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The Problems with the Senate Immigration Bill

John Hawkins of Right Wing News spells out 22 serious problems with the Senate's immigration bill.


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There's the House bill, Bus... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

There's the House bill, Bush's plan, and this monstrosity. Why am I getting the idea that the Senate is determined to f**k things up and make sure NOTHING happens?

WHy do we not distinguish b... (Below threshold)

WHy do we not distinguish between legal residency as a potential outcome for illegal invaders, vs. citizenship. Nobody who breaks that law (illegal entry) should ever be allowed to vote. If they get out of the country unnoticed and before being ordered to leave, and reapply for entry, that should enable a legal opportunity to become a citizen (not forgone conclusion), but we should not allow a felon to become a citizen, as we would be doing if we allowed illegals to apply while here.

The Listkeeper, now you're ... (Below threshold)

The Listkeeper, now you're getting some where. But there's more, Bush WANTS the Senate to f***ch things up, like the way he made sure Congress would reject his Dubai Ports with a veto proof vote.

Only "22 serious problems"?... (Below threshold)

Only "22 serious problems"?

It looks more to me like 12,000,000 "serious problems."

That Senate bill is a walking, talking abortion that, if there is a G-d in H-ven, will get shredded up one side and down the other in conference.

Hmmmm.WHy... (Below threshold)


WHy do we not distinguish between legal residency as a potential outcome for illegal invaders, vs. citizenship.

Because legal residency is the precursor to citizenship. If you've got legal residency, then you're on your way to citizenship.






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