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Not the smartest choice of venue

I don't know whether this says more about Hillary's popularity in the South or the level of competence of those promoting the Hillarynow.com website. Either way, the tens of people that showed up to kick off the pro-Hillary website had to be an embarrassment.

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SHHHhhhhhhh!Keep i... (Below threshold)


Keep it to yerselves, eh?

If all this Hilarity!-bashing doesn't stop, the Democrats might just wise up and nominate someone else.

Recall in late 2003, with Howard Dean cruising toward a nomination by acclamation, National Review ran a cover story, heavily promoted on their website, titled "PLEASE Nominate This Man!" and featuring, naturally, Governor Dean.

Of course, the Democrats wised up and dropped Dean like he was hot.

So, let's be a bit more circumspect this time, and save some of the ammo for when whichever loser the Democrats pick actually gets the nomination.

I'm hoping the boys and girls over at NRO's The Corner will keep doing what they do best, hawking their latest book or selling enough seats on a cruise that the staff can go for free, and refrain from poisoning the well this time. If they keep their noses to their order blanks, maybe they can make enough money to buy their contributors long pants!

That goes for the rest of the blogosphere, too - even those already old enough for shaving and big-girl panties.

Hey, lighten up. She was pu... (Below threshold)

Hey, lighten up. She was pulling double digits. The event was supposed to highlight her ability to win in red states and I think it did that very well.

Hillary is a northeastern l... (Below threshold)
Sam the Man:

Hillary is a northeastern liberal now, and so is her "husband." I can't see them doing any better in the south than John Kerry did.

The best thing about Hillary lately was her flip flop on ethonal. She was against it before she was for it.

She voted against ethanol subsidies in the past, but I guess she has her sights set on winning the Iowa caucus, so she has flip flopped!

The only place you could ge... (Below threshold)

The only place you could get 200 people to pony up cash for Hillary is Hollywood. Maybe the Upper West Side, and maybe amongst her old grade school pals in Park Ridge, Illinois. But Hollywood is the only sure thing.

Wow, several hours and not ... (Below threshold)

Wow, several hours and not a peep from Lee, mantis, mak44, field_negro et al? Maybe they are all for Al Gore?

Epador,I guess even ... (Below threshold)

I guess even they couldn't find a way to make this the fault of the Bush administration.
Bush Lied, The Website Died






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