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Rejoicing Over Kavanaugh

Quin Hillyer is doing a happy dance over at ConfirmThem upon hearing the good news that Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the Senate with a vote of 57-36.

Update: Democrats who voted for cloture: Biden, Byrd, Carper, Feinstein, Kohl, Landrieu, Lieberman, Lincoln, Nelson, Nelson, Obama, Pryor

Democrats who voted for confirmation: Byrd, Carper, Landrieu, Nelson (NE)


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Comments (4)

This is really good news. G... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

This is really good news. Given his problem with immigration, Bush should take this opportunity to get more judges confirmed. If the Dems want to pick a fight on judges, it can only help the Reps. If they don't, we get more judges confirmed.

I love the site Confirm The... (Below threshold)

I love the site Confirm Them. Comedy gold when Miers was announced.

Landrieu must thing she's i... (Below threshold)

Landrieu must thing she's in trouble re reelection. how else do you explain her votes lately.

Landrieu must thing she'... (Below threshold)

Landrieu must thing she's in trouble re reelection.

I've heard a theory that she was hoping her brother getting elected mayor of New Orleans would help her with her re-election -- but since that didn't pan out for her... <shrug> It's somthing I heard somewhere.






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