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Is Hillary Clinton the Dead Candidate Walking?

Noel Sheppard at The American Thinker lays out the evidence and argues his case that the left and the media are sabotaging Hillary Clinton's 2008 front runner status. Why? They prefer Al Gore.

Update: Lorie has more about Hillary's fall and Gore's rise at Wizbang Politics.

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I said a while back that I ... (Below threshold)

I said a while back that I didn't think Hillary would go the distance. I still don't.

Apparently the right-wing would like to believe that it will be either Hillary or Al - wrong again.

Lee is hoping against hope ... (Below threshold)

Lee is hoping against hope that his party won't sabotage itself
again with the likes of a Mondale, Dukakis, Gore or Kerry...
but then again common sense is not a Demcrat strenght
so he is probably wrong. Anyhoo the opportunity of the
likes of Hillary, Gorebot, Kerry, Biden. Dodd, Clark,
Bayh, Warner, etc...all running to the left to satisfy the
moonbats and bashing each other in the process will be
so much fun. In the end losers all...because the Democrat Party
has gone so far left that the American public no longer finds them a "acceptable alternative".

Harry Reids the dead candid... (Below threshold)

Harry Reids the dead candidate walking,Hillarys barely breathing.

Hilarity! may have "peaked ... (Below threshold)

Hilarity! may have "peaked too soon," but it is waaaaay too early to declare that.

She's collected over $40 million for her Senate reelection campaign, for which she probably won't have to spend 1/4 of it. The rest, plus whatever else the campaign can collect, can be transferred to a later bid for President.

Gore has his own money, but his popularity with the moonbats doesn't translate to the general public. Heinz-Kerry could mortgage his house again . . .

Still, the record of being able to predict the nominee of a major party without an incumbent running from more than two years before the convention is not a good one.

In 1962, who predicted Goldwater? In '66, most people thought Nixon was dead and buried, and that LBJ would be the Democratic nominee two years later.

In 1970, McGovern was thought to be a joke. He was, but still won the Dem nod in '72.

Who had even HEARD of Jimmy Carter in '74? No one would have bet on Dukakis in '86, or Clinton in '90, either.

Bush would have been "on the list" in '98, as was Kerry in '02, but very few went out on limb to predict they would win the next nomination.

Bottom line: it's fun to speculate "based on what we know now," but has little bearing on the actual nominees will be. Unforeseen events affect the political landscape in short order, and two years is a very long time in modern politics.

They prefer Al Gore.... (Below threshold)

They prefer Al Gore.

They would prefer a liberal, period. I don't know what you've been told, but Hillary is a conservative Democrat -- not a NASCAR Democrat per se, but she is part of the team that turned this country into the world's number-one jailer (per capita), among other things...supported the new bankruptcy laws, has generally come out as a complete butthole.

Speaking strictly for myself, I would trade Hillary for a sack of guano.






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