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Random wise cracks

  • This week, I saw a name I had almost forgotten. Tariq Aziz, Saddm's former foreign minister, testified at Saddam's trial in Baghdad. Next, will he be offered a scholarship to Yale?
  • Shock Magazine has apparently stolen Michael Yon's photograph for its own purposes. Yon has already fought the United States Army for his rights over his work, and beaten them. Do you really think you have a prayer, Shock?
  • Apparently inspired by public outrage over his decision, Judge Peter Agnes is looking again at the sentence he put down on accused shoplifter schemer and welfare cheat Jennifer Stevanovich, who apparently stole almost $300,000 in lingerie for resale while taking over $110,000 in public assistance. Agnes is reconsidering the details ofher sentence, including her repayment plan -- $100.00 monthly each to the state and Victoria's Secret. Stevanovich is apparently still driving around in her Mercedes SUV.

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Who is more brazen, the jud... (Below threshold)

Who is more brazen, the judge or the crook?
One would think at the minimum the State would impound her assets to provide restitution.

Aziz will not be offered a ... (Below threshold)

Aziz will not be offered a scholarship, it will be tenured position on the faculty.

Tariq Aziz testified in his... (Below threshold)

Tariq Aziz testified in his pajamas, and couldn't say enough good things about his old boss.

They are probably making plans to get the old gang together for a slumber party . . . . s'mores, anyone?

Tariq Aziz won't be offered... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Tariq Aziz won't be offered a scholarship at Yale... but the son of an important politician with a long record of service and influence in Iraq has, more predictably, been offered one.... ah. the perks of the special relationship...

OMG. Steve just learned tha... (Below threshold)
SCSI Indy wuzzy:

OMG. Steve just learned that the Rich and Powerful send their children to Yale! And Yale encourages them to do so!

Wow, Crick, you're so right... (Below threshold)

Wow, Crick, you're so right. Tony Blair's son is just like that Taliban guy! And, and, and Bush is Hitler!!!1!!

Blair who has a great admir... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Blair who has a great admiration for the American political system, has constantly been called Bush's poodle in the UK, perhaps not for nothing... It is odd how we have such ridicule for the humbled once powerful men in pajamas, but when they were in position to do our bidding we treated them with such solicitude full of polite unctous words..That is the behavior of the powerful too.






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