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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (L), D-NV, flanked by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R), R-TN, speaks about the Immigration Reform Bill that passed in the Senate in Washington, DC. The Senate approved the immigration legislation that will give most illegal immigrants the chance to become American citizens.(AFP/Getty Images/Mark Wilson)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (108)

Take your voting pen, strik... (Below threshold)
Robb H:

Take your voting pen, strike down immigration enforcement, AND YOUR JOURNEY TO THE DARK SIDE WILL BE COMPLETE!!

Frist (thinking): "Man, I ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Frist (thinking): "Man, I wish Reid would lay off the bean burritos, Bush isn't the only one with problems south of the border."

You peasants need to unders... (Below threshold)

You peasants need to understand that we, the royal political nobility are not subject to your laws and concerns. You should be thankful for the crumbs we give you, vermin.

"See that flash of light?? ... (Below threshold)

"See that flash of light?? That's your career flashing in front of you..."

Frist thought: "the dim bul... (Below threshold)
Charlie Earl:

Frist thought: "the dim bulb from Searchlight!"

"I love you man!"... (Below threshold)

"I love you man!"

Frist thought: "Man, this ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Frist thought: "Man, this Harry Reid ventriloquist dummy is working great. People really think this crap is coming out of him."

Not a dime's worth of diffe... (Below threshold)

Not a dime's worth of difference.

(Frist Thinking): "Bet if I... (Below threshold)

(Frist Thinking): "Bet if I goosed him he'd make the most delightful squeal."

Whats that stuff growing be... (Below threshold)

Whats that stuff growing behind his ears???

Frist: "I'm sooo good looki... (Below threshold)

Frist: "I'm sooo good looking."

"You tell'em Harry buddy! Y... (Below threshold)

"You tell'em Harry buddy! You tell the peaseants to know their role! Hmpphh...that'll show'em...

Frist: "What I wouldn't giv... (Below threshold)

Frist: "What I wouldn't give to operate on that brain."

(Frist thought bubble_: "He... (Below threshold)

(Frist thought bubble_: "Heh, Harry's lips move when he reads. I never noticed that before."

Frist: "It's not brain surg... (Below threshold)

Frist: "It's not brain surgery, pal."

Frist: "OMG! I think he's c... (Below threshold)

Frist: "OMG! I think he's choking! Should I do the Heimlich?"

First: Dang I must have gr... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

First: Dang I must have grabbed the sneeze powder instead of the itch powder.

Stay tuned: Mr. Rogers N... (Below threshold)

Stay tuned: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood will be followed by Let's Make a Deal.

Frist: Shut up, or I won't ... (Below threshold)

Frist: Shut up, or I won't use KY the next time.

What shocked the Senate Flo... (Below threshold)

What shocked the Senate Floor:
even after his years in the Senate, Bill Frist can still administer a surprise proctology exam.
What did not:
Harry Reid whimpering "Thats it... milk the prostate" as Frist withdrew.

"Hmmm... now here's a man i... (Below threshold)

"Hmmm... now here's a man in serious need of proctological exam, good thing I'm a licensed Doctor."

Frist: "I'm right behind ya... (Below threshold)

Frist: "I'm right behind ya Harry" (thinking: "There's dang few other places left to hide")

Certifiably Nuts!... (Below threshold)

Certifiably Nuts!

Corruption breeds strange b... (Below threshold)

Corruption breeds strange bedfellows??

Frist: "Why doesn't anyone ... (Below threshold)

Frist: "Why doesn't anyone ever talk about my smirk? I think it is at least as good as President Bush's."

"...a quick incision there ... (Below threshold)

"...a quick incision there and off comes the head...no problem for a doctor like me..."

Vote for us! our audacity k... (Below threshold)

Vote for us! our audacity know's no bounds.

His Master's Voice... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

His Master's Voice

Tangle and Cash... (Below threshold)

Tangle and Cash

"Remember, Illegal Aliens A... (Below threshold)

"Remember, Illegal Aliens Are Green, Have Antenna Sprouting From Their Head and Will Only Respond To, Take Me To Your Leader."

Brokeback Senate... (Below threshold)

Brokeback Senate

"I'm Looking For A Maid And... (Below threshold)

"I'm Looking For A Maid And Gardener, Can Any Body Help Me?"

"We Are Just Trying To Keep... (Below threshold)

"We Are Just Trying To Keep the Price Of Produce Down."

Oh no, Senator Frist is beh... (Below threshold)

Oh no, Senator Frist is behind me, isn't he? And I'll bet he's got that annoying smirk on his face, too.

I cant wait to be back insi... (Below threshold)

I cant wait to be back inside of him...mmmmmmm mmmmmm

Yeah Harry, squint harder. ... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Yeah Harry, squint harder. You can still see the illegals swarming.

Hmmm, I've never noticed it... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, I've never noticed it before, but Henry Reid sure has a nice ass.

"Can Any Body Spot Me Some ... (Below threshold)

"Can Any Body Spot Me Some Preparation H?"

"I wonder if Harry noticed ... (Below threshold)

"I wonder if Harry noticed I had one hand on each shoulder when I gave him the prostrate exam"?

"And To My House Keeper I S... (Below threshold)

"And To My House Keeper I Say, You Can Come Home Now Maria."

In their frist live post m... (Below threshold)

In their frist live post mortem press conference First sizes up the minority Mortician: uummmn pucker up Dirty Harry xoxoxo oxoxox..

The Senate Decided They Cou... (Below threshold)

The Senate Decided They Could Not Afford To Let Their Domestic Help Go.

Reid: "...and, I believe LO... (Below threshold)

Reid: "...and, I believe LOL stands for laughing out loud. It would look something like this... *laughing* ROFL stands for rolling on the floor laughing. That looks like this... *Gets on floor, rolls around while laughing, then stands* Let's see, what other acronyms can I provide visuals for you guys... Bill, you got any?"

Frist: "Yeah... *sound of zipper opening* This ones called BOHICA..."

"There Will Be An El Grande... (Below threshold)

"There Will Be An El Grandee Fiesta At My House Tonight."

Hmmm.Frist thought... (Below threshold)


Frist thought bubble: "Tool."

What do You mean were not s... (Below threshold)

What do You mean were not serious about illegals crossing our borders? there is no way in hell we will allow any illegal DOJ searches of our private offices!!

Analyzing the video frame b... (Below threshold)

Analyzing the video frame by frame, the democrats got their first indication that maybe the republicans were setting them up for next November.

Frist thinking, "There he g... (Below threshold)

Frist thinking, "There he goes again!"

A shrug and a smug.... (Below threshold)

A shrug and a smug.

"Thanks For Showing Up Folk... (Below threshold)

"Thanks For Showing Up Folks, Le Atornillamos."

Were so smart we can outthi... (Below threshold)

Were so smart we can outthink ourselves!

Frist thought: "Did I turn ... (Below threshold)

Frist thought: "Did I turn off the iron before I left the house?"

"The Last Two Contestants O... (Below threshold)

"The Last Two Contestants On American Idle."

Frist: "If I grew a mustach... (Below threshold)

Frist: "If I grew a mustache, I would look just like Vicente Fox."

Frist thought bubble: What ... (Below threshold)

Frist thought bubble: What was my Tee off time again?

Harry Houdini and Dr.Doolit... (Below threshold)

Harry Houdini and Dr.Doolittle

Reid:...and having destroye... (Below threshold)

Reid:...and having destroyed the Ring of Power Frodo boarded the ship for the undying lands and Sam married Rosie Cotton and they live happily ever after. Now, I would like to ask Mr. Frist to come forward and delight us with a reading from William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"

"Gee Wally do You think the... (Below threshold)

"Gee Wally do You think they'll still vote for us? sure Beave' the American people are as dumb as a box of rocks.."

"Putz."... (Below threshold)


Frist: "You know, it's real... (Below threshold)

Frist: "You know, it's really hard to put up with these jerks who aren't even half as good looking as me."

"I wish I knew how to quit ... (Below threshold)

"I wish I knew how to quit you, Harry"

Frist: "You know, it's real... (Below threshold)

Frist: "You know, it's really hard to put up with these jerks who aren't even half as good looking as me."

The mind control experiment... (Below threshold)

The mind control experiments of the last year were paying off for Half-baked Harry, now that he has Speaker Frist under his control.

"Frist, clench your lips and stare at the back of my head.

Good. Next, Vote for amnesty for illegal aliens bill.

Great, Next....."

Frist thinking: ("I can't b... (Below threshold)

Frist thinking: ("I can't believe these Democrats picked the only guy in the Senate who looks like Pat Paulsen to be their leader").

Lets see, 12 million votes ... (Below threshold)

Lets see, 12 million votes at a dollar apiece...I bet he thinks I'll take a check!

Harry suddenly gets a "Deer... (Below threshold)

Harry suddenly gets a "Deer in the headlights" look when he suddenly hears that all too familiar latex snap from behind him.

The new stars for the remak... (Below threshold)

The new stars for the remake of Face/Off.

Reid: "...and from now on, ... (Below threshold)

Reid: "...and from now on, everytime a bell rings, an undocumented worker will get his green [card]."

Frist: "Merry Christmas Harry!"

Senator Frist considers sta... (Below threshold)

Senator Frist considers stamping his little foot and whining about senatorial privilege as Elmer Fudd betrays him yet again.

Traitors... (Below threshold)


Why is it every time Reid o... (Below threshold)

Why is it every time Reid opens his yap, I'm the one who feels like I'm getting the UFIA?

Hmm, what they taught in me... (Below threshold)

Hmm, what they taught in medical school IS true... a cadaver sometimes does move post-mortem!

Dumb and Dummer!... (Below threshold)

Dumb and Dummer!

"Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee"... (Below threshold)

"Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee"

Frist: "Ventriloquism is ea... (Below threshold)

Frist: "Ventriloquism is easier than I thought. My lips aren't moving at all this time, but my arm sure is getting tired."

Reid thought bubble: I hope... (Below threshold)

Reid thought bubble: I hope they dont ask about My 6 nannys."

Frist thought bubble: I hope they dont ask Me about My Abramhoff connections."

The above thought bubbles are interchangeable and work for both Senators!

Asshats like us! ... (Below threshold)

Asshats like us!

Frist: Thank God I opted no... (Below threshold)

Frist: Thank God I opted not to be a proctologist. There are enough assholes here to last a lifetime.

"Hmmm... I wonder what woul... (Below threshold)

"Hmmm... I wonder what would happen if I gave Harry Reid a wedgie...?"

Reid: "You're racists...not... (Below threshold)

Reid: "You're racists...nothing but RACISTS."

Frist, thinking: "Yeah Baby, YOUR truth to MY power."

Ooooh oooohooo oh Bill stop... (Below threshold)
Dick Morrass:

Ooooh oooohooo oh Bill stop that...My G-spot doesnt have a recoil..

"Geeze, what a tool..."... (Below threshold)

"Geeze, what a tool..."

Christ I'd love to just bit... (Below threshold)

Christ I'd love to just bitch slap him.

Ahhh senator Reid, is that ... (Below threshold)

Ahhh senator Reid, is that a hand moving under Your coat or what? Frist: excuse Me but I was just fumbling for a wedge issue..

Jive Sqwawking...... (Below threshold)

Jive Sqwawking...

Frist: I bet if I took ... (Below threshold)

Frist: I bet if I took my hand out right now, nobody could tell the difference between Harry farting and his speech.

Frist: "What I wouldn't giv... (Below threshold)

Frist: "What I wouldn't give to operate on that brain."....

Hmmm??? I don't know what he'd give either, but he would definitely need a microscope.

Tail wags dog.... (Below threshold)

Tail wags dog.

Frist: Next time I get to p... (Below threshold)

Frist: Next time I get to pontificate and You get to bloviate!!

Frist thought bubble: Gee, ... (Below threshold)
Charlie Earl:

Frist thought bubble: Gee, he's wearing Pelosi"s fragrance again!

Bob Dole was right; he real... (Below threshold)

Bob Dole was right; he really does sound like Underdog.

hahaha Charlie whats the fr... (Below threshold)

hahaha Charlie whats the fragrance? skank on a rope?

Polly purebred Pelosi's per... (Below threshold)

Polly purebred Pelosi's perfume "repel#9" is wafted on Scary Rieds undertaker suit! Senator Twist recoils and snides, He never smells this good for Me? epilogue : Speed of lightning! ball of thunder! Reid and Frist will surely blunder, ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh Underdog ohh Underdog..

good night all

Frist: (thought) Im gonna ... (Below threshold)

Frist: (thought) Im gonna stick my thumb in his bum.

Reid: (sound) uuuueeegghhh!

(snap photo)

When Harry met Silly. ... (Below threshold)

When Harry met Silly.

My fellow Americans. Today ... (Below threshold)

My fellow Americans. Today we have passed some important ledge..is..late...tion....HEY! WHAT THE HELL?!!

"Okay, you win this one, Ha... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Okay, you win this one, Harry, but be warned that the slogan in your 'backyard' is gonna change to: 'Whoever Happens To Immigrate into Vegas, Stays Buried in Vegas!' "

Frist thought: Whew! I real... (Below threshold)
Charlie Earl:

Frist thought: Whew! I really wish Dusty Harry would use that "Beano" I gave him!

"I'm getting out while the ... (Below threshold)

"I'm getting out while the getting's good, but I'm not sure which would be worse for Harry -- another term as minority leader, or becoming majority leader."

"Contrary to what those Wiz... (Below threshold)

"Contrary to what those Wizbang commenters say, I do not have my hand up Reid's @$$. I couldn't get it past his head."

Frist glaring at Harrys hea... (Below threshold)
Al Shopton:

Frist glaring at Harrys head states, Oh My God Harry! I can see Your skull and it says "Made in China" on it!

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fu... (Below threshold)
Forrest Ross:

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer, now shut up and go do as you're told!

Harry finishes up a press c... (Below threshold)

Harry finishes up a press conference by stating Americans should be more charitable, while at the same time His office has been raided in a sting and 500,000 dollars discovered along with a donors list from "Move On.Org"

"I wish I knew how to quit ... (Below threshold)

"I wish I knew how to quit you! " Brokeback Senate

Tall Man Meets Doctor Giggl... (Below threshold)

Tall Man Meets Doctor Giggles in the return to Cowpie Hill.

"Love Me Tender"... (Below threshold)

"Love Me Tender"

Frist: Dang, no wonder thei... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

Frist: Dang, no wonder their called Moonbats, Look at the size of those flappers!

Update</stro... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.






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