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Bad times for perverts

It's been a rough stretch of time for pedophiles in Massachusetts.

Yesterday, a guy was arrested for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Raymond Guimond was quietly sitting and eating his pizza when police just up and hauled him off to jail.

Of course, the police might have been motivated by a few facts:
1) Guimond was convicted of sexual assault of a child.
2) He was released from prison on April 3.
3) As terms of his release, he was put on lifetime parole, had to wear an ankle bracelet, and had to avoid all contact with children.
4) He was eating his pizza at a Chuck E. Cheese, where he was also seen taking numerous pictures of children.

And on Sunday, another alleged pedophile saved the folks of Massachusetts some money by avoiding a messy trial. William A. Brandt, a math teacher at Parker Middle School in Taunton, Massachusetts, was accused of having an affair (if one can dignify the ongoing statutory rape as such) with a 14-year-old female student. Brandt, the day after being suspended, was found hanging from a bridge by two high school students.

Guimond's mother, with whom he has been staying, insists that her son was wrongly arrested. "He was seen with kids in there, and that's why they arrested him. Over nothing. He was just eating."

In a Chuck E. Cheese. After being told to avoid being around children.

Anyone want to raise money to buy a rope we can send to Momma Guimond?


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Comments (44)

Brandt, the day af... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Brandt, the day after being suspended, was found hanging from a bridge by two high school students.

Wow, how long were the two students hold him? Normally someone who hangs themselves uses rope. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I curious as to what constitutes having contact with children. If a person can't go where children might be, then where can they go in public other than a bar or night club?

Does taking pictures constitute contact? If so, then why not specifically list that in the probation documents. If the courts release someone on probation, the conditions can't be impossible to live by, at least not if we want to pretend it's just.

I'd like to add some perspe... (Below threshold)

I'd like to add some perspective to this story, from personal experience.

About 15 years ago, I was one of three men sent from our home office out on an assignment to a facility 100s of miles from our various homes. We were looking around the small-ish town for someplace to eat. We did not want fast food burgers, but we had gone late and did not want the long delays of trying to find a restaurant we could agree on in this unfamiliar town.

We say a pizza place and agreed we could each find some toppings version to satisfy us.

It was a Chuck E. Cheese.

And they would not let us in.

The manager said we could not come in unless we had a kid with us.

We ate somewhere else.

So, did Chuck E Cheese change their policy? If not, how did this guy get in there in the first place?

Oh, please! An adult doesn... (Below threshold)

Oh, please! An adult doesn't go to Chuck E. Cheese unless they have to--like for a kid's birthday party! It's geared only to kids. If all he really wanted was pizza, he would have gone to Pizza Hut, or something.

Of all the pizza joints in ... (Below threshold)

Of all the pizza joints in all the towns in all the world he had to walk into that one.

Brandt, the day after be... (Below threshold)

Brandt, the day after being suspended, was found hanging...

I guess the suspense was killing him.

pjaykc,Maybe that'... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Maybe that's true, but what about going to see a G rated move on a Saturday afternoon, or going to a toy store? Courts need to make it clear what they mean by having contact with children, no only for the person on probation, but for the public as well. If the person can't have the remotest contact with children, such as be in a public place with lots of children and their parents, then the state shouldn't let them out of prison. Otherwise, just going to the grocery story could brake the terms of their probation.

All in favor of making chem... (Below threshold)

All in favor of making chemical castration mandatory for repeat offenders like this raise your hand...

Too bad the teacher was not... (Below threshold)

Too bad the teacher was not female and the victim male - she would have gotten a People magazine layout and TV wedding.

/end sarcasm.

Hmmm.The courts pr... (Below threshold)


The courts probably did specify what the exact parameters were meant by no contact with children. Generally they specify, to my knowledge though IANAL, a certain minimum distance that the perp must maintain between himself and any child.

Lee,Chemical Castr... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:


Chemical Castrastion - No
Physical Castration - Yes

Preferably with a very dull knife.

A dull knife? A DULL KNIFE?... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

A dull knife? A DULL KNIFE? You bleeding hearts really get to me. Castration with a DULL KNIFE?

Such a man needs a BIG BERTHA castration.

Stake him down, get a Big Bertha driver, address the balls, and THWACK!

Chuck E Cheese has some of ... (Below threshold)

Chuck E Cheese has some of the worst pizza known to mankind. If I did not have kids, you would NEVER see me there.

I keep trying to convince my kids to do other things for their birthdays, but they keep dragging me back there. Help me!

Chemical castration won't h... (Below threshold)
Concerned Student:

Chemical castration won't help. As far as I know it is a mental illness and they will find other ways or do it anyway. I'm ok with the Big Bertha method, though I said it won't help... in the end they will find another way and it will be more likely worse and more destructive. I am more for life sentences (jail would be much worse for these guys) or an immediate .45 caliber attitude adjustment.

No one voluntarily goes to ... (Below threshold)

No one voluntarily goes to a Chuck E Cheese without being dragged there by a child. So either he was dragged there by a child which he wasn't supposed to have contact with, or he was up to no good. And I don't even want to know what he intended to do with the pictures he was taking.

jay, your heartlessness sho... (Below threshold)

jay, your heartlessness shocks me! how could you even consider that anyone here would hesitate for a moment to assist in the fundraising effort? your negativism is going to be the death of me!

Chemical castration won'... (Below threshold)

Chemical castration won't help.

Actually, checmical castration has proven to be very effective. It's now "the law" in a number of states, including Florida and California, for repeat offenders.

What's a poor, oppressed pe... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

What's a poor, oppressed pedophile to do?

Start a political party!

With each successive story ... (Below threshold)

With each successive story like this, that I read, the more I am in favor of tossing these people in the clink, and throwing away the key. They are not capable of being, "rehabilitated," and society must protect their (potential) future victims.

Lee, I'd like to see some stories about the chemical castration of which you speak. Do you have anything reliable on that, links wise?

I keep trying to convince m... (Below threshold)

I keep trying to convince my kids to do other things for their birthdays, but they keep dragging me back there. Help me!

Posted by: EdMcGon at May 30, 2006 01:09 PM

Ed, I'm afraid you're simply STUCK, until they get old enough that they don't want to go there, anymore. My son has lost interest, at the age of 11. For a change of pace, I recommend a bowling party. The kids, of all ages, seem to love it! (even the little ones can roll the ball sufficiently to knock down pins, with the gutter guards) Not to mention that, even our local bowling alley has BETTER PIZZA than Chuckie Cheese's!

Sorry to be O/T...

And on Sunday, another alle... (Below threshold)
Linda(past student of Mr.Brandt):

And on Sunday, another alleged pedophile saved the folks of Massachusetts some money by avoiding a messy trial. William A. Brandt, a math teacher at Parker Middle School in Taunton, Massachusetts, was accused of having an affair (if one can dignify the ongoing statutory rape as such) with a 14-year-old female student. Brandt, the day after being suspended, was found hanging from a bridge by two high school students

Anyone want to raise money to buy a rope we can send to Momma Guimond?

I think you comments about Mr.Bradnt are completely unappropriate.Why would you say something like that? You didn;t know Mr.Brandt from a hole in the wall! Your ending comments are completely disrespectful! I find it very rude and inconsiderate to crack jokes a man you don't evenknow. He was a good teacher and an amazing person in general!

JannyMae: You want... (Below threshold)


You want reliable? this is the Internet, remember? heh

Here's a few links.




1. "BIG BERTHA!!" ROFLMAO!... (Below threshold)


2. Spent 15 years in Augusta, GA after 30 years in Chicago. Almost died from pizza withdrawal. The best pizza in town was made in our kitchen. The second best pizza was from Chuck E Cheese. Unbelievable, but true. Of course there wasn't a lot of quality competition, but it was still above average. Go figure.
I always had trouble with the noise. It was liking eating pizza while sitting on the runway at O'Hare.

Tell them they should <a hr... (Below threshold)

Tell them they should move to the Netherlands. They are forming their own political party there

Lost third comment:<p... (Below threshold)

Lost third comment:

3. "Amazing" is not the adjective that I think of first to describe a 42-year-old man who violates the teacher-student relationship in order to rob the cradle. "Eternally damned" comes to mind quicker.

"He was a good teacher a... (Below threshold)

"He was a good teacher and an amazing person in general!" -Linda

And apparently he liked to f*ck little girls. Waste of good rope if you ask me... he could have achieved the same thing by simply cutting his legs off with a chain saw... and it would have had the added benefit of being painful.

BTW: You didn't happen to know Mr Brandt, in a "personal" way did you, Linda?

I've been to enough functio... (Below threshold)

I've been to enough functions at Chuck E. Cheese's over the past two decades to be able to say with conviction that making a pedophile sit there eating pizza indefinitely is a fate worse than death. Some of those shows that start up every 15 minutes are worse than a Chinese water torture.

That said - even if chemical or physical castration won't work - I think it's worth trying over and over and over again :)

Where's the evidence of "on... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Where's the evidence of "ongoing statutory rape" on Brandt's part? In the link, the only description given of the alleged misconduct is that he made sexually explicit telephone calls.

Obscene phone calls from a teacher to a young student are certainly beyond the pale and deserve to be punished severely, but this is hardly a capital offense that required the man to pay with his life. Celebrating his suicide is tasteless at best.

I am not into celebrating s... (Below threshold)

I am not into celebrating suicide - fellow wasn't convicted yet. Hell, he hadn't gone to trial yet. He may have been guilty, he may not have. The pressure of a looming trial plus the loss of job has put many an innocent person to suicide.

As far as the fellow caught at Chuckie's: I recomend using him as shark bait.

This is absurd! Lots of re... (Below threshold)

This is absurd! Lots of regular men eat at Chuck E. Cheese for their excellent food!

Lee, thanks for the links, ... (Below threshold)

Lee, thanks for the links, but, unfortunately, none of them addresses the effectiveness of the chemical castration.

Guess I'll have to search on my own.

RE: Chemical Castration... (Below threshold)

RE: Chemical Castration

I haven't seen any medical publications that conclusively support chemical castration for males with pedophilia. [If there's a double-blind study with ten-year or more follow up, please point it out to me.] It suppresses sexual drive, but the pedophilia exists/feeds on co-existent substance abuse and personality and other psychiatric disorders that are difficult to treat, even with long term cognitive behavioral treatment.

What is published suggested that arousal/erections (this can be measured!) is decreased with chemical castration. Duh! But whether this translates into not harming kids or being obsessed with kids is another story. Long-term compliance was one of the biggest problems with chemical castration in studies that are published. (The most serious side effect is bone loss, or osteoporosis, which is not the reason most folks are not compliant).

However, conclusive evidence that these folks are zero risks for abusing a child while on this treatment are lacking, and recidivism once treatment is stopped is documented. There are CASE-STUDIES published that suggest some folks are safer when receiving medical treatment along with counseling, but as far as life-time treatment/risk, these published studies go out only a few years.

Surgical castration does lower testosterone significantly, but over time, the other sources of testosterone may make enough to restore arousal.

A determined person can find steroids to replace this exogenously with little problem, whether the treatment is chemical or surgical.

End point: the only 100% safe treatment is to keep them physically away from kids.

BTW, legality of a treatmen... (Below threshold)

BTW, legality of a treatment is no measure of its effectiveness or broad based utility. Don't get me started on medical marijuana...

Janny, I tried the bowling ... (Below threshold)

Janny, I tried the bowling thing. It worked once. Then they were back to Chuck E Cheese.

My oldest is about to turn 9, so I'm hoping there is a light closer down the endless Chuck E Cheese tunnel.

Well, I did not do a great ... (Below threshold)

Well, I did not do a great deal of digging about this, but based on what I did find, there is a great deal of disagreement amongst experts on the effectiveness of chemical castration. Proponents claim that recidivism is reduced with the drugs. I think, based on what I read last night, the jury is still out on whether chemicala castration is a viable, "treatment," for these pedophiles.

There does seem to be a general conclusion though, among the experts, that counseling does not help matters, and in many cases makes things WORSE.

BTW: You didn't happen to k... (Below threshold)

BTW: You didn't happen to know Mr Brandt, in a "personal" way did you, Linda?

No I didn't! Every teacher in that school including Mr.Brandt knew it was wrong. Did anyone come to think the girl is lying?!

And apparently he liked to f*ck little girls. Waste of good rope if you ask me

Soo i guess you live in Taunton and know everything too! Last time I check they didnt print anything saying there was proof. Oh and obviously you can't read it wasn't a rope smart one.

A truly evil post about a m... (Below threshold)

A truly evil post about a man you don't personally know. Jaytea I hope you get your just desserts when you go to Hell!

And here's a blog where you... (Below threshold)

And here's a blog where you can be introduced to the Truth

(link to pro-pedophile blog deleted by editor)

"(link to pro-pedophile blo... (Below threshold)

"(link to pro-pedophile blog deleted by editor)"

Funny how it's usually the Truth that gets censored... Very few people would ever bother to censor lies...

Not in the least, tickles.<... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Not in the least, tickles.

Governments censor; editors edit. I am an editor, not a government, therefore what I did constitutes editing. Considering how much of the pro-pedophile movement relies on "nuance" and precise meanings and shadings, you should respect the distinction.

Further, what was expressed over there is not Truth, but Opinion. Opinion with which I violently disagree, and will not give any support to (even to the extent of tolerating a link to it). I am extremely tolerant of contrasting opinions and beliefs, but the "belief" that adults have the right to have sexual relations with children is one of the few I will fiercely suppress.

And I won't lose a wink of sleep over it.


I see the difference betwee... (Below threshold)

I see the difference between censorship and editing, and I realize that there is a lot of "opinion" at his blog (it's not hard to find even without the link).

Personally, I strongly oppose censoring (or editing) exposure to any opinion. I was disgusted earlier this year when Austria jailed (or at least convicted) David Irving for "holocaust denial". I think everyone is entitled to their opinions, even those "opinions" that are provably false.

And Lepidopterist's opinions, BTW, are certainly NOT provably false.

I never said they were true... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I never said they were true of false, Tickles. That's a false argument. If they were provably true or false, they wouldn't be opinions.

What I said before, and say again, is that the opinions are so repugnant to me, so patently offensive, so hideously wrong on a moral level, that I will NOT countenance even the slightest bit of support for them in any way I can influence -- and here, as section editor, I hold enough sway to make sure that it does not happen on this page.

But I am here to explain policy, not debate it. This is not one open to discussion. This is the first time I have ever invoked that authority, and I hope it is the last.

And pick on someone your own size, you sick fuck. Someone, say, like me. I'm not so easily swayed, so easily manipulated, so easily enticed into letting you get your jollies off.


Hey Jay Tea, I hope you end... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay Tea, I hope you end up hanging from a tree, fascist!

In India and many other cou... (Below threshold)
Suzanne Arena:

In India and many other countries, sex offenders are hanged. I am a victim of molestation from 6-12 and can assure life is negatively altered. As a child without a voice, I have a non quivering adult one. I do much research and advocacy for childrens bills. The rehabilitation of these sick people is minute. I have spoken to the Attorney General's office in Rhode Island, where I now reside and the (I'm sure Mass is the same) assure me the pile for rehabilitation is pathetic...nonexistent to be precise. Part of the reason the public is not aware of is these offenders OPT-OUT of their rehibilitation at the end of their sentence. This is done in a group theraphy setting and so they opt-out and have additional time added. So, Mr. Chuckie Cheese really needs Depo-Provera (chemical castration) which should be given at each probation - yes, against his will. He lost his rights.

I will dontate...or get an island where we can put them and no children!

Mr. Brandt was simply accus... (Below threshold)

Mr. Brandt was simply accused. Accused of sexually explicit phone calls. No physical contact at all. Was that inappropriate? If it happened yes? Absolutely!! Am I against it? Yes! Do I want people who screw with kids dead? Yes! I would do it myself if it was a kid that I knew. All that aside I must speak up.

I knew Billy for 25 years and if this is something he did do it was the first time and totally out of his characeter. It just wasn't his style.

Now if I found out he did do it and there was definitive proof then I would say yes, he got what he deserved and good riddance to bad rubbish!

Having been friends with him and knowing him I would need some serious proof. Sometimes people kill themselves because the stigma of just being accused of such shit is too much to handle.

We all know teenage girls would never accuse a teacher or other adult of something they didn't do. Right? Yeah whatever. Until I know all the facts I will keep my judgement to myself and my love for the man.

Until that time let him rest in peace. Show some decorum if you can. Okay now you can all lay into me.







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