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McCain-Feingold Comes Home to Roost

Ed Morrissey has a post that made me laugh out loud. It seems that members of Congress are stunned that the FBI thinks campaign contributions are equivalent to bribery:

Frustration between the House and the Justice Department stems in part from the probe of lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Mr. Abramoff in January pleaded guilty to trying to bribe members of Congress, and has been cooperating with federal investigators. Much of the evidence that has emerged suggests Mr. Abramoff curried favor with lawmakers by shoving cash from his clients into their campaign accounts, providing flashy accommodations for fund-raisers, such as his own downtown restaurant or skyboxes for football or basketball games, and paying for expensive trips abroad.

For many lawmakers, the investigation seems to be moving from the most egregious practices of a few members to criminalizing some basic fund-raising and lobbying techniques. "There is widespread belief on the Hill that the Justice Department is out of control with this idea that campaign contributions equals bribery," noted one Republican close to the caucus.

Well, it's this thing called the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, also known as McCain-Feingold. And those members of Congress who voted for it are the ones who criminalized "basic fund-raising and lobbying techniques." The FBI is simply enforcing the law Congress passed. Again, we have more members of Congress who think they are exempt from the laws they pass.


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Comments (13)

Yes ,and how sweet it is to... (Below threshold)

Yes ,and how sweet it is to see these arrogant clowns be targeted by their own stupidity! its time to clean house and start over....

Let me hear an AMEN, brothe... (Below threshold)

Let me hear an AMEN, brother!

AMEN!... (Below threshold)


Please, please, please let ... (Below threshold)

Please, please, please let McCain & Feingold be FBI targets.

Amen and Amen brother.... (Below threshold)

Amen and Amen brother.

Why do you think I told him... (Below threshold)
Karl Rove:

Why do you think I told him not to veto it? Even if SCOTUS was dumb enought to call it constitutional, we'd still get to have fun. Maybe next time they'll get it right.

Amen and Pass the Gravy! T... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Amen and Pass the Gravy! Throw the bastard out and take away their pensions. Let'm deal with a 401K program like most other Americans

Yes, it would be grand to s... (Below threshold)

Yes, it would be grand to see McCain and Feingold prosecuted under their own legislation. Ha.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Everything McCain pushes or... (Below threshold)

Everything McCain pushes or touches is trouble!

The most dangerous and damage-causing politician in America.

In a matchup between Hillar... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

In a matchup between Hillary and McCain...

It doesn't matter which one wins.

"Please, please, please let... (Below threshold)

"Please, please, please let McCain & Feingold be FBI targets."

LOL...right there with you...how sweet it would be...

yeah, well, anything that e... (Below threshold)

yeah, well, anything that exposes MccAin as phoney Republican is good thing..that way we can go back to focusing on the "real conservative" George Bush...

ROFL! What goes around, co... (Below threshold)

ROFL! What goes around, comes around. Heh. Poetic justice.






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