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Jennifer's Secret a secret no more

Back in the 80's, Ronald Reagan used to tell the apocryphal story of the "welfare queens" who would pull up in Cadillacs to collect their monthly checks. Once more, we find that the Gipper was a true visionary, because in Andover, Massachusetts, that is pretty much what was happening.

According to police reports, Jennifer Stevanovich was living the high life. She banked over $280,000 over five years, bought a Range Rover, and leased a Mercedes SUV while living in a gated community in Andover.

At the same time, she reported her income as maybe a few thousand a year, far less than she needed to support herself and her two children. Accordingly, the state gave her over the same time frame $117,000 in "assistance."

One can't blame her for underreporting her income -- she allegedly made all that money shoplifting. She would steal lingerie from Victoria's Secret and other places, carrying it out in foil-lined bags to defeat security measures, and sell it on EBay and through other outlets.

She was finally busted not by state officials, but by officials of Victoria's Secret's parent company, who noticed that one seller was offering a LOT of their merchandise for sale. They set up a "sting" operation, then turned the information to police.

Well, this week Ms. Stevanovich was brought to justice. And the sentence? Restitution and 15 years probation. No jail time, said Judge Peter Agnes, who said the state has already spent enough money on her.

I'm not a Massachusetts resident (thank god), but if I were, I'd disagree with the judge. I would consider locking her up for a good, long time money well spent.

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I think she should be movin... (Below threshold)

I think she should be moving into another gated community, the kind with lockdown at night and security provided by corrections officers.

First of all. In Mass. it i... (Below threshold)

First of all. In Mass. it is not considered a crime to steal unless you are a corporation officer.

But what makes this a real farce is that there will be no restitution. She will wait a month and her lawyer will be in court saying she cannot pay. Then a kind judge will waive repayment. Since her sentence cannot be increased she cannot be sent to jail instead.

If the first judge dooesn't waive the repayment another will shortly afterwards.

There is an excellent chance she will then successfully sue EBAY and Victoria's Secret.

I am starting to understand... (Below threshold)

I am starting to understand how Ted, Kerry, Tip, Dukakis and the like get elected in Massachusetts. They do reflect their state.

This shoplifter deserves a ... (Below threshold)

This shoplifter deserves a medal for making it cheaper for men to dress their girlfriends appropriately.

This guy Agnes is a very li... (Below threshold)

This guy Agnes is a very liberal judge--- he was one of Dukakis' appointees, and this is not the worst thing he's done (by a long shot).

You forgot to mentiont hat she's still driving around in her BMW SUV.

I just can't connect her pi... (Below threshold)

I just can't connect her picture with Victorias Secret.

Maybe someday while vacatio... (Below threshold)

Maybe someday while vacationing in her Vineyard home she'll hitch a ride with a well oiled teddy the hut and they'll head down toward Chapaquidick...

Lingerie loser gets three-t... (Below threshold)

Lingerie loser gets three-to-five years
By Laura Crimaldi
Thursday, March 1, 2007 - Updated: 01:08 AM EST

A Superior Court judge slammed a brazen welfare cheat and lingerie hustler with a three-to-five-year prison term yesterday after she violated a cushy probation deal that let her keep a luxury SUV despite a $117,555 debt to taxpayers.

Essex Superior Court Judge Howard J. Whitehead scolded Jennifer Stevanovich, 32, of Lawrence, saying she'd chosen to "stick it in the eye of the court" by renting out her posh Mercedes Benz ML350 SUV to three alleged lady crooks accused of a Christmas shoplifting spree in New Hampshire.

"She was sent a favorable disposition," said Whitehead, referring to an earlier sentence that placed Stevanovich on probation for 15 years and required her to refund taxpayers for the $117,555 in stolen welfare money at a $100 a month rate. "She proceeded to, if you will, stick it in the eye of the court."

Stevanovich, who pleaded guilty in August 2005 to stealing $14,000 in panties from Victoria's Secret for resale on eBay, was jailed for a probation violation last month after Methuen cops found her leased SUV stuffed with $8,200 in stolen merchandise in a Big Lots parking lot on Dec. 22, 2006.

In a police report, Stevanovich told investigators she rented the SUV for $100 a day without any knowledge that the trio of she-bandits planned to knock off stores in two Granite State malls.

"I note the irony in the fact that she says that her friends were offering her $100 for the use of her car at a time when she was only paying $100 a month to the court for restitution," Whitehead said.

Stevanovich's attorney, Pamela Saia, said the SUV, which another judge ruled she could keep because the fees incurred by breaking the lease would make her less likely to repay taxpayers, will be repossessed.






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