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Meet The Bloggers - The Wonkette Guys


Friday night a friend called me and asked me if the Washington, DC NBC affiliate was going to be doing a profile on me. Perplexed, I responded that to the best of my knowledge no such feature was planned; at least none that involved active participation by me.

It turns out that there was a week long series of segments on DC area bloggers, most of whom Id' never heard of, though all whom I've since checked out.

I have heard of Wonkette, who evidently were the "name" bloggers they decided to feature on the Friday, week-ending segment. Here's a bit of the interview:

Lat and Pareene said a lot of their material comes from readers.

"We do get a fair amount of e-mail," Lat said. "It's kind of overwhelming to keep track of. A lot of tips, a lot of gossip, a lot of them are bloggers, and they send us things from their own blogs that they think might be of interest to us."

"A lot of unverified speculation and rumor mongering comes in, too, which we do our best to vet, but some things are so funny you just want to put it up," Pareene said.

...But they don't put just anything up on their site.

"We're probably slightly better at fact checking than people think we are," Pareene said. "Considering that the expectations are zero on that front ... considering the expectation are that we make up everything we post."

So how do the Wonkette boys follow-up their first major media exposure in the post Ana Marie Cox era?

They wonder about Michelle Malkin's internet videos, "does she do the thing with the ping-pong balls?" Apparently that was one of those things that was "so funny you just want to put it up."

Oddly Michelle isn't ammused...

You can see the extended interview with the Wonkette boys, David Lat and Alex Pareene here. It's every bit as vapid and uninteresting as you'd expect...

Comments (6)

I heard Michelle does do th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I heard Michelle does do the ping-pong trick. She learned it from Margaret Cho, who learned the "Ancient Chinese Secret" from Connie Chung. Jane Fonda tried to learn it in the 60's, but couldn't master it. That was the whole point of her trip to Viet Nam -- the posing with the anti-aircraft thing was a ploy to cover up her quest.


Hmmmm.Sorry but I ... (Below threshold)


Sorry but I avoid Wonkette like the plague. Between the nonsense and the silliness there's always that past association with anal sex.

Which really makes things even creepier if that's at all possible.

Somebody should propose the... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

Somebody should propose they rename themselves The Wankerettes.

Just a thought.

You know, I realize I've le... (Below threshold)

You know, I realize I've led a sheltered life, so I feel no embarrassment whatsoever in admitting that I don't get the ping-pong ball reference. Somebody want to enlighten me, pretty please?

It involves women shooting ... (Below threshold)

It involves women shooting ping pong balls out of their nether regions, if memory serves.

Yeah. Ping-pong ball jokes... (Below threshold)

Yeah. Ping-pong ball jokes are much more offensive than defending concentration camps. Let's keep our priorities straight.

Besides, I think opening beer bottles requires much more talent.






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