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The Senate Approves Amnesty for Illegal Aliens


The bill that was passed in the Senate yesterday is nothing more than an amnesty plan.

The Senate yesterday easily approved an immigration bill that allows 10 million illegal aliens to become citizens, doubles the flow of legal immigration each year and will cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $54 billion over the next 10 years.

The leaders of both parties hailed the 62-36 passage as a historic success.

Majority Leader Bill Frist said the vote represented the "very best" of the Senate.

"This is a success for the American people," the Tennessee Republican said. "It is a success for people who hope to participate someday in that American dream."

This bill isn't just bad - it's dangerous because it encourages more illegals to cross the border:

"The amnesty provisions and the fact that the enforcement provisions will not kick in immediately mean to me that this will not solve the illegal immigration problem," Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana Republican, said today. "This will, in fact, make the illegal immigration problem much bigger."

Senator Isakson proposed an amendment that would not initiate the guest worker and amnesty programs until after Homeland Security confirmed the border was secure. It was killed.

I'm embarrassed to say that both of my Senators, DeWine and Voinovich, voted for the bill.

Update: Read Thomas Sowell's article "The Senate's 'Tough' Immigration Bill." It explains in great detail the insanity of the Senate immigration bill.

Right of center bloggers are reacting:

Alexandra offers a postmortem on the immigration bill

Dafydd at Big Lizards asks if conservatives will play dog-in-the-manger.

California Conservative offers reaction from Chris Simcox of the Minutemen.

Ed Morrissey has a lot of analysis.

AllahPundit at Hot Air has a lot of reaction as well as how the senators voted.

Michelle Malkin puts the Senate's actions in the correct perspective: Any hope now rests with the House.

Dan Riehl sees this as the slide toward socialism.

John Hawkins is right on when he says the Senate vote ended with Mexico 62 -- America 36


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Comments (10)

Hmmmm.Sooooo.... (Below threshold)



Who's going to be the first to demand that conservatives continue voting for Republicans because they'd be *worse* than Democrats?

Seriously. If the senate were completely controlled by Democrats, could they have come out with anything worse than this? I find that difficult to believe.

The fact is that there IS N... (Below threshold)


There are plenty of (tough) laws already on the books to enforce against illegal immigration. All that is really needed is an Executive Order from the White House to enforce existing law.

The rest is subterfuge.

Hmmmmm...... (Below threshold)


... for Republicans because they'd be *better* than Democrats?

Preview is my friend. sigh.

Ah, but Ted - you've got to... (Below threshold)

Ah, but Ted - you've got to understand that EXISTING laws aren't enough. You see, if you write the RIGHT law, it'll enforce itself! All those other laws, that aren't enforcing themselves, they weren't written correctly! But CONGRESS, they can write a law that works properly, that won't need to be enforced because it will enforce itself.

Simple, isn't it?

What a disgrace...... (Below threshold)

What a disgrace...

What a Fricking Disgrace!</... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

What a Fricking Disgrace!

Hmmm.What's astoni... (Below threshold)


What's astonishing is that nobody really knows how many illegals this applies to. People are guessing anywhere from 12 million to more than 20 million. For all we know it could be 50 million.

This is a nightmare.

The twits in the Senate has... (Below threshold)

The twits in the Senate has just managed to alienate the base by passing a bill that is diametrically opposed to their views.

Ed, try this one out for those splng mestaks:


It pains me to admit I vote... (Below threshold)
Jo macDougal:

It pains me to admit I voted for the left wing liberal in the White House that is behind this amnesty sham. Bush is bad President, in many ways more liberal(or farther left) than JFK; but still better than JFK would have been. Just a bad , liberal liar! But so is "Christmas in Cambodia"; so what choice did we have? America needs at least one more party! One that is not run by liberals!

With the move Bush made 18 ... (Below threshold)
Rodney A Stanton:

With the move Bush made 18 months ago to the far left I am not longer convinced he is in fact better than JFK would have been. Remember that his lies to the contrary, he never was a "Conservative". In his first term he teamed up with "Chappaquiddick" Teddy to give us "the New Improved Hillary Care". So his left wing administration should not have caught us by surprise.
Before Bush and Rove purged the GOP of Reagan men there were many conservatives in the leadership of the GOP. There are no conservatives in position of authority now but it does not have to stay that way. Remember 1992 when the last liberal Bush forced the Reagan men out? There are many in the GOP who do not like having the Democrats win an election with only 42% of the vote. These "the GOP must win" men will put some Reagan men back in power if the GOP loses one of the houses of Congress in 06. Mark my words, a defeat wakes the party up!






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