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Shemales in the news

Massachusetts, as I've often observed, is a rather mixed-up state. Thus, it should have come as no great surprise to me to find two stories involving... um... "transgendered" individuals in the news today.

First up, one person has filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination against the State Police. Apparently, this individual was pulled over for speeding (doing about 100 on the freeway) and given a ticket. During the citation process, the trooper in question referred to the speeder as "buddy" and "guy" repeatedly, despite several requests to use other terms the offender found more appropriate. Afterwards, the aggrieved citizen was so incensed that the bird was flipped and passing cars were flagged down by the driver, who was promptly arrested for disturbing the peace. (I hope I can end this story soon. I'm running out of non-gender-specific terms.) The complaint calls for the officer to attend "mandatory training in transgender issues."

Next, we have the tale of Robert Kosilek. Back in 1990, he killed his wife. He is currently serving life without parole. But he's found a way to kill the time, and score some payback at the state: he's been trying to get the state to pay for a sex-change operation. Thus far he's gotten them to pony up for hormone treatments and laser hair removal, and now it's time for the full twig-and-berries-ectomy.

The state's Republican Lieutenant Governor, Kerry Murphy Healey (who's running for the top job), is taking this one personally. She's leading the state's fight to keep Mr. Kosilek and his dangly bits locked up together, or at least to keep the state from having to subsidize the separation.

Mr. Kosilek's psychiatrist insists that the operation is a matter of life or death, as he will likely kill himself if he is forced to continue to confront his masculinity every time he has to stand to pee. He has a Constitutional right to change from a pointer to a setter, his attorney insists, and as a guest of the state, the state has to foot the bill.

Personally, I think the solution is obvious. He'll kill himself if the people of Massachusetts won't lop off his nether regions?

Works for me.


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Comments (19)

You sound a little insensit... (Below threshold)

You sound a little insensitive to me... No wonder I like this site!

There's no such thing as "t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

There's no such thing as "transgender" in the human species other than a fantasy some people seek to live out. The public and the state shouldn't be expected to play along anymore than with someone who insists we accommodate their invisible friend.

As for Kosilek, once he's a she, she'll want a transfer to a woman's prison where conditions are much better than in men's prisons, and the courts will accommodate him/her.

Fuck yourselves... (Below threshold)
Indrid Cold:

Fuck yourselves

OT, but in the special ed b... (Below threshold)

OT, but in the special ed budget in a couple of local towns (MA) there are kids that go to a program for 'gender identitity disorder' at a cost of 90K per kid per year.

How astute Indrid! thats ex... (Below threshold)

How astute Indrid! thats exactly what the Massa-scrusetts Courts are telling their citizenry to do!

Can you say ENABLE?<p... (Below threshold)

Can you say ENABLE?

[apologies to Mr. Rogers]

So if I get arrested, convi... (Below threshold)

So if I get arrested, convicted and sent to prison in Massachusetts, can I get out of jail if I get a psychiatrist to say I really need to be living in Tahiti, surrounded by beautiful women, rather than prison. I mean if the choice is the greybar motel or the beach, I'l glad threaten to kill myself.

And given that these operations are quite expensive (unless you are doing them at home in your spare time), wouldn't this provide an incentive for someone who is confused which bathroom to use to commit a crime to get the state to pick up the tab?

There is a reason why the Kennedy and Kerry come from the same state.

For a guy who says that Mas... (Below threshold)

For a guy who says that Massachusetts isn't his beat, you certainly write a lot about Massachusetts. Envy? Desire? Or -- let's say it softly -- perversion?

Any state that repeatedly i... (Below threshold)

Any state that repeatedly inflicts on the union the likes of Kennedy and Kerry ought to be invited to leave the union. If the Mass. Supreme Court permits this new travesty that will be another contagion to infect the rest of the union. That's why Jay Tea expounds on Massachusetts, as a cautionary tale for the normal folk of the union.

Let me guess. He killed his... (Below threshold)

Let me guess. He killed his wife because he didn't want people thinking he was a lesbian.

Just leave him a set of pru... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Just leave him a set of pruning shears in his cell. Either option he chooses to carry out is fine with me.

Hey Master Shake may I add ... (Below threshold)

Hey Master Shake may I add this little wrinkle?:

Extremely DULL and rusty pruning shears and a mega-dose of Heparin to boot.

F*ck yourselves... (Below threshold)

F*ck yourselves

No Indrid -- that's intergendered, not transgendered.

F*ck yourselves... (Below threshold)

F*ck yourselves

No Indrid -- that's intergendered, not transgendered.

Actually McG, that would be INTRAgendered!

Jimminy!!!I don't ... (Below threshold)


I don't believe it! Not a single person in the thread offered up the real solution. We need to introduce Mr. Kosilek to the young lady below in the given link. She happens to be the women who ripped off her husbands testicles with her bare hands.

It's a match made in heaven and no taxpayer money need be expended in the performance of the act. Fact I will even pop for the towels for the postop clean up.

What say ye?


JohnMcMan that guy m... (Below threshold)

Man that guy must not have had much staying power?

Somebody needs to lop the g... (Below threshold)

Somebody needs to lop the goodies off the shrink that said it was "a matter of life and death."

I hate these abnormal peopl... (Below threshold)
Evil Sock Puppet:

I hate these abnormal people. "People" is too generous, cuz they're not really human. I'd like to take up the previous suggestions of pruning shears, but let's lend a hand and plant them in their guts. Abnormal means bad, don't it? So are y'all sissies or something? Have the courage of your convictions. Git r done. Otherwise, the bad will infect the whole society. You can protest all you want, but in the end, the only way to prevent infection is to kill the germs. Are you with me, guys?

FYI to Mac Lorry - the publ... (Below threshold)

FYI to Mac Lorry - the public and the state accommodate invisible friends all the time - God and the believers of god(s), allah et al get all kinds of special rights and accommodations at taxpayer expense.






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