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A Take On Enron You Won't See In The MSM

Don Surber and The Astute Blogger have takes on the Enron verdict that you will not be seeing in the MSM. I especially like Don Surber's list of "this administration's Clean Up On Aisle Wall Street under President Bush":

Adelphia CEO John Rigas convicted. 15 years.

All First CEO Nathan Chapman convicted. 7 1/2 years.

ImClone Founder Sam Waksal convicted. 7 years.

Worldcom: CEO Bernie Ebbers convicted. 25 years.

Rite Aid: CEO Martin Grass convicted. 8 years.

WorldTeq CEO Bruce Bertman convicted. 4 years.

Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski convicted. 25 years.

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For all the talk of Bush be... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

For all the talk of Bush being in the pocket of Big Business, the Bush administration has done more in successfully combatting corporate corruption than Bill Clinton ever thought of doing...

As long as Bush doesn't par... (Below threshold)

As long as Bush doesn't pardon any of them, then I think that will be seen as a great accomplishment.

<a href="http://screenshotb... (Below threshold)

Here's take that focuses on the irony of this verdict occurring the same week as the Jefferson office search.

The thing that has always b... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

The thing that has always bugged me about the whole "corporate sscandal" thing is that every single one of these scandals started when Clinton was President. Somehow, since Bush's administration caught them, it is his fault they happened.

Left out Martha Stewart and... (Below threshold)

Left out Martha Stewart and in her ties with Imclone and having to step down as CEO of her company as well as doing jail time.

Well, sure, Steve L. ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Well, sure, Steve L.

9-11 planning began sometime during the Clinton second term, but since it happened on Bush's watch, Bush LIHOP.

Al-Qaeda attacked US targets from 1993-2000, but Bush is the one who failed to do anything about it.

The stock market begins to drop in 2000, a recession is already underway by January 2001, and it's Bush's fault the economy has tanked (and is the worst since the Depression).


Libya gives up its nuclear program, and it's the Clinton Administration that gets the credit.

Hmmm.Anybody remem... (Below threshold)


Anybody remember Lou Dobbs and that ridiculous countdown of his on the number of days passed without a conviction on Enron?

Sometimes Lou Dobbs has some good ideas. And sometimes he's a complete freak.

Thanks Lorie... (Below threshold)

Thanks Lorie

I wish that they would make... (Below threshold)

I wish that they would make these guys continuosly write checks for $1.09 to those folks that they ripped off.

Obligatory "The Jerk" reference...

One Dolllar, AND NINE CENTS!

Bet you can't get the antiq... (Below threshold)

Bet you can't get the antique MSM to admit to the list of 'Clinton era' criminals much less print the list. I don't know one leftie that will admit that the 8 years of Slick were also 8 years of the criminal CEO/CFO. One major criminal was convicted during Slick's regime, but he was pardoned without spending a day in jail or repaying one person he ripped off. I still want to know 'which' Clinton Lay was sleeping with all those nights he spent in the White House or was it a threesome? LMAO at the retarded left wing.






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