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Wizbang Politics Launches


Wizbang Politics reunites former PoliPundit writers Alexander K. McClure and Lorie Byrd in a new project focused on politics, campaigns, and elections. We aim to make Wizbang Politics an everyday must read for those wanting to stay on top of the latest political news, polls and campaign strategy. Wizbang Politics will be monitoring individual races across the country and then will be putting that information into the context of the national political landscape.

After the 2006 congressional and gubernatorial races have ended, we will continue covering a broad range of political stories including those relating to overall party strategies, candidate recruiting, and will, of course, provide focus coverage of the 2008 presidential primary season and general election.

Please check in often; and don't forget to add Wizbang Politics to your browser favorites list, newsreader, and blogroll. We will be continually adding new content and features, as well as more ways for you to interact with the site as readers and contributors.

The e-mail address to contact the editors is listed on the Wizbang Politics site, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Note: Lorie's not leaving the main page; her primary posting location will still be right here. Her Politics posts will be in addition to her normal blogging at Wizbang.

Comments (8)

Great move Kevin! PoliPetul... (Below threshold)
jd watson:

Great move Kevin! PoliPetulant will rue the day he fired these two.

Hey, great move to expand t... (Below threshold)

Hey, great move to expand the Wizbang palette!

Nobody was "fired" from PP. The owner just changed the guidelines to insist the co-bloggers not dissent from his views on a particular subject. All four co-bloggers chose not to "agree NOT to disagree" in advance, and left, hewing to principle.

Lorie, in fact, never really dissented on the substance of the issue - at least not that I saw. She only objected to some of the derisive language thrown towards the President, which sounded like it was copied and pasted straight from DUh or Kos.

I applaud Kevin for adding two strong writers to the bullpen.

Will Alex continue to post ... (Below threshold)
Stephen Johnson:

Will Alex continue to post at RedState?

Adjoran,You are righ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

You are right in your third paragraph. On the second, though, we were in fact "fired." We received one email late that night saying we could not blog there if we did not agree 100 percent on immigration, then before we could even decide whether or not we wanted to stay (which would have been almost impossible under those circumstances) we received a followup email saying it was "over", and that it was time to go our separate ways. So we were given an ultimatum, then before we had time to respond to it, we were let go.

Hopefully that is the last time I will need to comment on that. I wish all the best to everyone from Polipundit, but have long since moved on. I am really excited about the new site. I hope you all like it.

One point on the wizbang po... (Below threshold)

One point on the wizbang politics. I would love to see the race and polling coverage like the old dalythoughts http://www.dalythoughts.com/

He's been radio silent for about 6 months and he's still pulling in about 300 visits a day just to see if he has come back.

The key is that it gives you one stop shopping for every poll on the races, analysis on what the polls mean, notes on many news articles about the race with some commentary on what the subtext is and finally for fun the best guess predictions. And the polling reports isn't just a mathamatical crunching of the polls with all polls being equal, but some analysis based on the quality of the different polls, trends in the polls etc. Especially useful these days with rassmussen swinging so wildly in their polls.

The one thing I liked about... (Below threshold)

The one thing I liked about Polipundit was the layout of the thread forum. Not asking wizbang to copy it, but it was a bit more user friendly.
Just a thought. Great to see AKM back in action with insights into the various races.

japh, we're addressing that... (Below threshold)

japh, we're addressing that in a redesign that should be ready to go late June/early July.

GREAT and wonderful move! I... (Below threshold)

GREAT and wonderful move! Is there any chance that DJ Drummond and Jayson could be a part of this project? It would truly be a fantastic site






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