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"Motion to withdraw granted. Bailiff, remove the defendant from counsel's throat."

When a lawyer takes a case, they are obligated to see it through to the end. Especially a criminal case. And if the case is as serious as a murder case, the burden on the attorney is tremendous. Should the lawyer attempt to get out of defending their client, it takes a great deal to persuade the judge to let the attorney off the hook.

But I think this guy has a pretty good argument for being removed from his client's case...


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Comments (7)

This guy should have to sit... (Below threshold)
Larry Lind:

This guy should have to sit in his cell for the rest of his trial.

And a little cheap shot: I bet he voted for Kerry last time around. ;)

Personally I dont understan... (Below threshold)

Personally I dont understand why people like that decide to blow up at their lawyers once something goes wrong. I mean in reality, they need to understand that hey, they did something really bad, and hey, its not always the lawyers fault he cant make you look innocent when you got caught half way through the murder, bloody and all.

well, that may help with th... (Below threshold)

well, that may help with the insanity plea or at least the stupid plea

This is a new definition of... (Below threshold)

This is a new definition of "mugging for the jury".

But what really gets my attention is it took six (six!) deputies to get him off the lawyer. Have they taken to serving PCP in the jailhouse food these days, or is he really the long lost brother of this fellow.?

Where is Mr. T when you need him?

You would be suprised what ... (Below threshold)

You would be suprised what you would find in food and drinks in a jailhouse. In reality if anyone wanted to sneak something in, it could be easily done. Just look how corrupt the police force is.

I can't believe no one has ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe no one has posted a good lawyer joke yet. (What do you call 5 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start).

Candy, are you looking for ... (Below threshold)

Candy, are you looking for somthing like this?

Q: What do you call it when a murder defendant tries to kill his lawyer in court right in front of the jury?

A: A bid for sympathy.






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