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Rep. William Jefferson Press Conference

Mary Katharine reports that Democratic Rep. William Jefferson will hold a press conference at 4:30 pm today.

Update: Rep. Jefferson held his press conference because he says he knows there is extraordinary interest in his situation but he can't talk about it on advice from his attorneys. He says that there are two sides to every story.

Regarding the search of his office, he says that was an "outragous intrusion of separation of powers of executive branch and congressional branch." He doesn't think there is any authority for it.

He plans to continue in his position as representative for as long as his constituents want him to. He expects to run for re-election at this point.

He is asked that if he didn't accept a $100,000 bribe, then why doesn't he just say so. He responds by saying he can't talk about the facts.

Others who followed the press conference:

Mary Katharine at Hugh Hewitt

Making it a blogging trifecta, Paul Adds: Jefferson's legal troubles have drawn him a white male Republican challenger Joe Lavigne who has already raised over $118,000

Comments (16)

What's he going to say?... (Below threshold)

What's he going to say?

Odds on The Race Card being played? Even.

Maybe he is going to do an ... (Below threshold)

Maybe he is going to do an R. Budd Dwyer imitation?

I'm sure we was working und... (Below threshold)

I'm sure we was working undercover on his own in order bust these evil people himself.

Or, it's that darned "vast right-wing conspiracy" thing again!

Im sure Jesse Jackson will ... (Below threshold)

Im sure Jesse Jackson will be by His side to point out the obvious racial profiling in New Orleans?

Hey I dont believe it! no J... (Below threshold)

Hey I dont believe it! no Jesse Jackson as Im watching it live hmmmn?

virgo,JJ may be a ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


JJ may be a complete race pimp, but even he isn't that stupid.

If he has a sense of humor,... (Below threshold)

If he has a sense of humor, he will call another press conference and announce he is switching to the republican party because he "feels more at home with the culture of corruption in that party", then go on the talking heads circuit with a prominent R behind his name and say the same stuff he is saying now. Nansy would love him for it.

I live in Louisiana. Please... (Below threshold)

I live in Louisiana. Please don't stop reading my posts. I can't help it if stupid people get elected here.....

This idiot is going to try and stick it out!! The Dems must be furious. hahahaha

"Regarding the search of hi... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

"Regarding the search of his office, he says that was an "outragous intrusion of separation of powers of executive branch and congressional branch." "

I take it Jefferson never heard of Abscam. Or, Dan Rostenkowski. Or, Duke Cunningham. These people (regardless of party) amaze me.

90 grand in his freezer! Ta... (Below threshold)

90 grand in his freezer! Talk about cold cash, what a putz.

William Jefferson is a croo... (Below threshold)

William Jefferson is a crook, and an embarrassment to his race and the people of La. who elected him. He should resign immediatly!

He has My vote! oh wait I d... (Below threshold)

He has My vote! oh wait I dont live there,darn.

Rush today had a lot of fun... (Below threshold)

Rush today had a lot of fun with Mr. Jefferson, Democrat from LA (which Rush repeated every time he was named). But one thing that was interesting was that apparently he got the cash in the middle of last summer. Then, the hurricane hit. He apparently commandeered troops and a vehicle that were supposed to be rescuing people, and had them drive him to his house, where he stayed for an hour or so (long enough to get that vehicle stuck). He then came out with a microwave sized package. And bets on whether that was the $100k in bribe money?

That, and he is an amatuer.... (Below threshold)

That, and he is an amatuer.

You don't keep that around in cash... bearer bonds, my friend.

That, or the open corruption in LA has made them lazy.

Virgo: That doesn't matter. Plenty of people from TX and GA got on the voter buses that weren't from NOLA, or never planned to go back, to vote for the mayor. You can too! So long as you vote donkey, that is.

Interesting how the congres... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Interesting how the congress-critters seem to think of their offices as someplace safe to hide incriminating evidence, away from the prying eyes of law enforcement. I didn't know that separation of powers meant immunity from search warrants.

SCSIwuzzy,I'm voti... (Below threshold)


I'm voting for lazy. I've heard of a lot of displaced NOLA thugs who were suprised at the lack of a "60 day homicide" drill in Houston.






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