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The Fox visits the henhouse

Mexico's president, Vicente Fox, is visiting the United States. I have a few thoughts:

1) When he goes home, can we give him a little gift to remember us by? Say, a few million of his citizens here illegally?

B) Is he planning on going home, or overstaying his visa and staying illegally?

III) Could this be a tour to recruit lawyers for his planned lawsuits about the United States having the sheer gumption to consider enforcing our own borders?

d) If putting a wall on our side of the border is a gross violation of Mexico's sovereignty, how is Mexico's president coming to the United States and lobby our lawmakers not a violation of ours?

v) Is there any chance that when (or, rather, if) Fox leaves, we can make him fly over Mexico and then try to re-enter his homeland, undocumented, from the south and see just how his people handle the illegal immigration problem?


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Comments (10)

1) When he goes ho... (Below threshold)
1) When he goes home, can we give him a little gift to remember us by? Say, a few million of his citizens here illegally?
Even better. He can rescue his citizens from the evil, racist Americans who are holding them hostage at slave wages. After all, I have been informed by those on the left that declaring English the national language was an act of racial animus.

No mas, Vicente! No mas!

Great. Just what we need: A... (Below threshold)

Great. Just what we need: Another illegal alien from Mexico

Of the 10 million(?) illega... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Of the 10 million(?) illegals already here, what percentage are Mexican? Are there any stats on that?
If we're going to have a national debate on immigration policy, we should decide how many Mexican immigrants we want and how many OtherThanMexicans we want. Obviously, the impoverished nation touching our border will have the majority of immigrants, but do we want it to be 40%, 50%, 90% ? I'd like to see our political leaders address that. I'd especially like to hear what the Diversity Is Everything crowd has to say about it.

Do we want more Mexicans at the cost of Nigerians, Australians, Chinese, etc..? Can we find a way to sort out those who want to become Americans from those who just want a job and remain non-Americans or those who want to transform southwest America into North Mexico Province?

We need immigrants, from everywhere, but we need a logical and fair way to do it.

Here is Fox's <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Here is Fox's henhouse.

The best thing about Vicent... (Below threshold)

The best thing about Vicente Fox is that he isn't running for reelection. The guy has failed abjectly to follow through on his promises of reform.

The good news is that the center-right candidate to replace him is now gaining in the polls, and leads the leftist for the first time.

The worst possible scenario, which would make our present immigration crisis look like a day at the beach without Mexicans, is a left-wing victory south of the border.

You think they are fleeing in large numbers NOW?

I'm shocked at the few resp... (Below threshold)

I'm shocked at the few responses on such a controversial topic...East coasters i guess...which means, unless your in NC or MD you don't know what it's like being completely inviltrated...I know they say they come here to pick tobacco or scrub toilets (jobs we "won't do"), but they are also plumbers, painters, drywallers...for a good hourly wage...although 1 to 2 dollars less hourly than a legal resident. The employers cut costs however they can, a couple bucks an hour add up quickly with a few employees...WE HAVE TO GO AFTER THE SOURCE people....just like the drug war...how can you be a buyer if no one is sellin...hold these people accountable...not just wal-mart, the little guy also...get rid of the illegal (make it easy for the lil guy to 'run a number' and establish proof of residency) or fire the illegal immediately....illegal means illegal...both for the "enablers" and the migrants. I have several friends that own their own "blue collar" enterprises, and the thought of them losing ANYTHING due to hiring an illeagal would send them straight to the unemployment office, where they'd find willing, able AMERICANS to do the job for a fair wage. They hire the illegals (with federal tax id - double standard?) because it saves them a few hundred bucks on payday..and it's hard to blame them when the owners are getting taxed out the wazoo...But threaten to UPHOLD THE LAW and make them responsible, and the well will dry up instantly. Case closed you all. If your really against illegals, only hire landscapers, painters, carpenters that can prove their employees are legal citizens (should speak english but thats another issue)...REMEMBER, IF WE PROVIDE IT, THEY WILL COME...

If you listen closely, you ... (Below threshold)

If you listen closely, you can hear what he and Bush are really after.

For the short version, go to this site that our government has kindly created: spp.gov

Ain't no such animal as "wi... (Below threshold)

Ain't no such animal as "willing, able Americans" to do unskilled and semi-skilled labor like picking vegetables and fruit and construction labor and landscaping.

Just TRY to get a "Katrina victim" to get off their fat butt and take a job if they even suspect there is another government check to be had somehow! And be thankful they don't - they couldn't even keep their own free hotel rooms habitable, how are they going to clean anyone else's?

It isn't really a question of "jobs Americans won't do." It is more like "jobs we don't have enough Americans TO do." We have given large subsets of our population leave to sit on their butts and do NOTHING for too long; now they can't do anything anyway.

Well, since Mexico prohibit... (Below threshold)

Well, since Mexico prohibits non-citizens from any public speaking on political matters, I think we should tell Fox to STFU.

Hmmmm.Ain... (Below threshold)


Ain't no such animal as "willing, able Americans" to do unskilled and semi-skilled labor like picking vegetables and fruit and construction labor and landscaping.

As illegals comprise less than 1/3rd of the agriculture labor force, I doubt that. Additionally who cares about picking vegetables? There are plenty of automated machines that can do that if the farmers are given enough incentive to stop using illegals.

As for construction a lot of American workers are begin shut out of those jobs either due to labor costs or because they're not fluent in Spanish and so cannot easily work with illegals.

It's time for illegals to go home. Whether or not they want to is irrelevant.






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