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Quis custodiet ipsos meter maids?

When you're pulling a scam and you almost get caught, it's usually a good idea to let it slide. Don't draw too much attention to your grievance, or you just might blow the whole deal.

In Boston, a city parking ticket-writer was herself given a parking ticket for not having a residential sticker on her car. She was outraged, and went to her boss to get the ticket voided. She had a residential sticker, and did not deserve the ticket. The supervisor followed her out ot her car, and there it was -- an appropriate parking sticker, right where it should be on her windshield.

But his curiosity was aroused, so he looked a little closer. The sticker was seriously faded, more than it should have been. So he ran the number on the sticker, and found it was issued to someone else entirely.

The officer in question is now suspended without pay, and may get fired. She first said she "found" the sticker, then changed her story to being offered the sticker by some anonymous stranger outside a laundromat.

She's blaming the whole incident on a "lapse of judgment," and I agree. But the lapse was on the side of the people who first hired her.

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Excellent post... (Below threshold)

Excellent post

It's like when people call ... (Below threshold)

It's like when people call the cops because someone stole their drugs.

Dan Rather reporting: ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Dan Rather reporting:

The sticker was given to her by Lucy Rameriz with allegations that it originated with Karl Rove.

Courage, I'm outta here.

I believe her.I ca... (Below threshold)

I believe her.

I can't tell you the number of times I'm at the laundromat, and some character is hanging around outside, wearing a trenchcoat and offering parking decals for all the nearby neighborhoods.

He said he didn't need them anymore because he is taking up bicycling.

Nonetheless, she should be fired for stupidity in trying to appeal the ticket.

You'd think people this dum... (Below threshold)

You'd think people this dumb would've forgotten how to breathe a long time ago.

You'd think people this ... (Below threshold)

You'd think people this dumb would've forgotten how to breathe a long time ago.

The one thing our public schools actually manage to teach.






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