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No recess for terrorism

Yesterday, NPR did a story on the Beslan massacre, and I did my own piece on it here. Even though it wasn't the anniversary of that atrocity, it was apparently on a lot of people's minds yesterday, as Palestinians launched a Qassam missile into a school.

By what can only be described as a miracle, the Palestinian terrorists managed to 1) hit an unoccupied classroom, and 2) not have the missile's warhead detonate, so this one goes in the books as a failed attempt to slaughter children by the scores. But since they didn't actually manage to kill anyone, we are spared endless hand-wringing about the "cycle of violence" and other schlock that puts the Israelis and Palestinians on the same moral ground.

This is the difference between the Israels and the Palestinians: the Israelis try their damnedest to spare innocents, even to the point of reducing the warhead size of its missiles, but the terrorist targets surround themselves with civilians as willing human shields. The Palestinians, on the other hand, at their best, don't give a damn if they kill nothing but children -- and at their worst, will target them deliberately.

I think this cartoon sums it up just perfectly:



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Comments (7)

The cartoon makes the point... (Below threshold)
Rodney A Stanton:

The cartoon makes the point so clear even my left winger President should understand.

yeah, and the adage is: tak... (Below threshold)

yeah, and the adage is: take all the weapons away from the Jews and you'll have 7 million dead Jews, take the weapons away from the Palestinians and you'll have peace in Israel.

tired of the B.S.

Sadly I am not surprised by... (Below threshold)

Sadly I am not surprised by any of this.

A more accurate picture wou... (Below threshold)

A more accurate picture would have the Palestinian protected and hidden in a bunker forcing a mother pushing a baby carriage [with a bomb inside] to charge a Green helmet protecting another baby carriage.

Hmmmm.Frankly what... (Below threshold)


Frankly what's so astonishing to me about all this is that it's not completely obvious to everyone.

Obvious. Oblivious.

That extra "l" and "i" are pretty important.

Where is Muslim Unity, to e... (Below threshold)

Where is Muslim Unity, to explain that the missle was only filled with candy?

Yes ,surely it was only a f... (Below threshold)

Yes ,surely it was only a friendly gesture..






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