carriers if their planes were to be similarly protected in the future?
Somehow I don't think so.

Hmmm.It'll be inte... (Below threshold)


It'll be interesting when American aircraft are required to have anti-missile systems.

Gee, I wonder if the Europe... (Below threshold)
Geoff Palmer:

Gee, I wonder if the European genius who came up with this idea might also suggest to policemen not to wear a bullet proof vest, for fear that a deflected bullet might hit an innocent bystander.

This is a complicit acknowl... (Below threshold)

This is a complicit acknowledgement by the European's that they aren't going to stop the attacks from happening.

I highly doubt the Aclu wil... (Below threshold)

I highly doubt the Aclu will allow American passenger jets to have a missle defense system as this would be to offensive to the peaceful Muslim community who would in effect be kept from their right to bear arms against our impressive regime.

Europe still expects Jews t... (Below threshold)

Europe still expects Jews to act according to history...

Line up and march into the ovens without much protest.

El Al may wish to bypass much of EU soon anyway since they'll be Islamist "Republics" within a generation.

It's sick, I know, but my s... (Below threshold)

It's sick, I know, but my science fiction writing evil twin just went... "armed passenger aircraft... how cool is that."

Anti-Israel? Or just more "... (Below threshold)
John Anderson:

Anti-Israel? Or just more "Civilians should not be armed --- after all, if they are killed while unable to defend themselves, military and/or para-military [police] will bring body bags."






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