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When last we left off on the journey to a redesigned Wizbang there was a mock-up presented and scores of comments; most positive, some critical. All of the comments and critiques were taken very seriously, and I've adjusted the design goals and format to address some of the issues raised. What we did not have until this week was progress on the pixel laying front.

All that's changed now, as there's a new designer on the case, due to the previous designer falling off the face of the earth; something that seems to be an occupational hazard for blog designers. The new Wizbang design crew is Apothegm Designs, and from the early looks we've seen all I can do is kick myself that I didn't engage them earlier. Of course there will be much more detail to come, but we're on track for a roll-out in the June/July timeframe.

Also, Monday will be a big day at Wizbang as we unveil a timely new site into the Wizbang Network. Check back this weekend, as we may be dropping hints about the contents and the author(s)...

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Apothegm Rocks!!Sa... (Below threshold)

Apothegm Rocks!!

Sadie and Phin and have done four different designs for me on two different sites...so far!!

I have no doubt you will be pleased.

Excellent choice! Sadie an... (Below threshold)

Excellent choice! Sadie and Phinnie "did" me too!






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