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On today, when we all should take at least a moment to remember and honor those who gave their lives in service to our nation, I find myself unable to properly show respect. So I'm going to defer to my betters.

Citizen Smash, formerly L.T. Smash and Lt. Cdr. Smash, sometimes 'The Indepundit," but always Scott, is a veteran. A Navy Reservist, he's been sent to the Middle East twice in the past few years. He is also one of the classiest, most respectable, and most honorable members of the blogosphere. His efforts on behalf of his fellow veterans, as well as those still serving, are inspirational -- and, even, a source of shame for those of us who haven't done anywhere near as much. His battles with the despicable swine of Code Pink, who picketed and protested outside veterans' hospitals, show how pride and dignity can and will persevere over the vermin who choose the weakest, the most vulnerable, to abuse.

Smash has a tribute to a single fallen Marine today, a man he never met, yet whom he has found much common ground through the man's mother. It should be required reading.

(Private note to Will Franklin: not only does this piece deserve prominent play in your next Carnival of Classiness, but Smash has at least one piece a week that merits such attention. Consider this a standing nomination for him.)

Two years, ago, I wrote my own tribute to a couple of American veterans a while ago. They survived their war, but so many others did not.

I think a little later today, I'll cruise by Manchester's Victory Park and pay my respects at Mr. Gagnon's memorial again. It's what Smash would do, I think.


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