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Hopping on the bandwagon

I've been looking more and more at the proposed amnesty package for illegal aliens, and I think that, with a very, very slight modification, I think I can not only accept it, but cheerfully endorse it.

The plan, as I see it, requires the amnesty-seeker to pay a $2,000 fine to cover back taxes. In exchange, the immigrant gets guarantees such as being paid the "prevailing wage" and protection from being fired except for cause.

This is a hell of a deal. If I were an illegal alien, I'd jump all over it.

In fact, I'm not so sure I should have to wait.

I happened to get my weakly bi-weekly paycheck, and I looked at the details. So far this calendar year, I have paid $1,825.82 in federal income tax, social security, and Medicare taxes. (I am notoriously poor at managing my own finances, so I arrange to get a rather healthy refund each year. Yes, I know I'm giving the government an interest-free loan, but money owed me -- even while not earning interest -- is money I can't spend.) And just on a lark, I checked my tax return from last year (doing one's taxes online makes such things very easy -- I have a PDF of my returns for the last six years.) I paid a total of $1,780 in income taxes. So no matter how you look at it, I'm almost paying that $2,000 already.

Here's my radical idea: if this proposal is good enough for illegal aliens who broke our laws coming here, and break other laws by working under the table, why isn't it good enough for Americans like me who obey the laws and follow the rules? I'd gladly pay $2,000 a year for those kind of salary and job security guarantees. In fact, I'm already paying it.

Hell, I'll even make it easy for the government. I'll even renounce my citizenship (temporarily, of course) and make myself an illegal alien.

After all, I'd hate to think that the government would engineer a situation where it's actually better to be an illegal alien than an American citizen...


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Comments (15)

I agree with the $2,000 a y... (Below threshold)

I agree with the $2,000 a year for all Americans. Hell last year alone I paid more than $15,000 in taxes to the big Gov't. I'd love to only have to pay $2,000. Deport all the bastards, that's how you solve this problem. Deport, build a wall, and put the National Guard on the boarder. One shot, One kill. hooah.

You're wrongly assuming tha... (Below threshold)

You're wrongly assuming that illegals aren't paying taxes. I agree that the $2000 is cheap but they are paying taxes or they aren't working. Do you really think business owners aren't writing off their payroll expenses? The argument against illegal immigration stands well enough on its own without throwing in things that just aren't true.

<a href="http://www.nytimes... (Below threshold)

I forgot the link. They also pay sales taxes and property taxes but none of that excuses breaking our laws or geting off with only a $2000 fine.

How can they be paying prop... (Below threshold)

How can they be paying property taxes? They would have to be legal residents, or registered foreign nationals to own property within the U.S.. Otherwise, they would've had to commit fraud to obtain title insurance, bank loans, etc. (ie: present fraudulent or fraudulently obtained identification..stolen SS numbers, fake Drivers Licenses)

Hermie, if they rent the la... (Below threshold)

Hermie, if they rent the landlord pays property taxes and factors that into the amount he charges for rent. Everyone who lives anywhere other than a cardboard box pays property taxes one way or the other.

After all, I'd hat... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
After all, I'd hate to think that the government would engineer a situation where it's actually better to be an illegal alien than an American citizen...

Of course that already happened in the 60 and 70 with the military draft, at least for some.

If it's economically advantageous to be an illegal alien rather than an American citizen, you may need to resort to identify theft. All you need to do is be willing to work in a job American citizens won't do and for low pay. Ok, judging from the amount of income tax you paid last year, it looks like you're already doing the low pay part.

There's no law against fore... (Below threshold)

There's no law against foreign nationals documented or not owning real estate in the U.S. of if there is it isn't enforced. They can even geta mortgage, easily. The only illegal aliens not paying income are day laborers who will qualify for an Earned Income Credit refund of about $2,000 annually as soon as they get their amnesty.

I've been saying for a long... (Below threshold)

I've been saying for a long time that we don't need new immigration laws, we just need to enforce the old ones. Those day laborers I mentioned won't be paying taxes if they even report their income, they don't make enough for that, but they will qualify for that Earned Income Credit I mentioned, twhere do you think they're going to get that $2k to pay their fines? The new laws proposed will result in a worse situation than we already have. The sad part about that is that so many people demanded them. Be careful what you ask for, you'll get it most of the time and when you do you won't like it.

With regards to the "Be car... (Below threshold)

With regards to the "Be careful what you ask for..", that's just the problem, MOST americans didn't ask for the solution that the Senate is patting themselves on the back for.

Countless polls have shown that the majority want illegals in this country deported, our borders secured, and employers exploiting them fined.

I agree that what should be done is enforcement of existing laws, with the exception being the 'catch and release' policy. Illegals should be detained long enough for them to crank out enough license plates to pay for the plane ride back to their country of origin, then never allowed back on US soil again.

That's where everyone wnet ... (Below threshold)

That's where everyone wnet wrong, demanding that the government do something will always be responded to with a new law, they should have been pressuring the government to enforce the existing laws. I even saw a lot people who wanted to force Mexico to do something about it, including barring it's citizens from leaving, not naming any names here (Jay T.) but that would have resulted in every illegal who made it across the Rio Grande asking for and probably receiving political asylum. BTW, catch and release is not a law, it's a policy therefore much easier to change. What everyone thought was a terrible situation has just now started to become one. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Hmmmm.If ... (Below threshold)


If it's economically advantageous to be an illegal alien rather than an American citizen, you may need to resort to identify theft.

Now that's a concept! Stealing the identity of an illegal alien to cheat on taxes!

"Homes some white guy in Bel Air stole my identity!"

What's curious is that the $2,000 isn't set in stone. I believe there is an affordability test on that amount so if you cannot afford it, and they take your word for it, then whatever you can afford is good enough.

Bloody good deal that.

This whole discussion is of... (Below threshold)

This whole discussion is off track.

The $2000 is not to cover back taxes. The $2000 is restitution for the misdemeanor of crossing the boarder illegally. They will need to pay any back taxes IN ADDITION TO the $2000 fine. A large majority however are not working under the table and are currently paying taxes; so, there won't be any back taxes owed.

There has been much comment... (Below threshold)

There has been much commentary about the cost of deporting illegals, and dealing with the hidden cost of illegals living in the U.S.

Simple answer. Build a fence. Toss 'em over.

If an illegal alien can't l... (Below threshold)

If an illegal alien can't legally work and can't legally collect government support, then the alien will leave on their own accord. Why do we keep talking about deportation?

Enforce laws, problem solved.

If illegals have already vi... (Below threshold)

If illegals have already violated laws concerning drivers licenses, insurance, social security fraud, medicare fraud, etc...and nobody has done anything about it, what is the incentive to get them to even pay $2000?

Seems they can thumb their noses at the law, while ordinary citizens would be jailed, their property seized, etc.






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