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The West Point Speech

The President gave an amazing commencement speech at West Point today addressing our fight in the War On Terror.

President Bush, likening the war against Islamic radicals to the Cold War threat of communism, told U.S. Military Academy graduates on Saturday that America's safety depends on an aggressive push for democracy, especially in the Middle East.

The president took a subtle jab at Syria and the nuclear ambitions of Iran. He chided previous U.S. administrations, saying that decades of excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East did nothing to make America safer.

"This is only the beginning," Bush said. "The message has spread from Damascus to Tehran that the future belongs to freedom, and we will not rest until the promise of liberty reaches every people in every nation."

Bush delivered his 35-minute foreign policy address to 861 cadets, all clad in crisp white slacks and gray jackets. Overcast skies threatened rain but did not dampen the graduates' enthusiasm for the president's tough talk against terrorism.

"The war began on my watch, but it's going to end on your watch," Bush told the cadets. "By standing with democratic reforms across a troubled region, we will extend freedom to millions who have not known it and lay the foundation for peace for generations to come."

The full transcript is posted here.


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Comments (4)

Hmmmm.His opinions... (Below threshold)


His opinions about illegal aliens still suck, so I really can't say I care how good a speech he gives.

Results are cake while speeches are little more than icing.

Right now, with regards to border enforcement, there's a serious dearth of cake.

It was good speech delivere... (Below threshold)

It was good speech delivered several years too late.

In the War on Terror, he has delivered some good results, but he has blown some very good opportunities and failed to lead. The result is America is going to declare victory in Iraq and leave the Middle East for good.

His party, which was always "the Stupid Party", has demonstrated stupidity far beyond anything this countrry has ever seen.

And his policy on immigration is a slap in the face to anyone who believes in the rule of law.

If both parties are hopelessly corrupt, are failing to defend American values, and cannot understand simple concepts like the rule of law, then I don't have anything positive to vote for. Both parties, acting out of greed and lust for power, will ultimately bring down the country.

What to do?

Well, I intend to vote for and work for Democrats. Speaker of the House Pelosi will spend the next two years investigating the White House and the GOP. That is justice, that is punishment for GOP stupidity, and it is a warning to others. (For those who don't understand the concept, a fundamental basis of the rulle of law is this: those who commit criminal acts must not profit by those illegal actions.)

Then I'm going to retire from politics and watch the Democrats destroy the economy, turn the country toward another post-Vietnam era, and watch the Islamic fundamentalist fill the void. We'll see a world gone mad.

First, let me say tht I car... (Below threshold)

First, let me say tht I care about nothing but defending our country and defeating--no make that killing--our enemies.
Bush's speech was excellent--but what took him so long?

pelosi? YUUUCCKKK! That *... (Below threshold)

pelosi? YUUUCCKKK! That *$% couldn't count her #&% and come up with the same number twice.

[Comment edited]






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