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Vicente Fox to Lobby for Immigration Reform in US

There's something unnerving about Vicente Fox touring the US to lobby for a US immigration reform bill that will be a financial benefit his country.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican President Vicente Fox, on the eve of a visit to the United States to lobby for immigration reform, said on Monday legalizing the status of millions of Mexican workers is a question of justice.

Fox said he was optimistic about chances of winning comprehensive immigration reforms in the U.S. Congress, as a coalition of lawmakers pushes for an overhaul of immigration law in the Senate by the end of the week.

"This is an act of justice, an act that benefits both countries ... an act that recognizes the enormous contribution that our countrywomen and countrymen make to the U.S. economy," he said while touring energy projects in northern Mexico.

Every Mexican citizen who illegally crosses our border to work in the US is one fewer citizen the Mexican government has to support. Not only that, but those citizens then send money back to Mexico. Remittances ran about $1 billion in 2003, have increased to over $20 billion today, and are second only to the revenue from oil sales.

This will be a continual source of income for Mexico since 10% of the Mexican population now lives in the US. Any immigration reform that allows for a path to citizenship will only encourage other Mexicans to cross the border.


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Comments (12)

Hmmmm.Frankly it's... (Below threshold)


Frankly it's rather absurd that Fox is here in America telling us not to deport his citizens when his government is busily deporting everyone else's.

Is there any way we could L... (Below threshold)

Is there any way we could Lobby the Mexican Government to do something to make Mexico suck less, so their people don't have to come up here to make a living?

Perhaps we should take the 10% of Mexicans living and working here, who want to become Americans, and instead form them into some kind of paramilitary force, then send them over to liberate their country with a beachfront assault, and make Mexico the 51st State. (Except, this time, we won't puss out, and we will give them the air support they need.) I bet it would be cheaper in the long run.

Maybe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad s... (Below threshold)

Maybe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should come and lobby for nuclear tolerance as well.

Annex Mexico.Solve... (Below threshold)

Annex Mexico.

Solves all sorts of problems.

I read that Truman was the ... (Below threshold)

I read that Truman was the first American president who ever went to Mexico after the war with Mexico in the 1840's and he was cheered in the streets. Today the guys getting the cheers are friends of Hugo Chavez who are trying to take power from Fox's party. I may not like or agree with Fox but Mexico is a major source of oil and considering where they are the last thing we need is an overtly hostile Mexico. Hopefully we can resolve this without helping the communists. Maybe we really should have annexed Mexico years ago.

Hmmmm.Ann... (Below threshold)


Annex Mexico.

A succinct and yet strangely attractive option.

I wonder what the response would be if we gave the citizens of Mexico a new option in the next election?

1. Have Mexico join America as a set of 5 new states with all Mexican citizens automatically given American citizenship.

2. Continue dealing with an incompetent and corrupt government incapable of dealing with any domestic issues.

If the last set of polls are any idication, #1 would have a pretty good shot at being approved.

Would you really want to an... (Below threshold)
Are you kidding?:

Would you really want to annex Mexico and accept responsibilty for all the corrupt infrastructure down there?

Hmmm.More like rep... (Below threshold)


More like replace the entire infrastructure.

*shrug* I frankly don't know what to think of it. It's a curious idea.

Remember, "The earth is ... (Below threshold)
I. T:

Remember, "The earth is the LORD'S and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein" Psalm 24:1

Annex Mexico??? solves prob... (Below threshold)

Annex Mexico??? solves problems???

106+ million people with an average annual income of

We need let Mexico's ecomony catch up to ours before we annex them. This may take another 20 to 30 years. Be patient.

hey were did my comment go?... (Below threshold)

hey were did my comment go?

Second line should have read:

... income of $5000. Annexation would creat an immediate welfare crisis and the welfare pimps (read Dems) would lock in their voting constituency FOREVER!

Here's a lobby for Fox!!!</... (Below threshold)

Here's a lobby for Fox!!!

I feel that Illegal Immigration is the greatest problem that our country faces today. There is a SIMPLE, ELEGANT and COST EFFECTIVE solution.

We can probably never be able to stop illegal immigration by patrolling our borders. We should continue to try to minimize illegal crossings, particularly aimed at stopping terrorists, as you are currently doing. But under the present approach of making illegal immigration attractive, we can never hope to stem the flood of illegals.

HOWEVER, the solution to the illegal immigrant problem is simple and will actually save the American taxpayers a LOT of tax money.


If we cut off ALL BENEFITS for ILLEGAL immigrants, a lot of good things will happen. And, although we can never hope to deport all the illegals that are here, if they have NO benefits most of them will pack up and go back home.

It has to be a TOTAL elimination of ALL BENEFITS unless BOTH parents are U.S. citizens:
NO welfare, NO subsidized housing, NO food stamps, NO ADC, NO childcare,
NO medical benefits of ANY kind(if they need medical aid of any kind, they have to go back home to get it), NO Medicaid, NO hospital care, NO clinics, NO doctors, NO baby can be born in a hospital or clinic,
NO educational benefits at ANY level, NO public schools of any kind, NO college admission,
NO driver's license, NO ID card, NO work (HEAVY fines for anyone who hires ILLEGAL immigrants),
MOST IMPORTANT, NO child born here will automatically be a U.S. citizen unless BOTH of it's parents are U.S. citizens! And, ALL children born here of two illegal immigrant parents would be stripped of their U.S. citizenship (They could re-apply with special consideration after they have left the U.S. and re-entered LEGALLY.
MOST OF THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WILL LEAVE VOLUNTARILY (those that don't leave are probably the ones that we would like to have as U.S. citizens anyway).
Then, the second thing good that will happen is that the WORKERS (without families) who still want to come for a limited time (like 5 years) would be admitted legally on a Guest Worker program (still no welfare, but medical care under a HealthCare plan that they pay for, free English classes and a restricted Driver's License/Work ID). THE SITUATION COULD BE EASILY CONTROLLED.

The key to the whole program would be a giant version of "Tough Love" to make being here illegally less attractive. We don't have to deport anyone, we just have to STOP PAYING THEM TO COME HERE. We must now be tough because we have been so lenient all these years and have allowed the situation to get totally out of hand.

EASY SOLUTION and it will save us billions of dollars.






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