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The Jesse MacBeth Video

Jesse MacBeth's lies about committing war atrocities as a Ranger in Iraq, while he was actually in and out of jail in Arizona, have his buddies on the left and in Iraq Veterans Against The War scrambling to disassociate themselves with MacBeth.

The first thing they have tried to do was spike the video. Well thanks to one of Hotair's readers there is now a link to a torrent of the video at Torrentspy. Since a lot of people don't want to be bothered, we've posted the video online, and unlike the YouTube version, we won't be taking it down...

There's actually a comprehensive write-up of the story of Jesse MacBeth at Wikipedia.


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Comments (34)

Hmmm.What an odd s... (Below threshold)


What an odd situation.

Why are liberals so easily duped by this stuff? I realise that they want to believe it's true. But even still that should warrant even more caution, not less.

Ed -They're gettin... (Below threshold)

Ed -

They're getting EXACTLY what they want with someone like this. He's PERFECT. He's telling them EXACTLY what they KNOW is going on - atrocities, horror, the entire freak show that they've convinced themselves of - that Saddam was innocent and WE are the bad guys.

Why would they question it? And it's not even like they know enough about the military to find it even a trifle odd that this guy at 20 managed to go through basic, go through Ranger school (a time consuming thing in itself, I understand) spend 16 months in Iraq and then get processed for a medical discharge a year or two ago? What'd they do, press-gang him into the Army when he was 16? They have willfully avoided even the possibility of being exposed to a clue when it comes to military matters. They're pure as the driven snow - and ready to believe any con man that came down the pike.

The first rule of a con man is to figure out what the mark really, really wants. Then you figure out what it takes to convince them to bite.

This guy had them convinced. They bit. I wonder how much he tapped them for - or was it just an attempt for him to get his fifteen minutes of fame?

BTW, I checked out a DU thread on this. It's now a Rovian plot to discredit the peace movement. The dude was planted, man, that's the only thing that explains it. Their own gullibility doesn't figure into it at all. But some are willing to admit the evidence of their eyes...

Gee, I wonder if I can get ... (Below threshold)
cate s.:

Gee, I wonder if I can get these clowns who supported this dufus to buy some oceanfront property in AZ? I also have a nice bridge in Brooklyn for them too. What a bunch of losers. They grab on to anything that will make the military look bad. Those IWVP are the biggest losers. There were approximately 30 of them at Fort Stewart, GA, for a grand total of 10 minutes a few weeks ago. No one likes these guys.

From what I've read, the cl... (Below threshold)

From what I've read, the clip was produced by Pepperspray Productions in Seattle, and was offered for sale by Peace Films. The video associates MacBeth with Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW).

IVAW says they were not involved in the production of the film, and that MacBeth's statements have not been verified. The Pepperspray website (linked above) says the video has been removed from sale at the request of IVAW.

IVAW Statement on MacBeth Video

Iraq Veterans Against the War recently learned of a video interview with Jesse MacBeth that directs viewers to IVAW's website and phone number. IVAW was not made aware of the creation of this video program and our input on it was never sought by its producers. Jesse MacBeth is not a spokesperson for IVAW and any claims made by MacBeth about his service have not been verified. We are currently investigating these claims and will have a full statement pending its resolution.

Reading further, the interview was produced by Pepperspray and first aired as a part of a public access television show titled "IndyMedia Presents"

Funny that they didn't deny... (Below threshold)

Funny that they didn't deny an association until after he was proven to be a fraud.

But, don't worry. The left will pretend it never existed. Their attempts to erase it are on-going.

The next thing to do is cut... (Below threshold)

The next thing to do is cut through the cover-up and mis-direction that the left is already putting into effect. The person who needs to explain this video appears to be Pepperspray Productions co-founder Stephen R. "Randy" Rowland, a Vietnam vet with a long history of anti-war activism starting in the 1970s, according to an article by one Ron Jacobs at mrzine.monthlyreview.org/jacobs211205.html. One Paul Woodward, writing at a site called War in Context (warincontext.org/2006_05_21_archive.html#114839770924963911), says he e-mailed Peace Films' Terry Portinga, and reports that Portinga identified Rowland as the man who produced the Jessie MacBeth video. Woodward reports that Portinga says Rowland does NOT intend to try to verify Jessie MacBeth's statements and credentials, but that Rowland is "100% behind Jessie" anyway. Woodward then reports that in his opinion, "Randy Rowland is doing Jessie a huge disservice by not giving him the opportunity to respond to the accusations that are being made against him." Thus we see the cover-up begin: acccording to Woodward, Rowland has some power over MacBeth that means that MacBeth can respond only if Rowland asks him to. If Rowland refuses, poor MacBeth must remain silent. And, of course, Rowland has already said he will never ask Jessie to verify anything. One wonders: if MacBeth had the "courage" to speak out despite the supposed opposition of his supposed superiors, why must he suddenly fall silent at Rowland's mere refusal to ask him a few questions? But of course, the reality is that the whole charade of "lets ask Jessie" is a mis-direction. Rowland very likely knows Jessie is a fake -- Rowland was actually in the Army, and Rowland has been involved in anti-war military groups for over 30 years. It is not credible to think that Rowland, with his Army background, could have been fooled into thinking Jessie was a Ranger. But it does seem feasible that Rowland had enough military experience to think he could give MacBeth a plausible uniform, formal photograph with flag background, etc. After all, someone with some military knowledge had to have been involved in this, or the fake uniform and decorations would have been even more wrong than they are. Someone knew enough to know that Rangers wear berets, and got the right kind, and knew something about service tabs, rank insignia, etc. I saw a play recently that had a character who was a general, and the director had him in a sergeant's uniform -- that is the kind of ignorance common on the activist left that has never had any experience with the military. It does not appear that MacBeth himself had any military experience at all, nor that he was smart enough to have done the research that went into the faking of the uniform. Someone with some military experience must have been involved. And guess what, someone with some military experience WAS involved: Rowland. He's the one who needs to explain himself. Because it looks likely that the story here is that an overheated old Vietnam-era activist, Rowland, has tried to put out a fake -- similar to the situation with the fake TANG documents. In both cases, people with axes to grind from long ago are frustrated that the "truth" hasn't come out, so they decide to manufacture something that is "fake but accurate." The next fun part of this will be when the DUmmies start claiming Rowland is a Rove "sleeper agent" -- cleverly planted 30 years ago for this kind of mission.

"The next fun part of th... (Below threshold)

"The next fun part of this will be when the DUmmies start claiming Rowland is a Rove "sleeper agent" -- cleverly planted 30 years ago for this kind of mission."

Now we all know Rove isn't that smart -- he's just smarter than Bush,

My dog is smarter than Bush.

The next fun part of thi... (Below threshold)

The next fun part of this will be when the DUmmies start claiming Rowland is a Rove "sleeper agent"

They already have. Good call!

"The next fun part of this ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"The next fun part of this will be when the DUmmies start claiming Rowland is a Rove "sleeper agent" -- cleverly planted 30 years ago for this kind of mission."

Considering that MacBeth is only 22, I think we have even more proof that Rove is supernaturally cunning -- perhaps, even The Dark Prince himself.


I'm sure that Macbeth is di... (Below threshold)

I'm sure that Macbeth is disappointed that his '60 Minutes' interview has been postponed. The producers are probably busy obtaining 'fake but accurate' documents from Lucy Ramirez which will 'verify' Macbeth's story.

The book deal though, is probably off the table; but cheer up Jessie, Mama Moonbat Sheehan has invited you to her next 'Ditchstock'.

It has to be a lot to discr... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

It has to be a lot to discredit the left. They are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than us slovenly, dirt-eatin' righties.

No wait. If they are smarter than us, then there's no way we could have been able to pull this off. I'm really confused now.

Are we evil geniuses this week or are we hapless doofuses? Someone please let me know.

Thanks Kevin. I just did a ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kevin. I just did a blog post at a mainstream Norwegian newspaper about this guy with the video.

Those on the left believe w... (Below threshold)

Those on the left believe what they want to believe instead of the truth. They are sick people. They want to believe that American troops are shooting children in the head in order to get information from the parents. Sick, sick people! The film makers only had to check out his background but didn't. They wanted it to be true, so they didn't do any research on the guy at all.

Well, he did say the first ... (Below threshold)

Well, he did say the first casualty of war is the truth ... :)

I couldn't stand watching m... (Below threshold)

I couldn't stand watching more than a couple minutes of this crap. I do have one question, though: is it just me, or did the narrator at the beginning sound like David Hackworth? Just wondering. Not surprising, if it is. He's always presented himself as a 'love the troops' kind of guy, but I've never liked or trusted him. Too much of a crackpot conspiracy theorist for my taste.

Kevin,Good post. B... (Below threshold)


Good post. But I have a minor quibble. "The first thing they have tried to do was spike the video."

Peacefilms.org's guestbook was filling with complaints and DEMANDS that they take down the video. I was one of those demanding it. IF anything, as the day went on, I was getting annoyed that it stayed up as long as it did.

So Peacefilms.org, Terry Portinga, and Jesse Macbeth are a bunch of lying, treasonous moonbats. Agreed! But I would NOT add "trying to cover their tracks" to the indictment.

That leftist lisp is a dead... (Below threshold)

That leftist lisp is a dead giveaway! what a Douchebag Deanieite!

Hmmmm.Why... (Below threshold)


Why would they question it? And it's not even like they know enough about the military to find it even a trifle odd that this guy at 20 managed to go through basic, go through Ranger school (a time consuming thing in itself, I understand) spend 16 months in Iraq and then get processed for a medical discharge a year or two ago? What'd they do, press-gang him into the Army when he was 16?

Yeah that's very true. Some actual ex-SF and ex-Rangers compiled a training timeline, the length of time he'd have be in actual training with no vacation or travel time, and it came out to about 4.5 years. Combine that with the "16 months in Iraq" thing and it doesn't work out at all.

And that doesn't begin to cover the various court dates, arrests, warrants and probation violations that people found in both Arizona and Washington state that coincided with elements of his timeline in Iraq.

Frankly this twit doesn't concern me all that much. What does concern me is that they'll keep trying until they get it right. And that's not satisfactory at all.

Right now there's a federal law, not very well enforced, that makes it illegal to claim medals that weren't actually awarded. IMHO I'd like to see a federal law passed that would make it a significant crime when someone tries to pass themself off as ex-military. Heck I'd be willing to amend that law to include only the tougher elements of the military Special Forces, Rangers, SEAL, Marine Recon, Marine Force Recon, etc etc etc.

Primarily because twits like this are never willing to portray themselves as real troops are and instead they always seek to make themselves into super-duper special black operations ranger marine force sniper recon-dudes.

When in reality most troops, especially in the Marines, are largely heavily armed janitors. Because I did more floor and bathroom cleaning in the Marines than just about anything.

So for awhile there my father would introduce me to his friends as Uncle Sam's Mop & Clean service.


Body languageSpeach ... (Below threshold)

Body language
Speach patterns
eye movement


Somebody's watched "Platoon... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Somebody's watched "Platoon" one too many times.

Don't give Oliver Stone any... (Below threshold)

Don't give Oliver Stone any ideas!

He just might want to make a film using this SOB as a 'hero', much like his fawning tribute to Castro.

I'm still waiting for anyon... (Below threshold)

I'm still waiting for anyone to point to a post from the left supporting or promoting this guy. So far I the only one I've seen apart from the SocialistAlternative.org interview is a post by someone named chuckvw on DailyKos, in the comments of which there is some skepticism about MacBeth's claims.

So please, someone point to a post or article on this guy that doesn't come from a forum where anyone can post (Kos, DU). Support the meme that the "left was taken in by a fraud."

Pretty sure the narrator is... (Below threshold)

Pretty sure the narrator isn't Hackworth. He's dead.

crickets...... (Below threshold)


Personally I just want ten ... (Below threshold)

Personally I just want ten minutes with him show he can show me his "Special Forces" moves.

Lets please set the record ... (Below threshold)
1st Cav:

Lets please set the record straight.

"The person who needs to explain this video appears to be Pepperspray Productions co-founder Stephen R. "Randy" Rowland, a Vietnam vet with a long history of anti-war activism starting in the 1970s, according to an article by one Ron Jacobs at mrzine.monthlyreview.org/jacobs211205.html."

Randy Rowland is NOT a Vietnam Veteran. Please don't give him that honor.

What did JFn Kerry say? "How can we ask a man to give his life for a lost cause"

Patriots don't need asking.
Sorry Kerry and your friend Candy Dandy Randy Rowland, but up yours.

1st Cav RVN 11B
3rd Bde "(separate)
B 2/5th Cav 1971-'72
D 1/12th Cav '72 (thebattleofkontum.com)
There were no more "combat troops" in Vietnam? LOL

FYI - His own words: ... (Below threshold)
1st Cav:

FYI - His own words:

Look here: http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/jacobs211205.html

"Randy Rowland, an Army medic, was a military resister to the war in Viet Nam, whoe served one and a half years in military prisons for participating in a sit-down demonstration of active-duty GIs. An anti-war activist ever since, Rowland lives in Seattle, and works there as a Registered Nurse in the regional trauma center."

Be aware, there are numerous traitorous members of VVA, VVAW, VVAW-I, VVAW-AI, etc. who are NOT actual in-country Vietnam Veterans, but only Vietnam ERA Veterans. They wickedly deceive and steal others honor.

A good place for anyone to check or expose phonies is: www.pownetwork.org

It appears Jessie MacBeth h... (Below threshold)

It appears Jessie MacBeth has mislead a good many of us. From first viewing his mia culpa, I prayed that it was false because the magnitude of that cold blooded reality might be too much for the country to handle, especially after all the country has gone through already with the Bush administration lying to the nation to bring us into Iraq for his group's private finacial interest. Part of me was grateful to discover MacBeth's story is likely false, but that too was shattered after hearing the next day (on MSM) that there were soldiers slaughtering innocent Iraqis (women and children), and aparently they are going to be prosecuted. Donnie Rumsfield needs to retire. I believe he's better off just running running alternative-sweetner company rather than direct the greatest military in the world.

Greenback,This has... (Below threshold)
1st Cav:


This has very little to do with Rumsfield. Have you ever been in combat? Ever have a buddy blown to bits and you stunned from IED explosions and people shooting and wanting to kill you?

Have some balls and enlist or STFU.

LOL... what a poor excuse f... (Below threshold)

LOL... what a poor excuse for a human being.. and those that set this up-- well --- have you students who get involved with this BS figured out your being LIED to.. their end is not an end to the war - their end is an end to your freedoms.. you are being USED.. hows that feel?

I'd love to get this jerk in our dojang for 10 minutes..

This guy is the best exampl... (Below threshold)

This guy is the best example of why abortion should be legal.

He's lying. eyes move up an... (Below threshold)
Pete Mancheta:

He's lying. eyes move up and to the right. he's making it up.

I guess some will say that because of this man's sick attempt at seeking attention, it now discredits other vetran's testimonials. Or it discredits those organizations that are seeking peace. Or they will now question the actual murders of innocnets in Iraq.

Just as those individuals who committ murder under the guise of military duty and just as this man's lies for self promotion they are both guilty of their crimes and in no way reflect the organizations of which they may be members.

This guy needs to be prosec... (Below threshold)

This guy needs to be prosecuted....And then left alone with a ranger bn for an hr......What a piece of crap

What a tard, You know, Iraq... (Below threshold)

What a tard, You know, Iraq is suck I agree, but I rather fight them there than in our country. This guy should really be taken to Iraq. You notice no one ever talks about the good done over there. You gotta be a "F"ing retard to think this guy is telling you the truth. If we came across injured Iraqi's we treated them medically and evac'ed them to our hospitals if needed. How about the many that have been sent to the United States for treatment of genetic deformaties, and other medical needs that were not a cause of the war. Yes, people who are not fight get injured they are not the target the targets are the ones that use the innocent as shields. F/U Jesse Macbeth






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