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The Banality of Feeble

In our humble opinion, dear reader, political discourse in this country continues to degenerate apace. It seems to us that, just as the impeachment of President Clinton got many conservatives overly worked up, the Iraq War has led sundry liberals to espouse arguments completely unhinged from reality.

For example, take the brouhaha over Jean Sara Rohe's ill-mannered address at the recent New School graduation. As has been reported ad nauseam, this pertinacious tyro took it upon herself to excoriate Vietnam veteran John McCain, who uncomfortably watched her diatribe from a few feet away.

To any rational person, Ms. Rohe was extremely disrespectful. Need we even argue that a graduation is an ill-chosen event for a demolition of your graduation speaker? Apparently not to rabid leftists: In their eyes, Jean Sara Rohe is the younger generation's Che Guevara. To this end, she even got some television exposure on "The Big Picture" with Donny Deutch, which ensured that she was seen by literally two-dozen people around the world.

We suppose, then, that our friends on the Left would delight in a student using his commencement remarks to rip into some famous left-wing graduation speaker. After all, to them, it's not bad manners at all. But why do we have the suspicion that they'd think differently under these circumstances? How about some enterprising graduate takes aim at Michael Moore as an overstuffed apologist for terrorism and we find out?

But we need not discuss the addlebrained Jean Sara Rohe in order to prove our point. One must only turn to various places on Al Gore's World-Wide Web.

Just the other day, for instance, we checked out AfterDowningStreet.org, a "website" dedicated to far-Left muckraking. On said "website," you'll find a charming piece by one Bill Perry, with the delightful title "Veterans Surround Richard Perle, Demand Accountability for His Role in Launching Illegal War." As its delightful title suggests, the "post" discusses a run-in between the neoconservative intellectual Richard Perle and a gaggle of anti-war protestors. And we think it amply demonstrates the way in which the Iraq War has driven some folks batty.

It begins as follows:

Here's 8 great shots I took, with a disposable camera, of Neo-Con Architect of the Iraq war, Richard Perle, and our Iraq Veterans Against the War Heroes & Sheroes, joined by our Gold Star Families "Matriots".

Okay, so Mr. Perry has some strange ideas about capitalization. And no reasonable person would countenance the neologism "Sheroes." But so what?

Well, take a look at this little bit:

...we surrounded the Adolf Eichman [sic] of the Bush Administration [i.e., Mr. Perle], and had BIG FUN humiliating the MURDERER!

Oh, dear. First, we suppose we ought to note that Mr. Perle no longer plays an official role in the Bush Administration and hasn't served in this capacity since the dawn of the Iraq War. Moreover, we guess we should add that, to the best of our knowledge, Mr. Perle hasn't murdered anyone. We know: Details, details.

In addition, perhaps Mr. Perry should realize that his two assessments of Perle--"Neo-Con Architect of the Iraq war" and "the Adolf Eichman [sic] of the Bush Administration"--don't make any sense in tandem. Which is it? Did he plan the war or was he merely "following orders"?

Additionally, one might note that Mr. Perle is Jewish, and thus Mr. Perry's likening him to Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann may be particularly offensive. But this requires us to believe that Mr. Perry actually knows who Adolf Eichmann is, which there is ample reason to doubt.

Also, there's the small matter of the actual event. You see, if you take a gander at the accompanying pictures, you'll find Mr. Perle politely chatting with the protestors; it doesn't appear much like "BIG FUN humiliating the MURDERER" to us.

But perhaps this offers a perfect example of our point: To the unhinged Bill Perry, a tepid confrontation equals an abject humiliation, just as a neoconservative intellectual equals Adolf Eichmann. How more estranged from reality can you get?

(Note: The crack young staff usually "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently writing a book on a Jewish builder tentatively titled The Neo-Con Architect.)

Comments (8)

Note, also, the term "matri... (Below threshold)

Note, also, the term "matriot" as opposed to "patriot."

They managed to one-up the stupidity of "womyn."

Leave it to the intellectua... (Below threshold)

Leave it to the intellectual left to call a Jew a Nazi. Or is this one of those instances where it's a "feeling" rather than words based on reason.

I don't know that we can sa... (Below threshold)

I don't know that we can say that politics has gotten more nasty than it was in the past, we just happen to see more of it. I've been doing some reading lately about some of the Founding Fathers, and for all the tremendous ideas they came up with, there were some bitter, nasty fueds between them. And let's not forget a little duel between Hamilton & Burr, or a sitting Congressman being beat with a cane on the House floor.

Does anyone here think the ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone here think the Bushies ever considered "what if" it turns to "shit" after the invasion? Did they have any contingency plans other than trying to figure out what to do with the candy, and flowers the Iraqi "liberators" were to be met with?

Part of the "problem" is the fact that our leadership has been a disaster by any measure. The White House, and the Congress.

Every thing Bush touches turns to crap. If he was doing a good job, and telling the truth, everyone would be supporting him. On the other hand his leadership has been a nightmare by any measure, but only "realists" can admit it.

After 9-11 I wanted Bush to defend us, not just make the world hate us more. Our soccer team can not even travel with the American Flag on their bus without being attacked. I fear we may never recover from this insane war, mountain of debt, or alienation of our traditional allies.

Compared to Bush Benedict Arnold was a pope.

And John McCain thouroughly... (Below threshold)

And John McCain thouroughly supports the Traitor in the White House, and this insane war based on lies. He deserves far worse than heckling, or a reality check. He should check in somewhere and get his head examined. I think someone else has mentioned this.

Dan, for your sake I hope s... (Below threshold)

Dan, for your sake I hope someday down the road mental health professionals can find a cure for BDS. I doubt it will come soon enough to help your steadily worsening psyche. Maybe some one has started a trial program you can join.

yea, I mean at this rate, b... (Below threshold)

yea, I mean at this rate, bush will NEVER be re-elected.

Yes Dan, maybe He should ha... (Below threshold)

Yes Dan, maybe He should have his head checked at the same place You get Your meds..






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