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The Return Of The Magic Hat

Ah, the magic hat is back.

Update: DocWeasel at New England Republican looks at the rest of the story that the NY Times missed.

Update II: Tom McGuire has much more. (Hat tip Lucianne)

Update III: More still from my favorite, Bruce Kesler.

Update IV: Pat Curley , another of my favorite people in the world, was the first to break the story of Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia during the 2004 election. His comments on the return of the magic hat can be found here and here.


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Comments (16)

Many in the blogosphere hav... (Below threshold)

Many in the blogosphere have suggested a simply solution for Kerry.

Simply sue the Swift Vets for slander.

There is that pesky problem of Kerry releasing his military records to prove his point though.

What a Kerry-towing puff pi... (Below threshold)

What a Kerry-towing puff piece. Speaking of puff, it is apparent that Kerry loves to puff himself up. It is this characteristic that led to his downfall.

Hmmmm.Someone stic... (Below threshold)


Someone stick a stake in this one and let it die.

Do we really have to go over this nonsense every few years from now until doomsday?

It doesn't matter what kind... (Below threshold)

It doesn't matter what kind of hat he puts on. Very few people will ever belive him again. He is already established as a loser and all the spin in the world will not erase the questions people have about his motives.

As far as i'm concerned he wears an A$$ hat and it would need to be surgically removed before I'll ever listen to what he might have to say.

The moral of this story is:... (Below threshold)

The moral of this story is: Shoulda,Coulda,Woulda.

I admit I haven't kept up o... (Below threshold)

I admit I haven't kept up on this subject, but I was surprised by this statement in the Times' article:

"Mr. Kerry has signed forms authorizing the Navy to release his record -- something he resisted during the campaign -- and hired a researcher to comb the naval archives in Washington for records that could pinpoint his whereabouts during dates of the incidents in dispute."

At one time it was disputed that he'd ever signed these authorization forms. Has anyone seen these forms?

I'm still ashamed as a Vet,... (Below threshold)

I'm still ashamed as a Vet,that John KKKerry has the guts to even bring this disgusting fable up again.It' seered in my memory what a cowardly man he really is, just release yor records and show us your discharge with less than Honorable written all over it.

RE: Regret 12:12P.M.<... (Below threshold)

RE: Regret 12:12P.M.

Kerry finally signed form 180, but then had his records sent to the Boston Globe, which published this original story

He has never released all the records publicly, to my knowledge.

We can all get our own Magi... (Below threshold)

We can all get our own Magic Hats given us in 1968 at the local Army-Navy.

Pat Curley was <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Pat Curley was the first person to prove that Kerry lied about his trip to Cambodia, and the beautiful part was that Pat used Kerry's bio by Brinkley!

Those of us who followed th... (Below threshold)

Those of us who followed the Christmas in Cambodia story from the beginning know what an important part Pat Curley and Kitty had in bringing this story to the attention of the nation; they deserve our gratitude and recognition.

Blogs with larger readership picked up the story, but Pat and Kitty were the pioneers. Thanks to both of you.

The Christmas in Cambodia s... (Below threshold)
Mike Johnson:

The Christmas in Cambodia story just keeps morphing. Now it's Valentine's Day in Cambodia. The Mekong has morphed into the Giang Thanh and the CIA has morphed into Navy SEALS. Always interesting.

Some official data. Kerry's last mission on PCF-44 was 21 January 1969 and his first mission on PCF-94 was 12 February 1969. The only Kerry missions along the border with Cambodia are on 12 through 14 February and there are four after action reports that cover the period.

The first two seem to represent one mission by PCFs 50 and 94 and the last two a second mission by PCFs 50 and 94. Both missions were along the Giang Thanh river and the Vinh Te canal near the Cambodian border and both included SEAL insertions.

Ha Tien is a Vietnamese town just south of the Cambodian border on the Sea of Thailand. It is located at 104 degrees 30 minutes east latitude, 10 degrees 22 minutes north longitude. The map coordinates for Ha Tien used on after action reports are VS 440 470.

The Cambodian border runs essentially northeast from Ha Tien for about 25 miles as the crow flies and then turns to run essentially east-west. This point is 104 degrees 36 minutes east latitude and 10 degrees 32 minutes north longitude, map coordinates VS 564 639. The Giang Thanh runs along the border from Ha Tien to the point where the border turns east. The Giang Thanh joins the Vinh Te canal at the place where the border turns. The canal then parallels the border for a considerable distance to the east. The after action reports show the deepest penetration from the ocean to be to map coordinates VS 564 639, the junction of the Giang Thanh and the Kinh Te. All other coordinates given on the four after action reports are within Vietnam, although they're all close to the border.

Thanks for the credit, Lori... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the credit, Lori! Kitty found the story first on May 16, 2004, and posted it on KH. It was actually a sidebar to a long article on Kerry and his relationship with Daniel Ortega.

I was at work when I saw it, and it smelled to high heaven, so I said I would look it up in the Brinkley book that evening. Then one of our commenters (L Larsen) noted that Kerry was obviously lying about Nixon, who hadn't even been president during Christmas of 1968.

The guys who really got the ball rolling on this were Corsi and O'Neill with the release (about August 5) of the third chapter of Unfit for Command online. That's what caught the attention of the blogs and talk radio, and eventually forced the MSM to acknowledge it.

Hundreds of good people ser... (Below threshold)
Tom H:

Hundreds of good people served honorably during Vietnam in Swift Boats and placed themselves in harms way in the line of duty. Yet because of Oneil, Corsi, and the rightwing nutjobs that term "swiftboating" has been indentified with a false attacks on someone.
First, if any of the charges against Kerry are true, and there is little reason to believe they are, why did it take 35 years and millions of dollars, to bring them to light during an election campaign. Secondly, why can't Corsi or Oneil explaind why the Nixon Administration, which had access to all of Kerry's records and would have done anything legal or illegal, could never find anything to discredit Kerry with. Third, why did they need to hire an actor to pretend he was Kerry during the television commercials if he really said these things. Finally, why are they unable to explain all the inconsistant testimony about the various actions. Somehow, the Swiftboat skipper explaining why there was gunfire during a battle for his Bronze Star but no gunfire during the same battle for Kerry's Bronze Star was the crowning example of Corsi and Oneil were believed by nobody but fools.
Frankly, I don't think this book was the cause of Kerry's defeat but if you want to blame Corsi and Oneil for the hundreds of new deaths in Iraq, the debacle in New Orleans, and $3.25 a gallon gasoline go right ahead because the is Bush's second term legacy,

Maybe if you read some of w... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Maybe if you read some of what the Swifties actually said during the campaign you would have the answers to most of your questions.

As for why it took millions of dollars to bring the charges to the public, that is because the MSM likes to ignore the claims of some (like Juanita Broaddrick) and take at face value claims of others, like Mary Mapes and Bill Burkett.

Oh please Juanita herself o... (Below threshold)

Oh please Juanita herself only allowed herself to be interviewed by a limited number of people and her story was aired. The reason nobody believed her was because 20 years is a little long to be credible no matter who you are talking about. Jaunita did not do a lot to help herself either. She never did explain her animous towards Hillary who probably did not know about any the incident when it happened.
The media did cover the Swiftboat story and gave it far more coverage than the facts deserved.
Ask yourself this question why did so many people change or their story or "remember" things differently than all the documented records about the time a bunch of other people were throwing around millions of dollars?? In other words were some palms greased?? Ya think?






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