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A Dependable employee

The other day, at the "day job," we got insanely busy right around the time I normally head out. When things eased a bit, I told my boss that I was going to inspect the facilities, then leave.

"I have been trying to get to the men's room for over 45 minutes, chief."

"Big deal. I've been trying to get some lunch for four hours."

"Yeah, so? There's one major way that our respective situations are not analogous."

"And what's that?"

I tossed the last remark over my shoulder as I raced down the hall. "You could snack!"

Comments (13)

JayPlease get this i... (Below threshold)

Please get this into your head:
None of us gives a damn. Think before you write. This isn't you personal diary.

Somebody,Unless you ... (Below threshold)

Unless you are Kevin A, your opinion means about as much as what Jay left in the restroom.

Jay -Great line.</... (Below threshold)

Jay -

Great line.

I'll take comment #2, please.

Dependable Employee, heh, I... (Below threshold)

Dependable Employee, heh, I got the joke.

I agree with somebody... (Below threshold)

I agree with somebody

Hmmm, maybe somebody didn't... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, maybe somebody didn't notice the filed under Personal part? Now why would a blog have a Personal section for its authors to file things under? Perhaps it could be for things that happen in life that might be, I duno, Personal? Almost like a diary...hmmmm

Faith+1,You can't ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


You can't expect everyone to understand the plain meaning of Personal, can you?

Perhaps somebody saw "Personal" and thought it would be about him...then got pissed when it wasn't.

Make that a double on comme... (Below threshold)

Make that a double on comment #2, please.

LOLAnd you love it... (Below threshold)


And you love it -- admit it

Somebody,Unless y... (Below threshold)
Somebody, Unless you are Kevin A, your opinion means about as much as what Jay left in the restroom.

Go easy on the poor lad. Somebody flushed his brain.

paul, you agree with somebo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

paul, you agree with somebody? No great surprise there -- you two are using the same IP from India to post from.

(Note I said "India." It was definitely not OUR Paul commenting here.)


Nah. Wizbang Paul would ha... (Below threshold)
SCSI Indy wuzzy:

Nah. Wizbang Paul would have created a post of his own to dispute yours :)

I want to thank J for the b... (Below threshold)
not a sock:

I want to thank J for the best laugh I had in days, because I can't wait to use it






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