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Thanks to Kevin and the gang for inviting me to join the team here at Wizbang. I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of this truly unique blog and to introduce myself to those readers that don't yet know me.

I am a native North Carolinian who was blessed to have had the opportunity to vote for Jesse Helms three times. Don't bother doing the math, I am 40 years old. I am (first and foremost) a mom with two girls, ages 5 and 9, and wife to my husband of 14 years, who is proud to have served six years in the Marine Corps.

I have always been a political junkie, but only found an outlet for that passion two years ago when I was invited to join Polipundit as a guest blogger. The past two years have been an incredible experience. While I may be new to many Wizbang readers, some might know me from my role in naming the Rathergate story (sorry to fellow bloggers about having to type that annoying superscript code), or from my "24" blogging back when "24" blogging wasn't cool (as if anything associated with "24" could not be cool). Others may have caught my guest blogging at Michelle Malkin's site or at Ankle Biting Pundits, Right Wing News. or Patrick Ruffini.com. Some of you may have read my columns at Townhall.com.

Those were all experiences I enjoyed. What has been most exciting and rewarding the past two years, though, are the friendships I have formed with fellow bloggers and readers that share my interest in politics. I look forward to forming many new friendships here. Thanks again to Kevin and the Wizbang crew for having me.


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Comments (41)

First!Welcome abor... (Below threshold)
Stephen Johnson:


Welcome abord, Lorie

abord s/b aboard... (Below threshold)
Stephen Johnson:

abord s/b aboard

Welcome, Lorie.... (Below threshold)

Welcome, Lorie.

I started following Lorie's... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

I started following Lorie's posts during the rathergate affair, and I thought her coverage of the story out to get our president was fantastic.

I'm a bit jeleous that she had the opportunity to actually vote for a conservative warrior like Jesse Helms. We could sure use his wisdom in the senate today.

Like I said in another thread, I'm so excited Lorie has joined this blog, and I really look forward to reading what she has to say!!!

Welcome and I'm looking for... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Welcome and I'm looking forward to your first story.

Glad I found you, Lorie. Go... (Below threshold)
midwest mama:

Glad I found you, Lorie. Good luck in your new location.

Hi Lori. As a native North ... (Below threshold)

Hi Lori. As a native North Carolinian I too had the pleasure of voting for Sen. Helms and I look forward to posts. (Although I will be paying close attention to Sen. Dole and Burr on the upcoming immigration bill)

I don't know if I'm allowed... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

I don't know if I'm allowed to introduce topics into these threads, but anyway here goes:

I found this headline on Drudge interesting: STATE OF CLINTON MARRIAGE A QUESTION FOR DEMS...

Do those two even talk anymore? They are hardly ever even seen together. And Hillary seemed genuinely surprised when it was revealed that he was counseling the government of Dubei during that ports deal.

I wonder if there will be any bimbo erumptions during Hillary's fight for the presidency, a high posisition that she seems to feel entitled to?

Lori thank your husband for... (Below threshold)

Lori thank your husband for his service, and good luck here at Wizbang!

The best part is I don't ha... (Below threshold)

The best part is I don't have to add Wizbang to my blogroll - it was already there!

Glad you're here - I know you'll do well.

Welcome to the fray.... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the fray.

Lori, great to see you made... (Below threshold)

Lori, great to see you made the move. Adding your new blogsite to the roll. Looking forward to reading your perspective on the upcoming elections. God help the conservatives. My nephew is also in the Marines in Iraq. Semper Fi! Sma' Talk Wi' T

Glad to see you light somew... (Below threshold)

Glad to see you light somewhere. Just bookmarked your new site

Welcome to Wizbang, Lorie. ... (Below threshold)

Welcome to Wizbang, Lorie.

You'll have a lot of fun blogging here.

This is great news! ... (Below threshold)

This is great news!

Welcome from a native Carol... (Below threshold)

Welcome from a native Carolinean, even though I'm from the other one...

Lorie,You have way... (Below threshold)


You have way too much on your plate, but I'd love to think that you and other Poli's noted my increasing absence from PoliPundit.

Truth be known, Polipundit was spinning out of control for almost nine months. I'm sad to see it go, but the fact is, I've dumped the RSS feed.

But here's to hope, and I'm truly glad you've found a new blog-home!

Just want to thank you for ... (Below threshold)
Mike A:

Just want to thank you for your mature approach to the "mess" at Polipundit. You have been nothing but professional. Nice to have you here and I don't really care what Polipundit has to say anymore. He has wasted his credibility with all of us.

Lorie, I'm happy to see you... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I'm happy to see you landed so well on your feet. I'm so happy you have this opportunity and I know you will enhance this site!

So glad to see you over her... (Below threshold)

So glad to see you over here, Lorie. I've been visiting your other site regularly since the demise of "the site that must not be named", but I'm adding this one to my bookmarks. Also glad to see some of the old regulars following you here. Yep, the other site's been going downhill for a long time now.

Hey Lori,Glad to s... (Below threshold)

Hey Lori,

Glad to see you on a better blog. You were the one thing I really missed when I gave up on Polipundit in February.

Hey Lorie....you've stepped... (Below threshold)

Hey Lorie....you've stepped UP in the world.
Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear what you have to say on the upcoming election coverage, the Clinton non-marriage, the "upcoming according to Chris Mathews Rove indictment" and anything else you care to enhance my knowledge with. Whizbang is lucky to have you (since I am very well aware of your credentials).

Kudos to the guys at Wizban... (Below threshold)

Kudos to the guys at Wizbang - a great blog, BTW - for recognizing a golden opportunity to have you as a fellow blogger. I am confident you will bring to the 'spere more of your invaluable punditry in great style here. Good luck!

Like the others I'd left PP months ago.

Lorie, you helped me early ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, you helped me early on. This is a better fit

Congrats on finding a good ... (Below threshold)

Congrats on finding a good home! It will remind me to come more often.

Welcome, Lorie, and Congrat... (Below threshold)

Welcome, Lorie, and Congratulations, Wizbang on a great move!

This is one of those trades that is even worse than the old Cincinnati Reds sending Frank Robinson to Baltimore for Milt Pappas.

I mean, at least the Reds got something for Frank . . . that other guy just gave away the farm . . .

Welcome, Lorie!The... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Welcome, Lorie!

There's lots of nice folks here in these parts.

Watch out for the trolls, though.

Kevin and Jay: I would suggest, perhaps, a top ten things Lorie needs to know about Wizbang and Wizbanging!


Hmmm.Hello, hope t... (Below threshold)


Hello, hope to see more of you around here.

Glad to see you here, Lori.... (Below threshold)

Glad to see you here, Lori. You're movin' on up.

Found you! I am looking fo... (Below threshold)

Found you! I am looking forward to more of
your great commonsense and interesting posts!
Whzband is bookmarked.

Howdy Lori, I was hoping yo... (Below threshold)

Howdy Lori, I was hoping you would land on your feet. I have left Polipundit as well. He was way to one dimensional for me. I appreciate passion on an issue, but not at the expense of everything else.

I wonder if he will be a man about and and point folks here. probably not, but hey! I have been wrong before

Welcome, Lorie!Wou... (Below threshold)

Welcome, Lorie!

Wouldn't you know it, I already have Wizbang listed as one of my favorites on my blogroll, and now, it is even better!

This is a great move for both you and for Wizbang!

Best of luck to you always. I will never forget all you've done for me.

(I hope to see more of my old PoliPundit friends hanging out here now, too, as I already see quite a few commenting ahead of me. Hi, everybody!)

North Carolinian and ended ... (Below threshold)

North Carolinian and ended up marrying a Marine, who'd of thunk it :)

Lorie,I'm one of man... (Below threshold)

I'm one of many who followed you here via your own blog after that "P" site pulled your posting priviledges.
I'm adding WizBang to my daily blog visits. Good luck.

Welcome! Good to see you've... (Below threshold)

Welcome! Good to see you've landed at a great blog to continue your great writing. A great big Marine Corps OOHRAH to you and your husband!

Yo, a "shout out" to Lorie ... (Below threshold)

Yo, a "shout out" to Lorie and the other old PP comment posters (not "old" in the crusty sense).

Summer season is really busy for me here in Gatlinburg, TN but I will read and post as mush as I can at Wizbang.

Seeing my words in this little blue box does give me that published feeling. What's not to like about that?

P.S. I like that HTML self help function. (I always hated being the guy that messes up the thread)

Best of luck at your new ho... (Below threshold)

Best of luck at your new home, Lorie. Now, the real question:

Are you a legal or an illegal immigrant into the great country of WizBangia? Or, did you file for political asylum? :-)

From one B*rd to another, w... (Below threshold)

From one B*rd to another, welcome aboard. Since I like both your writings and the works of Wizbang, I'm sure the arrangement will be a great fit.

Thank goodness you are back... (Below threshold)

Thank goodness you are back! I MISSED you!

Cheers, Lorie! Congrats and... (Below threshold)

Cheers, Lorie! Congrats and many thanks to the wise proprietorship of Wizbang!

"If you walk away, walk away - Walk away, walk away...I will follow."
My only complaint, Lorie By... (Below threshold)

My only complaint, Lorie Byrd, is that you're "anonymous."

So whatever happened to Lucy Ramirez, anyway?






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