Clinton Marriage a Question for Democrats


According to Drudge, that's the page one story that is set to run in tomorrow's New York Times:

When the subject of Bill and Hillary Clinton comes up for many prominent Democrats these days, Topic A is their marriage, the NEW YORK TIMES is planning to report on Tuesday Page Ones.

"Democrats say it is inevitable that, in a campaign that could return the former president to the White House, some voters would be concerned and even distracted by the Bill Clinton's political role and his potential for the kind of episodes that led the House to vote for his impeachment in 1998."

NYT reporter Pat Healy is filing a report this evening, newsroom sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.


I'd say the American people would definitely be concerned about Bill Clinton being back in the White House. This time, however, he would have much more time to dedicate to his "extracurricular activities." Not only that, I can't see Bill being content with the role of "first husband." He needs attention too much. I see him attempting to upstage Hillary at every turn.

Update: Here's the NY Times article "Clintons Balance Married and Public Lives" by Patrick Healy. A few excerpts:

Mr. Clinton is rarely without company in public, yet the company he keeps rarely includes his wife. Nights out find him zipping around Los Angeles with his bachelor buddy, Ronald W. Burkle, or hitting parties and fund-raisers in Manhattan; she is yoked to work in Washington or New York -- her Senate career and political ambitions consuming her time.
Since the start of 2005, the Clintons have been together about 14 days a month on average, according to aides who reviewed the couple's schedules. Sometimes it is a full day of relaxing at home in Chappaqua; sometimes it is meeting up late at night. At their busiest, they saw each other on a single day, Valentine's Day, in February 2005 -- a month when each was traveling a great deal. Last August, they saw each other at some point on 24 out of 31 days. Out of the last 73 weekends, they spent 51 together. The aides declined to provide the Clintons' private schedule.
Democrats preparing for 2008 describe the political challenge this way: Mrs. Clinton could prosper as a presidential candidate, yet the return of "the Clintons" could revive memories including the oft-derided two-for-the-price-of-one appeal of his 1992 presidential campaign, Mrs. Clinton's role in the universal health care debacle, and the soap opera of infidelity.


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Comments (25)

I don't understand this cer... (Below threshold)

I don't understand this certainty that Hillary is going to be running.

I know Hillary has the political hooks, but watching Hillary speak is like listening to someone scratch a chalkboard. She could have the cure for cancer and she won't get elected because of that. The Democrats know this.

The Kos Kiddies also hate her support of the Iraq War (or really her lack of a fully obstructionist position).

If everyone on the Conservative side of the fense is expecting to run against Hillary they could be caught offguard. Although I would have to say if such a person exists they need to emerge soon. None of the current alternates could probably overcome Hillary's hooks.

I suspect Bill Clinton will... (Below threshold)

I suspect Bill Clinton will be given a pass by MSM, as Hilliary was given.

jpm100, Mark Warner is the ... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

jpm100, Mark Warner is the guy to look out for on the Democrat side. The only question is if the Dems are smart enough to nominate him, which they probably aren't. But he doesn't typically bash bush and he offers genuine solutions to problems. I'd keep my eye on him.

I don't particularly care f... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

I don't particularly care for Hillary, but look how Bill hogged the spotlight, for example, and made her stand with him at the Martin Luther King bash bush fest. She had to stand there by his side while he blabbered on and on. Kim, you are right. Bill is going to want to hog the spotlight every chance he gets. I don't want another 8 years of drama and soap operas in the white house. These are serious times with the war on terror, and we need serious leaders.

ETP, Queen Hillary has prac... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

ETP, Queen Hillary has practically already been corinated for her position as president. The mainstraim media used to love McCain. You see how fast that has changed. He speaks once at Falwell's college and you would think that he danced with the devil. I always had the feeling that the media would turn on McCain once he actually had the chance of being the Republican nominee. They are paving the way for Hillary now.

I don't understand this ... (Below threshold)

I don't understand this certainty that Hillary is going to be running.

Neither do I. I think she will try, but that some other candidate will emerge to take the nomination.

Lee - Hillary would not eve... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

Lee - Hillary would not even carry her own state if she ran for president:

the WNBC/Marist poll found Giuliani favored by 50 of New York voters to 46 percent for Clinton. The poll had Clinton at 48 percent and McCain at 45 percent.

Hmmm.If Hillary ru... (Below threshold)


If Hillary runs in 2008 for President then all of the old scandals will resurface including the 1 day $100,000 profit made in commodities trading by Hillary.

Frankly she's too much of a polarizing figure. And nominating her would basically throw away the whole "Republicans are corrupt" meme the Democrats have been working on for years.

Hilarity! has plenty of mon... (Below threshold)

Hilarity! has plenty of money. Gore could throw his own in - he has made a fortune off Google stock by crushing dissent in China - but Warner or no one else is going to be in the same league.

Warner's problem is he is too "DLC" for the base, and if you don't win in Iowa or NH, it gets tough to come back in a nomination campaign. The only candidate ever to win a nomination without winning either Iowa or NH {at least since the Iowa caucuses came to prominence in 1976} was Bill Clinton, whose second place in NH was spun into "The Comeback Kid."

Oddly enough, he was "coming back" from allegations of serial infidelity, which we now know were pretty much true.

If the question for Hilarity! is, "Can Bill keep his pants zipped?" then she had better forget the whole thing. He can't, and he won't.

"I suspect Bill Clinton wil... (Below threshold)

"I suspect Bill Clinton will be given a pass by MSM"


Bill Clinton could w... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton could win the election for Hilarity!, though . . . if, while giving an emotional speech for her on September 11, 2008, he suddenly collapses dead of a heart attack. The sympathy vote would carry her to victory.

If it happened later that night in a hotel room with Monica, of course all bets are off . . .

I don't think anyone is giv... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone is giving Slick Willie a fair shake on this thing. Unless Karl Rove and those vast right-wing conspirators plant another super sexy operstive similar to that foxy Monica Lewinsky in the White House Bill wouldn't have any problem keeping his fly zipped and his cigars in a regular humidor. He was victim dammit, if you don't believe him ask him. Heh.

One side will view her as b... (Below threshold)

One side will view her as being a President with an experienced spousal advisor. The other side will view her as a President with her finger on the nuke launch button and steam coming out of her ears, because her hubby is banging some honey in the Lincoln bedroom every other night.

Bubba will never accept bei... (Below threshold)

Bubba will never accept being placed in the ceremonial role of 'First Husband', and if Hillary wants to be President, she'll have to give Bill a high-profile cabinet post such as Secretary of State or Attorney General.

Or she could allow him to accept the post of Secretary General of the UN, after they force out Kofi. The opportunity to scam billions of dollars instead of a few measily millions, would be too good to pass up.

Hermie raises a good point.... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Hermie raises a good point. Bill isn't going to be happy unless he has a position of substantial power. But that inherently undercuts Hillary's position, and would lead people to wonder who the real President was. (And that would start way before the election: does anyone doubt that one aspect of a Hillary campaign, whether she wants it or not, will be a whispering campaign that says "A vote for Hillary is really a vote for Bill"?) Would Hillary really be willing to play the role of Lurleen Wallace?

Expect another extramarital... (Below threshold)

Expect another extramarital affair to surface next year and divorce proceedings to follow. She will play abused ex-wife and have Chelsea by her side as the single mom, tossed aside but handling it bravely. You don't think that'll get some swing voters, you're nuts.

Isn't Pat Healy Matt Dillon... (Below threshold)

Isn't Pat Healy Matt Dillons character in Something About Mary?

Just wondering

"Mr. Clinton is rarely with... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

"Mr. Clinton is rarely without company in public, yet the company he keeps rarely includes his wife."

Kim, lol, what kind of marriage is this? It seems like one of political convenience. I guess for all those years of affairs, Bill is going to stick this one out just a little more until hopefully, as you he sees it, Hillary become anointed as President.

But frankly, I don't blame Bill. Remember Hillary's rant where she was "sick and tired" of Republicans, screaming at the top of her lungs? God, imagine trying to live with somebody screaming like that all the time.

RE: "I don't understand thi... (Below threshold)

RE: "I don't understand this certainty that Hillary is going to be running."
Senator Clinton is already running: she's been running for years.

President Clinton won't be "First Husband". The logical opposite for "First Lady" is "First Gentleman", and that is a title that many voters will not want to give Mr. Clinton. The Clintons know this, so they will divorce. (Remember, when polls and focus groups determined that they could improve their image by getting a dog, they put together focus groups to decide which breed of dog to get. Everything they do -- except for Bill's obsessive behavior -- is designed to get thempolitical power.)

The best way to get a divorce will be for Bill to cheat again a few months before the election, have it leaked by the NYT, and then divorce. It worked before. Hillary's slogan the first time was: "My husband cheated on me. Make me a Senator." The next step is: "My husband cheated on me again. Make me President."

The marriage like 99.9999% ... (Below threshold)

The marriage like 99.9999% of everything else with the Clintons is phony. Hillary busted her political opportunity for playing the "cheated on wife" when she did nothing about the whole Monica incident.

I think she would have scored big points with a lot of voters if, after Bill was busted for lying about Monica, she would have made a scene of flinging his stuff from the balcony of the White House out onto the lawn. She probably could have run in '04 on that alone.

I wouldn't have and won't ever vote for her based on statements she made to a team of us (former USAF sent to the WH to brief on activities in Bosnia. I was a flunk staff officer assigned to carrying folders and running the projector.) sent to the White House. We were stopped by her staff and told that we were to change out of our uniforms because "the military uniform does not project the proper image for the WH and the First Lady felt them to be inappropriate." We also, weren't apparently the only ones to be told this.

Gen Santorelli, head of our group, stood his ground and said he had proudly worn his uniform in service to this country for 30 years and as long as he was reporting on military matters to his Commander in Chief he would refuse to remove his uniform. She came out and had words with the General and eventually the Chief of Staff came and escorted us in.

It's been re-written that Hillary's desire for a ban on military uniforms never happened, but it most certainly did and eventually Bill must have reigned her in. I've personally met the former Chief Master Sgt of the Air Force who served in the WH and resigned back in 93 over her continuing anti-military WH policies and contempt for people in uniform. She may be playing the public as pro-military but I've seen her real opinion in person.

So I won't vote for her, ever, based on on a very personal experience of seeing exactly what she thinks of the armed forces.

The Clintons have a Hollywo... (Below threshold)

The Clintons have a Hollywood marriage,kept together by their shared financial and political goals. Bill will continue to be Bill and Hillary will continue to wear the pants and ignore it. the only question will be: Hillary is it "boxers or briefs."

You go, Faith+1!... (Below threshold)

You go, Faith+1!

Faith+1, Thank... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:


Thank you for service. Something that is now foreign to the democrat party and their useful idiots. I agree with you 100% that the Clintons are phony as well as the entire party of perpetual fraud. The democrats can't even begin to prove otherwise they are so busy and engrossed in their deceit of "CLINTONIZING" the Republican Party. I have forgiven myself for being politically ignorant and being a registered voting democrat of 20 years by voting for President Bush on Nov. 2, 2004. Anyone who informs themselves of the facts ,that has a conscience , morals and is of sound mind will never vote for this current group of malicious deviants. Therefore I no longer unwittingly and most assuridly , knowingly will never lend my support to the fraud I now know as the Democrat party.

Thanks Faith 1.I h... (Below threshold)

Thanks Faith 1.

I hadn't realized politicians were phony.

BTW, 90+% of all marriages are a joke.

I'm not a fan of Hillary, b... (Below threshold)

I'm not a fan of Hillary, but I don't see that her marriage is anybody's business but her own. If we're going to be that way, we've got to start asking questions about Rudy Guiliani and Newt Gingrich--their handling of their marriages could be considered less than sterling.

But, let's criticize and/or support people based on their politics, shall we? They're not applying for jobs as marriage counsellors...






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