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Quote Of The Day - Dixie Chicks' Dump Fans Edition

"I'd rather have a smaller following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith. We don't want those kinds of fans. They limit what you can do."

Dixie Chick Martie Maguire in Time Magazine, still turning up their noses at country music fans, who deserted them in droves after the controversy surrounding lead singer Natalie Maines telling a a London audience in 2003, "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas." Speaking of Maines; her one regret about the incident... apologizing. "I apologized for disrespecting the office of the President," says Maines. "But I don't feel that way anymore. I don't feel he is owed any respect whatsoever."


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Fans limit what you can do?... (Below threshold)

Fans limit what you can do? Not if you have real talent and integrity. Then there's the Dixie Chicks.

Hmmm.Does anyone r... (Below threshold)


Does anyone really care about them anymore?

I've never felt so good to ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I've never felt so good to be left out of the "cool people" crowd.

Dixie who?... (Below threshold)

Dixie who?

Stupid bitch.... (Below threshold)
jd watson:

Stupid bitch.

During the past three years... (Below threshold)

During the past three years, I've really discovered how much I love country music. I cannot name one song by the DC that I've heard on the radio, not can I name a single song title of theirs.

I'm also troubled by the sharp left turn Time has taken. I switched from Newsweek to Time back in 2000 because I thought Time was more balanced. Oh, well, that's another sunbcription I'll save.

Going by that quote, it see... (Below threshold)

Going by that quote, it seems the Dipsies have adopted the "Air America Idiot SuperSecret Success Strategy: Small, rabid True Believer fan base is better than actual commercial rsults."

Wait til the DC find out th... (Below threshold)

Wait til the DC find out the record company would rather they have a larger following of people willing to buy their CDs. Then, I guess, capitalism won't be owed any respect whatsoever.

I never broke CD's in half ... (Below threshold)

I never broke CD's in half and threw them away until the Dixie Chicks crapped on America.

Oh how "artistic" of her. I... (Below threshold)

Oh how "artistic" of her. I'm sure Toby Keith and Reba will enjoy reading that. Grow as we grow? She only wants fans that are gaining weight like she is? She's pretending it doesn't bother her when she looks at the crowd and sees all of those "wide open spaces"

I sucks having to record yo... (Below threshold)

I sucks having to record your music in a cardboard box on the street in Nashville.

F**k that stupid ass ho.... (Below threshold)
Rob in LA Ca.:

F**k that stupid ass ho. Get the hell out of this Country and spend your remaining days partaking in the wonderful daily routines under Communism.

Just like she only wants her kind of fans , this Country should only retain certain types of citizens , patriotic , honorable , honest , productive and of sound mind. Get rid of the traitors , Commies , frauds and liars. Who needs this bunch of Democrats anyways with their shoelace and belly button lint taxes they impose so they can feel good and strong arm votes. Incompetant , untrustworthy and complete frauds.

I just saw a commercial for... (Below threshold)

I just saw a commercial for a Dixie Chicks comeback album and their previous behavior is exactly what I thought of.

Obviously, these girls didn't learn that people go to concerts to hear their music, not their political positions.

I'll be suprised if their music gets played on the radio.

Perhaps she's angling for a... (Below threshold)

Perhaps she's angling for a VP slot with Hillary?

Soon to be spotted near Sea... (Below threshold)

Soon to be spotted near Seattle and similar spots...

'Next Week At The Montague Fairgrounds!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!



dixie chicks'

Martie Maguire and Natalie ... (Below threshold)

Martie Maguire and Natalie Maines have every right to speak out against the Iraq war and trash President Bush in public or on foreign soil, and the rest of us have every right not to buy Dixie Chicks albums. The latter seems to be getting a pretty good workout these days.

America is a wonderful country.

Of course their songs shoul... (Below threshold)

Of course their songs should get played on the radio - on Air America (if it still exists). Sounds like they are going after the same demographic, and achieving the same level of commercial success.

Hillary/Natalie : Ready to ... (Below threshold)

Hillary/Natalie : Ready to Run?

We also reserve the right t... (Below threshold)

We also reserve the right to comment on them as the no talents they are wether here or more preferrably on foreign soil.

Have you seen <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Have you seen their most recent "hit"? They need to understand that you need to know your audience. Sure, Green Day can go to Europe and get an award for a song called "American Idiot", but they're a punk band. Country fans aren't going to accept that.

What's so jaw-droppingly bo... (Below threshold)

What's so jaw-droppingly boneheaded about this quote, in addition to the "our audiences are dwindling but we like it that way" idea, is the implied dissing of fellow artists Reba McEntire and Toby Keith. If the DCs keep up this trash talk, they will eventually alienate so many people that there will be only one place they can go.

Prairie Home Companion.

They aren't very bright, ar... (Below threshold)

They aren't very bright, are they? They are alienating their fan base. The "cool" people to which they are referring, which I assume means anti-war leftist, don't often listen to country music. It boggles the mind that they don't understand this.

This reminds me of the line... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of the line from Spinal Tap when the manager is asked why the audiences seem to be smaller. He replies that the audience isn't getting smaller; just more specialized.

So they offered the world t... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

So they offered the world their "objective" opinions so (certain) people would think they we're cool? They managed to alienate most of country music, the very soul of their music that made them what they are. The end result is they will not be remembered for their music, but their politics. Shallow people all.

Natalie Maines is entitled ... (Below threshold)

Natalie Maines is entitled to express her opinions like everyone else, even to the point of alienating the remaining fan base she has.
The DC's income relies on music sales that are based on fans purchasing the product they put out or attendance of their concerts. I'm willing to bet that there's going to be a significant income reduction based on their latest statements, not that they aren't already used to such occurences.

I think the kind of fans th... (Below threshold)

I think the kind of fans they "don't want" are well represented by most of the posters on this thread. Can't tolerate diversity of opinion? Maybe it's you who need to move. Last time I checked it was OK to speak your mind. Agree, disagree, buy or destroy their cds, it doesn't matter. Also, isn't it ironic that the sentiment they're being crucufied for is now shared by the vast majority of Americans?

LOL virgo, I hadn't had my ... (Below threshold)

LOL virgo, I hadn't had my caffeine yet when I posted. Glad you added that thought that must have been subconsciously there for me!

I don't think too many folks are saying NM shouldn't speak her mind, but its interesting to see the folks that agree with what she says are trying to diss the ones that don't by saying the anti-NM's want to suppress her freedom of speech. I think the anti-NM point is that her speech is suppressing her financial and perhaps artistic success. It's a good thing money isn't everything.

However I try to operate on the principal that it's better to smile and be pleasant, and simply offer your opponents the opportunity to discredit themselves as often as possible on their own. Scientologists and extremists seem particularly expert and prone to such behavior.

Dang, I can't quit listenin... (Below threshold)

Dang, I can't quit listening to them over Natalie Maines's latest gratutious injection of offensive political invective: I did it after her first go-round. And I wasn't convinced to come back by the crocodile tears obviously dictated by a panicked manager after the fallout over the last one.

What IS is with these people? Do they WANT to sell 75% fewer cd's? Do they WANT to be has-beens? Do they WANT to have to tour Europe exclusively? Do they WANT to be the subject of a VH-1 "where are they now?" program, and get tracked down at whatever daycare, landscaping service or bar where they went to work at after the music gig went sour? They sure act like it.

I reviewed the lyrics as su... (Below threshold)

I reviewed the lyrics as suggested above of not just one but all of the songs on the new album. There are many referrals to being isolated due to speaking out, of battling against the mainstream, and a stubborn refusal to cave into popular demand. These are traits that are part of the earliest DC tradition, but seem sadly overwrought in the current situation.

If ya wanna make music that you enjoy and pushes the boundaries, then do it.

Using the fame and the platform it provides to make political commentary can be dangerous, and using ridicule and disrespect without restraint politically can torpedo credibility as their history demonstrates. Now Carlos Mencia does this successfully, but he doesn't pretend to be a musician.

I have enjoyed their art and sense of humor, though it grated at times (the demise of Earl a particularly good example, coming from three ladies who wail about needing just more love to solve the world's problems). If I wanted to hear myopic political commentary from a self-sure and self-proclaimed expert, I'd listen to Bill Maher or Rush Limbaugh. Sadly I've had to lump DC in that category as well.

I hear the new single all t... (Below threshold)

I hear the new single all too often on Sirius New Country...

Despite what grouch thinks, I believe NM can say what she wants, but I also have the right not to listen. And the right not to pay her to say it, and the most recent single is just a big FU to much of their former audience.

Anybody else think of what happened in the film Anchorman, when Burgundy tells San Diego to "f* yourselves"? And why can't the DCs understand the whole consequence of actions thing?

Where the Dixie Twits ran i... (Below threshold)

Where the Dixie Twits ran into problems is that they did their first little rant overseas, instead of having the ovaries enough to do it in front of a crowd in the place they were talking about, e.g. Texas.

They knew that the folks in London would lap it up, and they hoped that the press would forget.

Lesson number one to Future Disaffected Musical Twit: If you want to sell records, don't eternally piss off your established audience. Coming up with a new audience is difficult to do once you've pissed away the first one.

Lesson number two to Future Disaffected Musical Twit: The Blogosphere Never Forgets. When you pop off in London, it's read in Houston before you go to bed that night.

Natalie Maines . . . wasn't... (Below threshold)

Natalie Maines . . . wasn't she the great big fat girl?

The thing I love is that, t... (Below threshold)

The thing I love is that, try as they might, these talentless hacks weren't exactly great country artists and they lack the artistic chops to cross-over. It's not like they blew people's minds with their country stuff.

They are country artists and they sold out the country fans to try and appease leftists who HATE their music as it is. Good career move. Shelley Long made a better career move than that when she left Cheers.

While all people have a rig... (Below threshold)

While all people have a right to their opinion you people blow me away. If you represent the majority the majority scares the hell out of me.I have never heard more hate spewed over an opinion.

I have to agree with rednec... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with redneck. Its sad that there are so many people so full of hate who cant' except the opinions of others. Without getting into their album specifics, President Bush's approval rating is around 31%. They never said they hated america b/c they don't, but like the other 69% of the nation, the see where credit it due.

WHY do famous people feel t... (Below threshold)

WHY do famous people feel they have the right to just blab about whatever they want and we're all supposed to listen and then thank them for it? Just shut up and SING already and if you're going ot spew your political babble out, then whatever backlash you receive is deserved.

Speaking your mind and stan... (Below threshold)

Speaking your mind and standing up for what you believe in is what Country Music and America is all about. To say these people are unamerican is going against the values and foundations of this great nation.

To call the Dixie Chicks names like many of you have (Adjoran, jd watson, etc.) is simply childish.

And to deny that these women are talentless is naive.

Whether you agree with them or not, it is there right by OUR constitution to speak their mind. I am a huge Country fan and after all this, an ever bigger Dixie Chick fan. Their new album is a triumph and is great both lyrically and musically.

They will always be in my CD Changer right next to Reba. Toby was taken out when his music stopped being creative...

amen TrueAmerican. I agree ... (Below threshold)

amen TrueAmerican. I agree with you 100%

Wow! The Ditzy Chicks and ... (Below threshold)

Wow! The Ditzy Chicks and I finally agree on something - may their fans be few!

I personally don't think th... (Below threshold)

I personally don't think that anyone realizes this is more than Natalie Maines comments regarding George Bush. He was just icing on a cake she started baking when she said that the Smashing Pumpkins should never have re made "landslide" so she needed to re sing it to make it right. They sang a stupid song called "Earl has to die" then blasted Toby Keith for his song "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" by saying, "anyone could have written "put a boot in their ass". By the way Toby is a democrat. And she began a sparring contest with Mr. Keith. Including wearing a t-shirt that said, "F U T K" which took her 4 days to explain that it supposedly stood for "freedom, understanding, tenderness and kindness" .... riiiiight. And this is just some. I read today the chicks have started commenting on the "view" not being to their standards and comparing themselves to Bruce Springsteen. Yes the Dixie Chicks have the right to say what they want. But can't they say anything positive? Anything Kind? as in kindness and tenderness?? That's what makes people so angry. I wish them well. I doubt their careers will survive.

I used to like the DC's qui... (Below threshold)

I used to like the DC's quite a bit although I was never a NM fan. Anyways, after the "remark" my wife "forced" me to attend one of there concerts with her and was I ever shocked. The audience consisted primarily of teenage and pre-teen girls. It became very clear to me why they felt they could get away with the "remark." They are/were idolized by a very impressionable group who most probably are there only remaining fan base to this day. The DC's are a sad story for sure but I have no sympathy for them at this point. They are reaping what they sowed. Not too many liberal CW fans in the world today are there, girls?

Bush ought to give the meda... (Below threshold)
alfalfa male:

Bush ought to give the medal of freedom to the Dixie Chicks because unlike most of y'all they chose to excercise their first amendment rights. True and they put their careers on the line in doing so. How many of you sheeple done anything like that lately?......Hmmm, that's what I thought. Another thing, for you haters hoping the Dixies are running into hard times, well the Chicks new CD, "Taking The Long Way" just came out yesterday. Guess whose album is already #1 on iTunes album sales today? Here's a hint: The female singing on it ain't Reba.

Apparently Alfalfa Male doe... (Below threshold)

Apparently Alfalfa Male doesn't read well, pay attention or doesn't understand that all these postings ARE exercising 1st ammendmant rights.

Good for the Chicks having number one. They are the ones hating though. They are the ones who can't say anything nice. And now the Pro chicks posters are knocking the postings that are covered by the 1st ammendmant they love to toss around. Typically hypocritical.

All this is just to stir up... (Below threshold)

All this is just to stir up talk for their new CD. C'mon, this "incident" happened in 2003, yet NOW they take back their apology? NOW they say they don't want to be associated with other country artists? That's fine and dandy, but its also timely.

We shoutherners should not ... (Below threshold)
Billie Smith:

We shoutherners should not even allow these "Dopey Chicks" to use the word "Dixie" in their name. I'm changing stations on any radio stations that play their music..... And I'll keep my 5 disc changer loaded with Reba and Toby when I want good music.

I do not have a problem wit... (Below threshold)

I do not have a problem with the Dixie Chick's exercising their freedom of speech and stating that they do not agree with President Bush's policies and beliefs. However, if they dish it they need to be prepared to take it! Instead they insult others who are exercising their freedom of speech. They state they don't want people who don't get it to be their fans. Well I get it but I won't be buying it. They are just trying to use controversy to increase their popularity. I don't care if you like or dislike the President or his policies, but the Office of the President of the United States is deserving of respect no matter who has been elected by the people. If you don't understand the symbolism the office holds then you don't get it!

2 words: Sinead O'Conner</p... (Below threshold)

2 words: Sinead O'Conner

What has happened to Countr... (Below threshold)

What has happened to Country music? When did it become this narrow-minded Republican lover of an elitist President who is the son of an oil executive, who sends our kids off to fight for the family oil, and who poses as a country boy but is not? The industry used to champion coal miners, farmers, plant workers, railroad engineers, waitresses, etc. Now it supports wealth and elitism at the very expense of the people it used to champion? Every time Reba and Toby express their adoration for Bush they betray their audience. That's why the Dixie Chicks are so hurt. I am one Southerner who is proud they don't make the South and Country music fans look ignorant and provincial. I was a mild fan of theirs before, but I am a huge fan of theirs now. Go Dixie Chicks!

I am so profoundly proud of... (Below threshold)

I am so profoundly proud of the Dixie Chicks I went out and bought five copies of their new CD "Taking the Long Way" the day it hit stores. It is turning out to be a wonderful gift for the young women I know who are graduating from high school this spring. I can't think of a better symbol of independence, talent, freedom and passion than the Dixie Chicks. All qualities I wish for the young women I know who are embarking on their own higher educational and professional careers. If they can find the strength to stand up for what they believe in, despite ridicule from others, this country will truly once again represent freedom to the world.

I respect her..freedom of s... (Below threshold)

I respect her..freedom of speech...if u dont liek her DONT WASTE YOUR TIME EVEN CARING ABOUT HER AND POSTING COMMENTS

Couldn't stand those stupid... (Below threshold)

Couldn't stand those stupid Dixie Chicks anyway. Two cloddy sisters (without enough smarts to start a band),and one little, plump wannabe rocker who couldn't cut the mustard and had to fall back on the job singing with the clods. Thank God they sabitaged their singing career so we don't have to be visually nor auditorially abused any longer.

Hey, Tammy, Make sure you ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Tammy, Make sure you get all those wonderful young women (embarking on their higher learning) gift receipts with those crappy cd's.
ha ha ha ha ha

annie --- from what i have ... (Below threshold)

annie --- from what i have read the two sisters had a band and had cut 3 records before natalie ever joined up with them. Martie and Emily were/are very good in the instrumental area.

WOW . . I was wondering whe... (Below threshold)

WOW . . I was wondering where all the dumbass hillbillies were that were whining and complaining about the Dixie Chicks and what they said. The recent polls have shown that basically 68% have no faith in the President and that basically confirms what Natlie was saying when she made that statement. Its funny though, she made the comment and it was people like all of you who acted really childish and stupid and went out and burned cds and called her unpatriotic and wrote threatening letters just because she stated her opinion . . which is her right just like anyone else. If I was her, I would be bitter too at the nonsense. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of country music but will like a song or two but this nonsense about all this just confirms the stereotypes that persist about the fans of country music and pretty much the conservative Republican base.

But yeah, if you dont want to listen to their music then fine . . . just quit bitching and moaning about them and let other people decide on their own if they want to listen to them or not. Go buy a Reba cd if you dont like the Dixie Chicks . . since her show was canceled and she hasnt had a hit since the 90s, it might help her get over being so bitter that the Dixie Chicks have more talent than her.

It's not that I am attackin... (Below threshold)

It's not that I am attacking the DC for their political views -- they have the God-given right as Americans to speak their minds and disagree with their leaders- that is what the U.S.A. was founded on. However, I do take exception to their voicing those opinions on foreign soil during war time. That is treason in my book. I know a lot of people will think that's extreme, but I am a very patriotic American, long line of military folks in my family, I stand up for the pledge, etc. But that is my belief. I will agree with some of the others who say don't listen, don't buy,etc. Quite simply, I don't. I was a huge DC fan before "the Incident", but no longer. I tossed their CD's, turn the station when they come on, and ignore any and all references to them, both artistically and politically. That is my God-given right as an American, and what the people in my and so many other families fought to protect. As Aaron Tippin sings "You've got to stand for something", I stand on "My President, my commander in chief during wartime, my troops, my country, right or wrong, I stand behind him, them, it, do or die". It's what I stand for, and for that, I make no apologies.

You guys should be ASHAMED ... (Below threshold)

You guys should be ASHAMED of yourselves. Personally, I believe those girls are EXTREMELY brave. And whether or not I agree with them, which I kind of do, the fact that they felt like they could say something is beautiful. God bless America.

By the way, Natalie Maines has a beautiful voice, and if y'all are so shallow that you're going to make jokes about her weight, well, y'all are ridiculous. I think all of your comments speak for yourselves.

The Dixie Chicks has more ... (Below threshold)

The Dixie Chicks has more guts and brains than ANYBODY in country music----except for Johnny Cash---and look what the country music establishment did for him all those years.
I bought the new CD and it KICKS ASS big time.....they took a stand when so many were scared to say anything about the idiot we had in charge...Look at all that's happened since then..Bush and Cheney (with help from Rumsfeld and Rove) have driven this once great country into the ground and wasted precious American lives doing it.
Got my tickets to see them when they come to FLA..can't WAIT!

Love intelligent music/arti... (Below threshold)

Love intelligent music/artists of all types.
The Dixie Chicks are a class act. And their
music is fantastic.

I'm sure many true country fans love their music too.

I really hate formula country material from acts who don't write their own songs.

It's nice to see such talent from country music as the Dixie Chicks.

Heard their latest cd in a record shop and am really enjoying it.

I'm glad Country radio supports such great music acts like the Dixie Chicks. And doesn't hate them because of their opinions. My South is a intelligent and progressive one. I believe all country fans are open minded and want great music to listen to and I'm certainly finding it with the Dixie Chicks new cd.

It's good to know there are young women that are following in the footsteps wonderful talents of Lorretta Lynn the Queen of Country Music.

Integrity and intelligence mixed with wonderful songs.

Best, cr

Just got the new CD yesterd... (Below threshold)

Just got the new CD yesterday and even the rednecks in my office really liked it. Thanks to you leftover 29% of the Bush-lovers who still don't get how he's destroyed the country, because without your protest against the Dixie Chicks 3 years ago I never would have discovered their great musical talent.

I'm a Bush supporter, and f... (Below threshold)

I'm a Bush supporter, and for the most part have supported his policies. After having said that, on several occasions I've been totally embarrassed by his actions. Do I have the right to express those feelings of shame in public? YES! My American citizenship gives me that right. Do I have a right to go abroad and publicly express my indignation on foreign soil? YES! American citizenship does not end when we step outside our borders. While abroad, we must abide by the rules and laws of that foreign country, but insulting our own country's leadership does not normally break any foreign laws. It was totally foolish of anyone to claim that by doing so the Chick's were giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Especially since it took place in Great Britain, one of our closest allies in the confrontation.

Do I think Natalie put her foot in her mouth? SURE! But should such an off-the-cuff remark cause such a completely ridiculous controversy? ABSOLUTLY NOT! Not in this day and age, and certainly not in this country. The president gets insulted and disrespected by thousands of American citizens on a daily basis. He holds public office and it goes without saying that our American government will be criticized. I think they understand the concept. The fact that we are allowed to do so is why this country is so special. Did Natalie's statement adversely affect the president or change his mind about starting the war? Of course not! But it allowed her the opportunity to publicly express a difference in opinion. So why is it that an American citizen expressing an opinion, which is protected by her constitutional rights, is receiving death threats and hate mail from a group of people who claim to be patriotic?

Country music fans are the most jingoistic group of people on the planet, yet they seem oblivious to a major feature of our country's philosophy; freedom of speech, which also means freedom to dissent. Natalie never put down our troops, in fact the Dixie Chicks as a group wholeheartedly supported our troops from day one of the war. But Natalie, like millions of other Americans, questioned the motives behind the instigation of war. To do so was her constitutional right. Many people have fought and died to protect the freedoms that this country provides, and to prevent what happens to dissidents in other countries; need I say more? This country was founded on the belief that its people should be given a voice in government and the opportunity to change policy. How does a person who has no aspirations for political office help to change government policy? They do so by dissent, by expressing an opposing view. It does not matter how vile that view may appear to others. You certainly don't have to agree with that person, but you must respect their right to have that difference of opinion as long as it is within established laws.

We send troops to war to protect our freedoms, and in doing so, protect the rights of our citizens to disagree with our country's politics. And yes, that includes their right to protest the wars that protect our freedom. That may sound outrageous or even treasonous to some, but it is the basis of our constitution; defending a person's right to have their own opinions, no matter how opposite they may be from your own. That is why our country is so great, and why it is so disturbing when such a large group of so-called patriotic people can lose sight of this. I can certainly understand a few clueless individuals showing contempt for our American philosophy, but when such a sizeable section of the country follows suit it shows more of a riot mentality where everyone mirrors the actions of a few ignorant individuals without making a thoughtful conclusion themselves whether it is the right thing to do.

The most disturbing fallout could be that other (non-political) performers will have to walk on pins and needles whenever they wish to express an off-the-cuff remark to a politically diverse audience. It will put a subliminal gag order on every other performer or public personality, as they will have to mentally filter any political observations or else jeopardize their careers because of few sensitive individuals who may get their feelings hurt over a difference of opinion. That is a major loss of our constitutionally protected freedoms, and everyone will be affected.

Most country fans will respond to the controversy by agreeing that Natalie has every right to insult the president. They will then point out that they also have every a right to stop buying Dixie Chick albums and have them banned from the airway by calling stations and asking them not to play their songs. I totally agree, but that is not where the injustice is found here. By burning Chick CD's, and having them banned from country airways, the country music fans are indicating that they cannot respect or acknowledge Natalie's citizenship protected right to state her opinions publicly without repercussions. It's all too evident that they are trying to punish the Chicks for having an opposing view, and that is clearly unconstitutional and overwhelmingly un-American. So tip your cowboy hat to all those patriotic country fan's who seem hell-bent on reviving communism in this country.

Wes,You are right ... (Below threshold)


You are right every American citizen has the right to express his/her opinion without fear of censorship by the 'government'. No where in our constitution does it say that you have the right to express your opinions and be free of any repercussions.
Of course, there are always going to be consequences for anything that you do or say. We do not live in a vacuum where our actions only affect us and no one else.
One thing that has always been understood (or used to be) is that you do not criticize your country on foreign soil. Just like in a family you may have disagreements but you keep it among yourselves and always defend your family if anyone else criticizes or hurts them.
We were hurt on 9/11, that is something none of us will ever forget.
Of course, there were mistakes made in this war as there have been in any war. That doesn't mean that we weren't right to go to war. I feel our President has done his best to protect us, which is his main job. No matter what, he is the President and the office deserves respect.
I personally feel that this war would be over sooner if there wasn't so much protesting and dissent in this country. The terrorists feel that if they keep killing our men and Iraqi civilians that the U.S. will lose heart and leave Iraq to them.
I also have always supported President Bush. I do not agree with everything he has done, but I think he has done a better job, for the most part, than either of the candidates that ran against would have done.
I do not agree and think it is wrong for someone to send death threats to anyone because of their opinion.
Entertainers have to understand that everyone else has the right to not buy their records, go to their movies, etc.. That is their constitutional right. Their are many entertainers that I just don't care for, so I don't buy their records or go to their movies and it has nothing to do with their politics. I just don't care for them. This is no different. These people just have another reason they don't like them. That is their right.
No entertainer has a 'right' to make a living by singing or acting. They have to have fans that like their talent and are willing to pay for cds or movie tickets.
Just my humble opinion.

I can't believe that the co... (Below threshold)

I can't believe that the comments of an entertainer have made people go out and burn cd's, allow radio stations to ban music, and otherwise support harassment of a persons free speech. This country is not a "family" at all, it's a country filled with many families. We are a democratic republic that was designed to tolerate the views without threat or fear that no other place on earth would tolerate (religion, politics, or whatever). If you don't like their music or Dixie Chick politics then don't buy the cd. Go ahead and say you don't agree, but how can any rational person justify or support death threats and personal attacks. We should be able to tolerate different views without stomping on the people who don't agree with you.

Why have so many of us country music fans and Americans for that matter decided that being "with the President" means you are patriotic? That's a reasonable question with a complicated answer that may be different for all of us. Toby Keith has decided to say what he thinks, it sounds reactionary to me and lacks an understanding that putting "a foot in their ass" costs our family members lives. The President reacted similarly with his "bring 'em on" and "Wanted dead or alive" statements. That kind of talk gets everyone excited especially when you don't relate those statements to deaths from IED's and suicide bombings. George Bush doesn't relate his tough talk to lives, how can he? He has all the luxuries of a billionaire, lives a life that has nothing in common with the average country music fan, and only clears a trail or mends fences for fun and pictures. Presidents and all politicians don't always do the right thing for whatever reason so they need citizens screaming in their ear when they aren't thinking about the things that affect us.

The real problem that this incident causes is fear of other citizens or entertainers who have the chance to say what they think will have to fear the professional repercussions and then we won't be able to hear different opinions because we support cd burnings and big companies or government censoring other views. I'm patriotic, I don't agree with the President, and I don't know how invading Iraq has really helped American freedom or safety. All I see is a money trail that leads straight to war profiteers and a blood trail that leads to the doors of good families. It's up to us to disagree, (when we do) and it's up to us to allow people with whom we don't agree to say what they think. You don't have to agree or like what they say but you should support everyone's rights to say what they think wherever they are. Maybe we have to think more when others are free to say what they wish without fear or threats, but that's the only way we get to say and do what we think is right for us. Hopefully we get to say we disagree without getting death threats or have big companies try to prevent us from making a living, but from most of what I've read in this blog not everyone agrees with the right to dissent and that may be the bit of insight that an entertainer has pointed out with her comments.

I can't muster any sympathy... (Below threshold)

I can't muster any sympathy for the Dixie Chicks, because they are suffering from a self-inflicted wound, caused partly, I think, by arrogance. It is 100% true that Natalie Maines has every right to say the things she has said, but those same rights extend to everyone else in this country as well, in terms of not buying their music. No one is obligated to buy an album just because it's been recorded and released.

The Chicks grossly misjudged the reaction they would get, I think. Actors spout political invective on an almost daily basis it seems, and there is never a blip on their career radar screen. The Chicks obviously thought they were protected by the same armor as Hollywood stars, but they were wrong. The same people who were offended by the Chicks are equally offended when George Clooney or Sean Penn opens his mouth. The difference is that the Chicks fanbase is pretty narrow when compared to Hollywood's. An actor can alienate a section of his or her fans and never miss a beat. Unfortunatey for the Chicks, that section of fanbase that is a sliver for an actor made up 90% of their pie.

Life is all about choices and consequences. The Chicks are getting a remedial course right now. Lesson: don't piss off the people who pay your salary, or you will get fired, or at the very least take a severe pay cut.

Their new CD has some good tunes on it that lots of people will never hear (Lullaby could be a #1 hit on the country charts), but the vast majority of the songs are simply meant to smack the people the Chicks offended in the face. After this, I'll be surprised if there is ever another Dixie Chicks album from a major label.

Life is about taking chance... (Below threshold)

Life is about taking chances and the DC did just that. Now the payoff is coming back and in spades at that. They now have the #1 CD. Here's to you, Dixie Chicks, for standing up against the Neo-facist pigs that have taken over this country. People like Neil Young and the Dixie Chicks will help us take our country back from these crooks. Long live the Dixie Chicks!

Well eat crow haters. The ... (Below threshold)

Well eat crow haters. The Dc are number one on the Billboard charts, on the Pop AND Country Charts.

Not a hater, just someone w... (Below threshold)

Not a hater, just someone who thought they had committed career suicide. Hats off to them for the success this new album is having so far, but I do have to wonder how the next one will sell without the whirlwind of media attention to help boost it.

GO Dixie Chicks!It... (Below threshold)

GO Dixie Chicks!

It is amazing that in the land of the free - especially when we have thousands of our own dying for our freedom - that people could be so ignorant and closeminded as to "condem" these fine artists for voicing their opinion.

"What the hell are we fighint for?" If not the freedom to express an opinion?

Go to another country if you'd rather suffocate people's ideas.

Cory,They are free... (Below threshold)


They are free to express whatever opinions they wish. No one's calling for them to be sent to jail. However, music fans are free to express their opinions, too: e.g., by expressing their opinions of the chicks, and by not buying their CDs. Being free to do something doesn't mean it can't have consequences that must be endured. In this case, (and in most) it means that there aren't legal consequences for the action.

Time Magazine, etc., are also free to promote whatever they like. And the commenters here are free to call them biased whatevers. And free to not buy their stuff.

It's amazing how many liber... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how many liberals have somehow gotten into their heads that the First Amendment somehow guarantees that no one will ever criticize you for expressing your point of view.

The First Amendment protects against government restraints of speech, morons. It has nothing to do with the freedom of private actors to express their disagreement with the speech of others, whether popular or not.

And yeah, if my CD was promoted on the cover of Time and several other MSM publications, it might shoot up to No. 1, as well.

THEY DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE ... (Below threshold)

THEY DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK. And that's what pisses you off! You know they dont care that you hate them, they probably like it, and that just pisses you off more. Find bigger things to worry about.

Way to go Dixie Chicks...yo... (Below threshold)

Way to go Dixie Chicks...you don't need those redneck bastards making profits out of patriotism when they don't even know the issues surrounding the war.

Reba who? Toby who? What a bunch of assholes. Its dicks like them that give country music a bad name...well, I forgot...country lost its flavour along time ago. Its nothing but a hogwash of people that couldn't make it being rock stars or people stuck behind 10 years in fashion.

Way to go Dixie Chicks! Th... (Below threshold)

Way to go Dixie Chicks! Thank you and everyone who agreed with them for reminding this great country of ours that not every one listens to the country music is clueless about what's really been going on.

there is every necessity fo... (Below threshold)

there is every necessity for change, and I for one, applaude the dixie chicks, both for the talent they have and the courage to speak their own voice, and not just pacify the audience. We have lost a lot of respect in this world--not because of the dixie chicks, but because of the redneck mentality of the "give me the poisen" followers of THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF", GEORGE BUSH.IF ONLY HE HAD HALF OF THE INTELLECT HIS FATHER HAS, OR EVEN HIS BROTHER JEB. HE IS A WANNA BE, WITHOUT CLASS.Real class exists in the working people of this country, who care about others, and are not greed centered. Go Dixie Chicks!

I think it's one of their s... (Below threshold)

I think it's one of their strongest albums with some gorgeous melodies and textures, and too intelligent to be limited as country music anyway. I'm proud of her and I think it took steel guts to come out and say what she has, especially in these days of paranoia and angst. If you're a DC fan, no explanation is really needed. I wish more role models in America would be this honest, even but once.

Why does it seem that conse... (Below threshold)

Why does it seem that conservative republicans have a market on being ignorant rednecks? Congrats to the the Chicks... it is so hard for the GOP to admit the fact that the Chicks, Michael Moore, William F Buckley turned out to be 100% right in their criticism of Bush and the few remaining ignorant redneck Bush asslickers -100% wrong.

Dixie Chicks are American Patriots

Hmmm....lets see intelligen... (Below threshold)
Ivana B. Astar:

Hmmm....lets see intelligent music that the chicks put out....or.....stupidly comedic "honky tonk padunkadunk" music?? It's a no brainer! Unless your a bucktoothed hick or hillbilly redneck....one would choose actual artistic MUSIC as opposed to music that can best be described as a caricature! Reba is washed up and a has been legend. I think she took a shot at the chicks simply for publicity, because lord knows she isn't getting it anywhere else!

Is this some kind of right ... (Below threshold)

Is this some kind of right wing forum? Just stumbled into it wanting to know what OTHER fans of the Dixie Chicks thought of this new album. I thought it was horrible that they got so blown away after a political comment. I'm ashamed of Bush, too... but I hoped the new CD would be LOTS better - so negative, whiny and BLAH. Still a fan, though. They're still young and they need to move on and do it for the MUSIC!

Cons generally agree each i... (Below threshold)

Cons generally agree each is entitled to his/her opinion and others have the right to disagree.

Libs think (actually, they 'feel') that each is entitled to his/her opinion as long as it does not differ from their own opinion; otherwise you are a "bucktoothed hick or hillbilly redneck" according to Ivana B. intolerant and nasty.

I consider myself a consumer advocate and I vote with my dollars. I love the DCs and even miss their great music but refuse to give them my hard earned 'votes'. They insulted my Country, my President (and yours, Ivana B., like it or not), and my taste in music. I did vote for Toby's latest, "White Trash with Money", a catchy little 'caricature' of a title.

Words of tolerance and unde... (Below threshold)

Words of tolerance and understanding - the softer side of political discourse

Ivana B. Astar
"Unless your a bucktoothed hick or hillbilly redneck....one would choose actual artistic MUSIC as opposed to music that can best be described as a caricature!"

William (next 2 are his)
"conservative republicans have a market on being ignorant rednecks"

"ignorant redneck Bush asslickers -100% wrong"


1. "redneck bastards"
2. "Reba who? Toby who? What a bunch of assholes."
3. "dicks like them that give country music a bad name"

"ignorant and closeminded as to "condem" these fine artists for voicing their opinion"

"even the rednecks in my office really liked it"

"the idiot we had in charge"

1. "dumbass hillbillies "

"narrow-minded Republican lover of an elitist President who is the son of an oil executive, who sends our kids off to fight for the family oil, and who poses as a country boy but is not"

There are many more. Conservative, too, so no one really wins.

When you lack the ability t... (Below threshold)

When you lack the ability to make an intellectual argument, you can only be carried by your passion.

Passion overwhelms your ability to recognize your own hypocrisy and intolerance.

Your demonstration of hypocrisy and intollerance like name calling, ridicule, and condescension only further weaken your argument.

You lose.

I was a fan. I was ready f... (Below threshold)

I was a fan. I was ready for the new cd. Now I am an insulted fan (by the chicks) and will not by the cd. Even though I haven't heard the cd, just by reading the posts on this site, I won't buy it because it's not about the music anymore. It's about making a point. By the chicks, by the former fans, by the people who are not fans and buy the cd just because they think it shows some sort of political position. When it returns to being about the music, which the chicks were good at, I will consider buying a cd..... as long as the insulting comments stop.

I LOVE the Dixie Chicks. Th... (Below threshold)

I LOVE the Dixie Chicks. Their new cd is their best yet. Why don't we all stop pretending that everyone should think alike? I hate President Bush but I don't call for a boycott of artists or people who support him. That's called facism, though I wouldn't expect those people who run over cds or who believe that people's careers should be ruined because they expressed such simple (and might I add widely-shared) opinions to understand what true freedom means. Long live American, long live TRUE patriotism and long live good music from great artists of all political stripes.

How's this for you? People... (Below threshold)
Patrick Smith:

How's this for you? People have no idea what they're talking about when they say the dixie chicks have no talent. The only reason I could see someone saying they have no talent would be because the genre they belong to is country... They are hands down the only TALENTED country band i've ever heard. I have nothing but disgust toward country music, especially it's fans. Personally, I'm glad they are alienating the brainwashed. Yes, this country is great, however, it's great in part because we can say these things! Wake up and realize that you should embrace what they are doing!!! Protest is Patriotism!!! Far more than the blind sheep result that you get from most other country bullshit excuses for artists/fans.

Yes we have freedom of spee... (Below threshold)

Yes we have freedom of speech, but even though you do not like a person you do not just take on self to insult the office. As an American you enjoy many freedoms, but have you seen them criticize Saddam for killing thousands of kurds, did they denounce him for his invasion. Admit it Saddam was as bad as hitler, France and Germany did not at first support the need to remove him. They did arms deals with Saddam for years.

Now as far Reba's little tic at them, I do think it was entirely good taste, after what the DC said in Times. I used to like DC but as their comments roll out their mouth I listen to them less ad less. Now what will be interesting is if Toby decides to mmm speak out.

It has affected DC sells and status very much, before their comments over seas they were hot , on the charts regularly and had videos playing constantly. Now would be hard to see them in a where are they now segment.

As we all know creating a stand sells, just this time, it backfired.

Now I love them even more! ... (Below threshold)

Now I love them even more! Man, I'm glad she said it!

NEW YORK, June 30 /PRNew... (Below threshold)

NEW YORK, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Four weeks after its release on May 23, Taking The Long Way, the highly-acclaimed new album from the Dixie Chicks, has achieved a platinum (for sales of 1,000,000) certification by the RIAA, bringing the group's career total up to 41 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications, including two RIAA Diamond Awards. In addition to occupying the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 for two weeks in a row, Taking The Long Way has been America's #1 Top Country Album for five weeks running and was the nation's #1 Top Digital Album.

Personally, I don't consider that a backfire! So they don't see as many UC's at their concerts. I don't think they'll miss them!

The crack about Bush (made ... (Below threshold)

The crack about Bush (made in front of a British audience) was a cheap "pop" line. An attempt to generate fan feedback at a performance.

If it were more, then she would not have publicly retracted her statement shortly thereafter.

Liberals made the hicks the poster children for "daring to express themselves against this fascist regime" lamenting the fact that they had to withstand backlash from the government.

In fact, it was the "redneck assholes" (formerly known as the fans of the Dixie Chicks) who, in an immense exhibition of freedom of speech, denounced the remarks and boycotted the group.

To say anything else is dishonest.

As far as the success of the current album? Two words: International sales. Gold? Platinum? Heh, so did Yanni and Weird Al Yankovic. Without the help of free PR from news outlets.

DIXIE CHICKS "GET A LIFE". ... (Below threshold)


First of all ANNA, what’s w... (Below threshold)

First of all ANNA, what’s with all the YELLING!

Second and more importantly, how does one sentence, stated in front of a crowd full of anti-Bush protesters (this was documented) in which she was probably trying to get them on the their side, indicate that is what she does during every concert? For all the post I’ve read about them lately it seems that one hour out of every concert is used just to spout their political beliefs. Where did that rumor start? I think that one single statement, out of 40+ shows on that tour, does not constitute preaching!!!

How many times have you be with a crown of people you wanted to fit in with, so you said something stupid and had to back peddle out of embarrassment. Natalie soon realized that the U.S. was never going to let her forget about her misinterpreted comment, so she stood her ground. More power to her!!! She deserves my respect, even if she doesn’t get yours.

And before you comment on my political beliefs, let me tell you that I’m a big Bush supporter, voted for him in both elections and his father before that. I think his doing the best he can with what he has to work with, but his biggest mistake was to not support the Dixie Chicks American right to insult him. This country was founded on dissension, and he of all people should know this and respect their right to question his policies. He lost a lot of my respect for that, but I forgive him. I’ll never forgive the other idiots who ran with this out of sheer love of hatred. They claim to be Patriotic, and mostly Christian, but I see very little patriotism and even less Christian values in their actions.

I don't understand Natalie'... (Below threshold)
Jason Coyer:

I don't understand Natalie's comment, mainly because Reba McEntire has a diverse fan base. I truly do not like country music and never listen too it, but I love Reba's music. Frankly, she was wrong to make that comment and expect people to fall head over heels in love with her. Regarding Reba's comments, she is just giving Natalie a taste of her own medicine. Funny....how some people can dish it out, but they can't take it when it's directed back at them. I won't lie, I do not much care for George W. Bush. However, as a well-known persona she should have expressed her dislike in a more constructive way. Why not say, I do not approve of the war or I am not happy with how the President is handling certain issues. I think the comments she made were very harsh and too add insult to injury, she made them on foreign soil. So can she really try to hide behind free speech, when her comments were made in another country. I don't blame Reba for being ticked, she was just defending her friend George W. Bush. Come on people, we would do the same for our friends. As far as her comments at the ACM's, well it just goes to show how nice she really is. It wasn't nearly as hurtful or nasty and let's just admit it folks Natalie did put her foot in her mouth by expressing her opinions in such a destructive manner. Did her Mom forget to tell her about giving "constructive criticism"! The moral of this whole saga is......THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!

Quoted from API news: In... (Below threshold)

Quoted from API news: In March of 2003, Natalie Maines told a London concert audience; "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas." After the concert she was asked to explain her statement; "We've been overseas for several weeks and have been reading and following the news accounts of our governments' position. The anti-American sentiment that has unfolded here [Great Britain] is astounding. While we support our troops, there is nothing more frightening than the notion of going to war with Iraq and the prospect of all the innocent lives that will be lost."

So Natalie spoke out against the prospect of war and loss of life; how dare she do such a thing! And to think she had the nerve to do so in Great Britain, our closet friends and allies since before we were born. My God that is unthinkable; she needs to be exiled from the country! The mere fact the she was in an arena filled with anti-American anti-Bush protestors could not have possibly affected her decision before she made such a hideous comment. She must be punished severely for insulting our president, our country and our troops! How can anyone be supportive of our American troops by showing such concern for their lives? That’s the most unpatriotic and treasonous thing she could have done. The firing squad is too good for her, she needs to be severely tortured first!!!

THE DIXIE CHICHS HAVE THE R... (Below threshold)

THE DIXIE CHICHS HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK! I DEFEND THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So defend this: "When the Islamic Faciasts come with the nuclear weapons, may they plant the first three in the over used, puss filled vaginas of the Dixie Chicks"
Freedom of speech, right?

Mark,Your thought ... (Below threshold)


Your thought provoking expressions are highly inconsequential and irrelevant to this discussion. The inference you feebly attempted to convey, pertaining to the plight of the Chicks, is remarkably unproductive. Do you think your pubescent inspirations will actually assist others who read this forum into better understanding a particular side of the issue? If anything, you may convince those who haven’t taken a firm stance against the Chick’s to understand the mindset of individuals who are showing such hatred, and question an association with that kind of repulsive mentality?

You remind me of a redneck driving down the road shooting holes into traffic signs with his shotgun; it make him feel sooooooo good, and he’s extremely proud of his efforts, but it doesn’t prove to be much of an aid to other drivers.

I DONT CARE WHAT SHE SAI... (Below threshold)


I think the most of the peo... (Below threshold)

I think the most of the people who have commented on this are just proving their point...some of you tryto have a point but never make it and others just say mean things like BITCH, having your own views or opinions does not a bitch make. You are trashing the things you stand for...you can't be for this war and patriotic then slam someone for using free speech. You want to be conservative FINE but stand for the constitution and the rights everyone has to say what they want. Freedom of speech is what allows you to call them bitches or whatever, and its what allows me to say I think you are the minority, those who are pro war...open you eyes...look around. Our president is an IDIOT!

Dixie chicks are awsome for... (Below threshold)

Dixie chicks are awsome for standing up to the government. George W Bush is a fag and is driving this country into the ground. He will kill us all. He can barley talk, so to all those dumb republicans who voted him to run our country, F U!, and your dumbasses

I love the Dixie Chicks. I ... (Below threshold)

I love the Dixie Chicks. I commend them on their bravery and indivisuality. Besides we all have our own beliefs. Those who judge others are far worse a breed of people then those who simply express themselves. Maybe they just made a mistake. Haven't any of you ignorant self ritious idiots ever said something you shouldn't have?

I seriously think someone s... (Below threshold)

I seriously think someone should tell these people against the dixie chicks should shut up and stop talking becuase no one cares. I respect your choices and your opinions but do you really have to be so mean and swear at thema nd about tehm and have this negative feeling and spread it all over the internet? I am only 13 eyars old but i strongly believe that the dixie chicks are amazing i eman i don't even like country music but i listen to their music anyway seriously don't do this to them all they did was express how they felt and there is nothing wrong with that everyone does it and sometimes it gets people into trouble when they do it but it's tehir choice im glad they did what tehy did but im very dissapointed in the world on how they reacted to what they said i mean seriously just shut up!

Freedom of speech has nothi... (Below threshold)

Freedom of speech has nothing to do with it. NM said what she had to say and that's that. Nobody escorted her away to prison when she returned to the US. Nobody is preventing stores from stocking their CD's and nobody is preventing them from making more CD's...they have freedom of speech. What the DC's don't understand is that you can't piss off your customers and expect to keep them as customers!

As example.....you go to a local grocery store to buy a can of soup. The store owner is ringing up your purchase and say's to you over the store intercomm..."Your mother is a stupid slut". What would you do? Would you take offense and never shop there again...or would you do as the DC's..and a few folks commenting here suggest....you just remember that the store owner has a right to an opinion and that it should be respected despite your personal feelings?

Most folks supporting the DC's simply hate George Bush...thats why Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the DC's were awarded Grammy's...it's all political.

Now I will say I don't understand what NM has against patriotism. She said "People can like where they are from or like the life they have but there's no need to be a patriot". Well if it weren't for Patriots she wouldn't have either. Apparently it upsets NM to see Americans flying the flag and expressing their feelings of Patriotism for our great country. I think NM needs to spend more time away from the US to fully appreciate what she is taking for granted.

Finally....don't be so quick to label the President an idiot or a loser. He has access to intelligence that none of us will ever see or at least know about for years and years concerning the real threat we currently face. I have been there (and will again soon) see it first hand. These "people" don't care if you support the DC's or not....they want you dead. 9/11 wasn't a rumor...it really happened after a long list of other attacks against the US. Either we deal with it now in the enemies back yard....or we wait another ten years or so and leave it for our children to deal with. Except by then the enemy has built up their resources and gets to pick when and where the war occurs....and my guess is by then it WON'T be in their backyard.






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