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Barry Bonds Passes Babe Ruth

For those who are following Barry Bonds in his quest to beat the Babe's home run record, Barry hit his 715th career home run today.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds hit his 715th career home run on Sunday, overtaking baseball legend Babe Ruth for second place on the all-time home-run list.

Bonds' fourth-inning blast against the Colorado Rockies' starting pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim came a week after he matched Ruth's 714 career home runs during an interleague game against the Oakland Athletics to end a nearly two-week slump. At age 41, Bonds now trails only Hank Aaron's 755 career homers for the Major League Baseball record.

Update: Pajamas Media notes Josh Gibson hit almost 800 home runs in the Negro Leagues.

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Nope. Doesn't count. ... (Below threshold)

Nope. Doesn't count.

Put an asterisk behind it.

a huge sign held up by some... (Below threshold)

a huge sign held up by some fans in a picture a little while back it said...

Babe did it with beer and hot dogs and Hank did it with class..Barry what did YOU do it with?

that pretty much says it all

Babe actually had 715 home ... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Babe actually had 715 home runs. He did not get credited for one that he hit. Rules were changed later.

Yes, he may have passed the... (Below threshold)

Yes, he may have passed the mark mathematically but ethically he's short.

Rhetorical question:<... (Below threshold)

Rhetorical question:

What's the record for number of times Hit By Pitch?

Bonds is probably going to set that one soon, if he doesn't have it already. Guys like Russ Springer are more than happy to oblige him on that one.

Seems like a nice guy ! mor... (Below threshold)

Seems like a nice guy ! more power to Him..

Bonds is a nice guy, for an... (Below threshold)

Bonds is a nice guy, for an arrogant steroid-cheating freak.

Better than Ruth? Not by a long shot!

To compare players over differing time periods is tricky, but if we look at their relative impact on their times, we can get a good idea. Bonds is the most feared hitter of his time, without a doubt.

Ruth twice hit more home runs than any other TEAM in his league did. In Bonds' record-setting best year, he would have needed another 65 homers to tie the lowest team total in his league. Ruth hit homers far more frequently than Bonds, and had better career slugging and OPS stats. Ruth hit a ball that was livelier than it had been, but he didn't benefit from a new one after virtually every pitch. In fact, it was only after he became a hitting attraction that the custom of fans keeping foul balls as souveniers emerged.

But we shouldn't forget the five years the Babe spent as a PITCHER, either. His 23 consecutive scoreless innings in the World Series was as tough a record as his season HR highs, and he STILL ranks among the top 15 pitchers of all time in winning percentage and ERA, based on 100 decisions or more.

For those who doubt Bonds is on steroids despite his admissions of using "cream" and injecting "clear" he got from a guy in the middle of a huge steroids scandal and criminal prosecution, note that he hit 40 or more HR three times in his first 14 seasons, but then went on a tear of 45+ for five consecutive years immediately after this "trainer" helped him out.

No contest. He's a bum. Turn your back on him.

FWIW, the greatest HR hitter of all time was probably Willie Mays. He played most of his career home games at Candlestick Park, where the swirling winds turned many home runs into long flyouts. Had Mays played in parks of the sort Ruth and Bonds enjoyed - and even Aaron - he would likely have hit 800 in his own career.

Josh Gibson's records are debatable, but it cannot be argued that if he had played in the majors, he would have ranked up there with the very best handful.

Barry's got nothing on Ho, ... (Below threshold)

Barry's got nothing on Ho, who's Ho? He's the all time homerun king in Japan.

Sadaharu Oh hit 868 home runs with out steriods no less.....

Beat that.

yeah I know I botched Ho, i... (Below threshold)

yeah I know I botched Ho, instead of Oh. My bad.

I second Willie Mays. Also,... (Below threshold)

I second Willie Mays. Also, don't forget that he spent 2 years of his prime in the military. I don't think Bonds did and I know for a fact that Aaron didn't, either.

Mays shudda had 800. Easy.

No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask? : )

Sadaharu Oh hands down...an... (Below threshold)

Sadaharu Oh hands down...and he did it with those squinty eyes...JEEZUS!!






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