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And They Say W Has a communication problem

Many will argue that the President has the worst communication skills of any politician in Washington, but some of Nancy Pelosi's statements Tom Elia has posted at The New Editor make me wonder if she might not deserve the top honor instead.

We have to have a strategy and we have to have priorities. What we do has to have consensus but it has to be bold. I'm not here for any milquetoast politics. [inaudible] Go home and criticize us, but don't slow us down. Don't slow us down. This is no convoy, this is a bandwagon. It has to have consensus and it has to have clarity. In order to have to have that clarity, we can't have every issue in the book. We can bring it around the frames of fairness, of responsibility, of community, of real security...[inaudible].

That was not even the best quote Elia posted. The story about the microphone still has me scratching my head. Be sure to follow the link for that one.

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Lorie:Leave it to ... (Below threshold)


Leave it to you to post this in the wee hours when even a coherent statement by Pelosi would be tough to digest.

Great post and belated congrats on your new home away from home.

She sounds as if she is hav... (Below threshold)

She sounds as if she is having a relasp from all that LSD from the 60's & 70's.

I've read it twice.<p... (Below threshold)

I've read it twice.

I have NO idea what the heck she's trying to say.

But it's good to see that she has such a realistic view of her party.

I know why. Her husband ow... (Below threshold)

I know why. Her husband owns a winery in California (which hires illegal immigrants, even tho she is for Union Labor, of course).

She's just had a few glass of Chardonnay, along with her brie. In the back of a stretch limo no doubt. Save the Whales!, er, whatever.

WTF?!?... Is she going to g... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

WTF?!?... Is she going to go for the Chewbacca Defense?

He may not speak with eloqu... (Below threshold)

He may not speak with eloquence but sometimes Bush says it better than most. See:
Free Frank Warner.

If I have to have, I just w... (Below threshold)

If I have to have, I just wonder what it is that I don't have that makes me want to have it. If I didn't already have it, do I have to have it? If I have to have consensus, how much consensus do I have to have? OH, but to have or not to have - now that is a platform to have! I stand here demanding that all the have not's become have gots or is it gets?

I have to admit, I have but half a mind - so maybe I don't know what I don't have - therefore I don't have to have it.

And these folks have it in their minds that they have to have control of Congress! I don't know about you, but I have to keep them in the have not column!

Actually, the microphone st... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Actually, the microphone story is easy to understand. She's saying that Republicans are better than Democrats at getting their point across. Republicans just repeat that there is a microphone on the table to get the point across that there's a microphone on the table. Democrats tell you about the microphone, but then add a ton of irrelevant details that obscure the message that there is a microphone on the table. The net of that comment is that Democrats are smarter but Republicans are better at getting their points across.

I think our "consensus" is... (Below threshold)

I think our "consensus" is "Huh?".

I think William Safire just... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I think William Safire just had a heart attack.

I should post this above, b... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I should post this above, but speaking of grammar....

A Wizbang headline from today: "Breaking news: Shot's fired..."

Um, that should be "shots". Unless, of course, there was only one shot fired. ;-)

I took the microphone story... (Below threshold)

I took the microphone story to be indicative of the Republicans' ability to stay on target while the Democrats are constantly and easily distracted by everything around the target and quickly lose sight of the target.

Except Pelosi takes this political attention deficit disorder to be a positive character trait.






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