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Danica Patrick Takes On Indy Again


Last year we introduced you to Danica Patrick, a rookie Indy car driver who was a serious threat to win The Indianapolis 500. We'll it's Indy weekend again, and Danica is back for her sophomore effort at the Brickyard. She finished fourth last year, and is starting in the tenth position this year.

Danica, who has brought a whole new level of interest to Indy racing, despite never having won a race is profiled in The Washington Post today, Patrick's Wheel of Fortune, 'Danicamania' Thrives as Driver Seeks First Win.

Her previous work in front of the camera, where she's already a champion, is featured below (pictures are work safe, if a bit racey)...

http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/1danica109-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/1danica110-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/1danica111-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/1danica121-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/1danica200-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/1danica204-thumb.jpg
http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/danilegs-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/dpatrick-car-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/dpatrick-fhm1-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/dpatrick-fhm2-thumb.jpg http://wizbangblog.com/images/2006/05/dpatrick-fhm3-thumb.jpg

If by some chance Danica does win there could be a a bit of nationally televised awkwardness (as pointed out at FARK) when it comes time for the traditional kiss from the 500 Festival queen, Tracey Todd.

Comments (20)

Pretty, healthy, muscular, ... (Below threshold)

Pretty, healthy, muscular, REAL. She could break Paris Hilton in two.

Her husband's one lucky man.

I (not really) hate to get ... (Below threshold)

I (not really) hate to get all FARK here, but....

Stop me if I'm wrong; I heard chicks had.., well BREASTS!

What's with these Sullivan toys?

Really, you crop her hair a... (Below threshold)

Really, you crop her hair and you got you a boy.

LeatherPenguin, time for a ... (Below threshold)

LeatherPenguin, time for a new pair of glasses, better get yourself to an optometrist soon. She don't look like any boy I know, thank goodness for that!

Well, lady athletes in othe... (Below threshold)

Well, lady athletes in other sports are routinely good looking, so why not lady racers? The only surprise here is just that women have so long declined to enter the sport.

Come to think of it, if you really want the big bucks that go with reaching the pinnacle of a sport, it's not enough to be supremely proficient in the sport itself, anymore; you have to be photogenic. Endorsement money depends on your camera appeal. That seems to apply to men equally as it does to women.

Nicholas, you didn't even r... (Below threshold)

Nicholas, you didn't even read my name correctly, and I'm supposed to look to YOU for ocular truth?

Really, stick some yarbles in the proper spot, apply a body wax and she's a he....


...now get off my lawn.... (Below threshold)

...now get off my lawn...

Hmmm. After that headline ... (Below threshold)
SCSI Indy wuzzy:

Hmmm. After that headline and photo, I am changing my name to Indy.

Sorry, I just can't see it.... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I just can't see it. Athletic women frequently have small breasts, it's those toned muscles and lack of body fat I guess. She still looks like a she.

I didn't misread your name; it's just confusing. I had no idea there were people named "TC"...

That dress is awful! She lo... (Below threshold)

That dress is awful! She looks a little flat upstairs,but great otherwise.

I wouldn't think twice. Pl... (Below threshold)
Jim in Harrisburg:

I wouldn't think twice. Plus she's got that Slavic first name.

Damn, that is an ugly dress... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

Damn, that is an ugly dress. All that money and no one to help select the good stuff. Solid colors always work better for the cameras.

Depending on who's signing ... (Below threshold)

Depending on who's signing the scorecard, women who drive very fast extremely well get between five and 20 extra Hotness Points.

Not that any of them will do her any good at Indy, but I would love to see her win; she's my second-favorite Indy driver ever (behind engineer / racer / scribe Patrick Bedard, lately of Car and Driver, who has two DNFs, which is not impressive in and of itself but which is far more impressive than anything I've done).

Stop me if I'm wrong; I ... (Below threshold)

Stop me if I'm wrong; I heard chicks had.., well BREASTS!

She's more aerodynamic this way. That and she doesn't have the added weight. A competitive advantage.

I'd crawl across 2 miles of... (Below threshold)

I'd crawl across 2 miles of rusty barbed wire and broken glass to smell the tire tracks of the truck that carries her dirty underwear to the laundry. :)

I guess she's supposed to b... (Below threshold)

I guess she's supposed to be sexy, but here is why I think she's not:

--No breasts to speak of
--No hips to speak of
--Her thighs aren't much more bigger around than her calves.

In other words, almost everything that distinguishes women from men she doesn't have. She does have a pretty face, I'll give that to her, but other than that, she looks like a guy.

But I guess our cultural idea of womanly beauty nowadays tends toward the lean, trim, no body fat athletic type, and Danica Patrick certainly is all of that. Never much cared for that look, though. I much prefer women who actually look like women, with hips, breasts, curves, etc.

At the risk of sounding pig... (Below threshold)

At the risk of sounding piggish and low brow.

I'd hit it.

Hmmm.No offense to... (Below threshold)


No offense to anyone but the Jamaican Bobsled Team could compete in the Indy 500 if they weren't expected to win.

If she doesn't win races, then what good is she?

Patrick is a good-looking g... (Below threshold)

Patrick is a good-looking girl who can win a pole or two but for some reason can't cross the S/F line in first at the end of a race. Until she can do that, she is tits on a bull - interesting to look at, but ultimately useless.

Many drivers of the male persuasion would have been sent down for her on-track performance, given the riches she has enjoyed in terms of publicity and team ownership (Rahal-Letterman).

Her main asset right now is that she is a lot better looking than Janet Guthrie or Lyn St. James, and that Maxim and Stuff can't get enough of her. If the latter changes, she'd better start winning races, or her rather curvy posterior will be kicked to the side.

i give danica props for tur... (Below threshold)

i give danica props for turning down a boob job that someone suggested she get done. her confidence is the sexiest thing and this makes her a great role model. lay off the small boob jabs. look where shes at then look at where you are at! yep, thats what i thought!






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