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Wizbang Welcomes Lorie Byrd

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Lorie Byrd, formerly of PoliPundit, has agreed to join us here at Wizbang. She will be posting and introductory article this evening and begin full-time tomorrow.

Lorie was a driving force behind the success of PoliPundit, and her dismissal (along with the rest of the other guest bloggers) was a shock that reverberated across the blogosphere. There was a lot of digital ink spilled over the PoliPundit blogicide, and both Lorie and I hope that the folks that made PoliPundit a regular read due to Lorie's talent will come join us here. Don't forget to bookmark and blogroll Wizbang, and Lorie's personal site while you're adjusting to the new blog order.

Speaking for all of the contributors at Wizbang, I'd like to welcome Lorie to the Wizbang family.

Update: Lorie's introductory post is up, and for those who were asking; yes she can post about "24." For tonight you might want to check her 24 Season Finale thread at LorieByrd.com. In the future it's worth noting that we've got an entire site devoted to pop culture - Wizbang Pop!, where you'll find that kind of stuff, and much more.


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Comments (34)

Yeah Lorie!!! I can't brng... (Below threshold)

Yeah Lorie!!! I can't brng myself to going to Polipundit after the fracas there. It was like watching a messy divorce between two good friends and having to pick sides.

Kevin,Just make su... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Just make sure you keep her in line before she gets uppity!


Welcome aboard!!

Okay, but be careful what y... (Below threshold)
Reddish Jode:

Okay, but be careful what you tell her.

I hear she can't keep a secret.

Thank you so much for invit... (Below threshold)

Thank you so much for inviting Lorie to join your blog. I have just added your blog to my desktop.

ya'll better watch y'selves... (Below threshold)

ya'll better watch y'selves, now. i once saw lorie disable a charging rhino with nothing but a paper clip, some juicyfruit and an empty epson printer cartridge. it was not pretty.

Welcome!!!... (Below threshold)


The real question is whethe... (Below threshold)

The real question is whether she will be a "contributing editor"-- or perhaps be graced with the lucrative and elusive "section editor" appellation.

Oh, and Lorie, I hope you stipulated to Kevin there is a "24 Thread" requirement.

Welcome Lorie, to one of th... (Below threshold)

Welcome Lorie, to one of the best blogs on the internet. I know that you will have to put up with the cranky Jay Tea, snooty Kevin Aylward and the rest of the Wizbang people, but I am looking forward to reading and commenting on what you have to say.

That is wonderful news. Two... (Below threshold)

That is wonderful news. Two of my faves together.

Can't go to Poli anymore, booooo!

Yeeha! Welcome, Lorie. I'... (Below threshold)

Yeeha! Welcome, Lorie. I'm glad you've found another home-away-from-home.

Is she getting moolah? :-)... (Below threshold)

Is she getting moolah? :-)

Great news. Bookmarking now... (Below threshold)

Great news. Bookmarking now.

GREAT News, Now g... (Below threshold)


Now grab Jayson, DJ, and Alex... If they are still available.

Wizbang was already a daily read, just moved it up a notch...

So, are you going to ban he... (Below threshold)

So, are you going to ban her to spike pageviews? :)

Just kidding. Never understood the hissy fit of Polipundit, but c'est la vie. One site's loss is another's gain.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Wizbang! This is a big coup. I can't wait until Lorie starts posting!

Welcome Lorie. I knew that ... (Below threshold)
Stephen Johnson:

Welcome Lorie. I knew that the four of you would get new gigs. With you here and Alex and RedState, it's two down and two to go

Stephen, I kind of feel bad... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

Stephen, I kind of feel bad for that other guy at that other blog (you know which one I'm referring to). What in the world was he thinking disbanding it? It still doesn't make any sense to me.

This and the season finale ... (Below threshold)

This and the season finale of "24."

Life is good.

goddessoftheclassroom, spea... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

goddessoftheclassroom, speaking of 24, I kind of stopped watching it after the apprentice came back on. Whatever happened to President Logan? Is he a terrorist supporter, or what is his story?

Larry Lind "I kind of feel ... (Below threshold)
Stephen Johnson:

Larry Lind "I kind of feel bad for that other guy at that other blog"

Not me. he made his bed, now he has to lie in it.

Stephen, very true. Ah well... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

Stephen, very true. Ah well, I wish him well. Every great thing has to end sooner or later. But the news that Lorie is posting here is one of the better bits of news that I've heard all day!

Welcome Lorie! I will now ... (Below threshold)
Tom Zampino:

Welcome Lorie! I will now bookmark this blog. Thanks for picking her up! Hope you get the rest of the (former) Polipundit gang too!

I just bookmarked as well. ... (Below threshold)
Cali Conservative:

I just bookmarked as well. Nice to see some familiar names about. I echo the above comment about snapping up the others from PP who are still available. What a treat that would be!

Kevin - Great news. My onl... (Below threshold)

Kevin - Great news. My only question is do you have to rename the blog now? I thought the site's name was derived from the three things you enjoyed most: wizzing, banging and blogging. With a girl on board, maybe you need to rework that a little.

Lorie - Welcome to the team. I never got the Polipundit tantrum either.

She's actually female #2, a... (Below threshold)

She's actually female #2, after Kim.

I posted my final "24" thre... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I posted my final "24" thread at my personal site because that is where those who have been commenting on it all season would know to look.

Wizbang Pop is one of the reasons I am so excited to be here and I look forward to posting there, as soon as I get the hang of things. I wonder if I could get away with a "Chris Daughtry got robbed" post tomorrow night during the American Idol finals. Just kidding. I am over that now. Really. I am.

I will get into some political blogging later tonight. Thanks for the warm welcome.

YEAH!!! Now go and get Dru... (Below threshold)
Mike A:

YEAH!!! Now go and get Drummond for Wizbang and the move will be complete

I removed polipundit.com fr... (Below threshold)

I removed polipundit.com from my startup folder today, which means that it won't get loaded automatically with all the other blogs I follow closely. The reason, of course, being that it has turned into an immigrant bashing fest - which is why it lost 3 of its 4 group bloggers.

This looks like a good replacement, and I have enjoyed reading Lourie since she went to polipundit.

Kudos on a very smart move,... (Below threshold)

Kudos on a very smart move, Kevin.

Fabulous idea! Lorie will b... (Below threshold)

Fabulous idea! Lorie will be a great addition.

Lori was treated shamelessl... (Below threshold)

Lori was treated shamelessly by the wacko at Polipundit. She escaped in time and with dignity. Polipundit is having a Howard Dean scream in Iowa moment that does not seem to end. Polipundit used to be my favorite, but his uncivil and manic behavior has attracted an anti-American crowd that is hard to stomach if you are a military family. Wizbang is my new "go to" site.

You can email President Bus... (Below threshold)

You can email President Bush, VP Cheney, Congressional Leaders & Rush Limbaugh from my eclectic homepage! Check it out here...

I'm a bit embarrassed to sa... (Below threshold)

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I've never been to this site. PP used to cover just about everything I needed. So thank Lorie for one more daily reader of Wizbang. Please grab DJ and Jayson too so I don't have to read two more new sites every day-wherever it is that they end up.

Now, if we can only get Kev... (Below threshold)

Now, if we can only get Kevin to pink-slip Jay Tea, this site would ROCK!! ;)






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