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Stirring the pot

While I certainly welcome Lorie (and Kim, if I didn't say so before) to the Wizbang! fold, I am a smidgen disturbed. The sudden surge in estrogen is proving to be a bit threatening to my fragile male ego. And so, in the time-honored response of the male to such threats, I'm feeling the need to assert myself, to show a bit of aggression, and I'm going to indulge that instinct by throwing out a few rhetorical bombs and seeing what sorts of things I can blow up.

1) Now that Iran Iraq has a Constitution and a democratically-elected government that holds the recognition of most of the world's nations, as well as the United Nations, can we argue that the "occupation" of Iran Iraq is officially over? That our forces remain there to assist the legitimate government, and we are no more "occupiers" than we are in Germany or Japan?

2) It's been reported that over 10% of the population of Mexico now resides in the United States. Further, a significant proportion of the Mexican economy is based on money its citizens earn in the United States and send home. Also, the Mexican government openly encourages its poorest citizens to flee the country and seek their riches in the United States.

At what point would be be justified in going to the United Nations and complaining that the Mexican government is deliberately persecuting and driving out its poorest citizens, turning them into economic refugees? That, despite Mexico's abundant natural resources, the government is deliberately repressing its own underclass, keeping them from prospering within their own nation and leaving them no choice but to try to flee across the border?

There, I feel better. I knew there was a reason I liked keeping the bomb as our logo.

(Update: typo in first thought fixed. Thank you, rightnumberone. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it is cosmically unjust that two nations with nearly-identical names should exist right next to each other.)


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Comments (9)

Loose shit. Iraq, not Iran.... (Below threshold)

Loose shit. Iraq, not Iran.

Get me rewrite!

<a href="http://screenshotb... (Below threshold)

Here's a nice representation of President Fox's actions.

A bunch of things got me st... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

A bunch of things got me started thinking about just how Mexico's government is acting, wave, and I should have acknowledged seeing that cartoon on your page was an element. Thanks for reminding me.


Stevie Wonder had the same ... (Below threshold)

Stevie Wonder had the same problem in "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing"

I'm too tired to go find it... (Below threshold)

I'm too tired to go find it right now - but read something on Drudge yesterday about how the Mexican government makes it extremely difficult for people to become citizens. Since the AP found out about it, they are trying to back-peddle and discuss making it easier, etc. etc.

Tit for Tat - we need to start having all of our "undesirables" sneak over the Rio Grande southbound, that's what we need to do. I'll start a list of potentials today! (Ted Kennedy... Hilary Clinton... Michael Jackson... all three Dixie Chicks... Mike Tyson... the kid down the street who backfires his engine in front of my house...)

If a significant portion of... (Below threshold)
Mark S.:

If a significant portion of Mexico's income depends on workers in the US sending money back, then why not attack from that angle.

Start with any money sent from the US to Mexico can be held for a week until the sender proves they are in the US legally. Any money sent by an illegal will be confiscated by the US government.

Right now, only 52% of ille... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Right now, only 52% of illegals in the country right now are Mexicans... The ones that would be taking advantage of the fines program would be the European and Asian illegals who have jobs that provide them with the means to pay the fines. A crackdown on the employers hiring Mexicans would drive the Mexicans back across the border for lack of jobs and benefits.

If you want to play hardbal... (Below threshold)

If you want to play hardball with the Mexican government, threaten to ship all the 10+ year convicts in Angola to Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, and a couple other "tourist" towns...

We are not occupying Iraq. ... (Below threshold)

We are not occupying Iraq. We are there under mandate of UN Security Council resolution 1637 at the request of the Iraqi government.







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