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Sympathy for the devil

The Los Angeles Times had an interesting editorial this weekend (registration required, but BugMeNot is your friend). They supported Bill Clinton for Secretary General of the United Nations. And, as disturbing as it may be, I find myself agreeing with them. Fortunately, I do so far different reasons.

1) As they point out, a Secretary General Clinton pretty much rules out the possibility of another President Clinton. Bill's ascendancy will not only end Hillary's quest to return to the White House, but has a fairly good chance of ending her Senate career too. While I doubt she would resign, the idea of both partners in a marriage holding such high office in two different governing bodies at the same time might finally be too much for too many people.

2) Bill Clinton, for the most part, has been a huge public pain in the ass since he left office. He needs the limelight, the attention, the adoration, the trappings of power, the public approval. Since he is Constitutionally banned from seeking the presidency again (a concept I find offensive intellectually, but appreciate in this case), and no Republican is going to appoint him to the Supreme Court, the UN represents one of the few ways he can return to some resemblance of his former prominence.

3) The United Nations has been a colossally corrupt, venal, impotent, misguided, bastion of anti-Westernism for decades. It has become a huge joke. It seems like there are a set number of actions it can take, and they are all written down and pulled out of a hat. Monday: condemn America. Tuesday: peacekeepers abuse refugees. Wednesday: financial abuse. Thursday: condemn Israel. Friday: Appoint horribly inappropriate nation to some commission. Saturday: sex scandal. Sunday: toss 'em back into the hat and shake 'em up again. As such, it is perfect for Bill Clinton. He can make speeches, hold conferences, and actually act like he's doing all the things necessary to "reform" the World Body. To steal a line from P. J. O'Rourke's "Parliament of Whores" (in describing the Supreme Court), Clinton can do "the most important kind of nothing" and keep out of real mischief.

4) It should thoroughly scuttle Hillary's presidential campaign, and permanently sink her chances of ever becoming president. I know I mentioned it above, but it's so important, it bears repeating.

5) On the slight chance that the United Nations can actually BE reformed and become relevant, someone like Bill Clinton just might be the kind of person who can do it. For whatever reason (and for me, the name "Faust" comes to mind), Bill Clinton has an enormous reservoir of good will. He has a head for bureaucracy and detail. And he has the kind of energy that such a Herculean task would require -- Turtle Bay has always reminded me of the Augean Stables, for some reason.

6) Even if Bill does indulge his sexual peccadilloes once again, at least it'll be with adults and, certain allegations never quite proven aside, with willing subordinates (albeit in violation of sexual harassment laws he himself signed.) This might actually influence the culture of the UN, where peacekeepers routinely extort sexual favors from female refugees -- even children.

7) Did I mention that it'll do wonders for keeping Hillary out of the Oval Office?

8) It'll put a big "former" in front of Kofi Annan's title, and that alone is worth a great deal.

9) No President Hillary.

As I said, it strikes me as disturbing to agree with the editorial board of The Los Angeles Times, but even a blind even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, and a broken clock is right twice a day. Bill Clinton for Secretary General!

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Comments (34)

Dear Jay,Clinton w... (Below threshold)

Dear Jay,

Clinton was a better person than Bush. At least there was more peace under Clinton.
About him taking the place of Secretary General in the UN. I don't know. Wouldn't it be better if the UN had a more international feel to it? So instead of taking an American why not take somebody from another country? A Muslim for instance who will prove to the world that Islam is the religion of peace and love. Who will prove to the World that Osama and Saddam do not represent all of us.
If that happens we will bridge the gap between out countries. I would like a Woman who is a Muslim. This will help spread Women's rights and prove Islam supports and respects women.
I feel if America had a non-white Muslim woman as a president also would help a lot spread the secular image of America.
I hope people do not take my suggestions in a negative way.

MU:1) NO American ha... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

1) NO American has ever held the UN Secretary Generalship. Why not? Four Europeans (one just an "acting," though), two Africans, one South American, and one Asian. The United States pays about a quarter of the total UN budget; why should we be shut out from the top slot?

2) The "peace" under Clinton was more of a "hudnah" -- a regrouping, readying for the next attack. Al Qaeda, for example, still pulled off three major operations against us, and did most of the groundwork for 9/11.

3) The "peace" you cite carefully omits the Balkans and Somalia -- places where the United States directly intervened to prevent the deaths of countless Muslims, among others. Gee, I wonder why you'd be so ready to forget those actions? Could it be because it puts the lie to your repeated statements that "the US never does anything to help Muslims?"

4) Since 9/11, the United States has liberated more Muslims from tyranny than all Muslim governments combined in history. I suspect this is because the Muslim governments usually ARE the tyrannies.

5) In one way, I agree with you. I'd like to see the UN become more international. It can start by getting the hell out of the US. A good second step would be for the US and other sane, free nations to get the hell out of the UN. But since neither is likely to happen any time soon, putting Bill Clinton in charge might do some good.

6) Islam as a force for feminism? OK, now you're just devolving into self-parody. Get back to me when you're done stoning women, forcing them to wear burial shrouds in public, killing them for "dishonoring" their families, telling them who they can marry, forbidding them from being in public without their masters, and a host of other minor things that we in the civilized world take for granted.

7) There's a non-white Muslim woman running for the state Senate in Massachusetts. As a Republican. She's a Bush supporter. And she didn't ask her husband, father, or brother's permission to do it, either. I'm amazed she hasn't been killed by another Muslim yet.

8) Take your suggestions in a negative way? Nonsense. I needed a good laugh this morning.


Ouch! "pwned"... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Ouch! "pwned"

I may be mistaken, but...<b... (Below threshold)

I may be mistaken, but...
As far as I recall, a citzen of one of the permanent members of the Security Council can't become SG of the UN. Something about seperation of powers. I'll see if I can find a source for this.

Why would the woman have to... (Below threshold)

Why would the woman have to be "non-white"? What does race have to do with anything? Surely a faithful Muslim is faithful regardless of her race?

At least that's the way we Christians look at it.

It seems that this is only ... (Below threshold)

It seems that this is only by tradition, since historaclly speaking several people have been nominated from SC members. For instance Dwight Eisenhower and Charles De Gaul. For all that, since the SC has veto power on who is chosen to be SG, I'm not sure how some of the members would view a Clinton candidacy. I'd like to see Bolton veto his candy ass. Just to see the look on Helen Thomas' face.

Jay-On point No. 8... (Below threshold)


On point No. 8. If I really did make you laugh, then I feel we are making progress. At least when we laugh the seeds of hate and anger disappear. Maybe for a few moments. Good isn't it?
About the other points which you make we will discuss them later. I agree with a few, I don't agree with a few.
Oh and by the way Women in Islam do not need to ask any permission from men. You are mistaking a certain group of people with Islam. Saudi Arabia is NOT Islam. Agreed a few governments in Muslim countries are tyrannies. But you can't call them MUSLIM governments. Because they are not Muslim in the true sense. They are slaves of power and money.
And yes true Islam is in fact a force which supports and defends the rights of Women.
Women play one of the most important roles in our society and most Muslim Women are very strong, independent and powerful.

MU, just who the hell are Y... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

MU, just who the hell are YOU to say "they are not Islam?" They certainly say they are, and I don't think Islam has any central authority to say who is and who is not a Muslim. In fact, those governments claim to represent their Muslim citizens, while you have no such credentials.

For the record: I don't hate Muslims. I judge them by their deeds, not their words. Their words, like yours, are very pretty and peaceful and loving. Unfortunately, there are too many videos of peaceful and loving Muslims shouting the glories of Allah as they saw off people's heads, blow up buildings, and slaughter innocents by the scores.

Perhaps someday Islam's deeds will come into line with their words. Until then, though, there is a term for those whose words and deeds contradict each other.

That word is "liar."


Hmmm,Bill Clinton ... (Below threshold)


Bill Clinton or a non-white muslim woman.....I guess it depends if you would rather see rioting in the streets or oral sex in your middle schools.

Jay, love the blog, but got... (Below threshold)

Jay, love the blog, but gotta disagree with #2: Bill Clinton has been not nearly as annoying as, say, Jimmy Carter. Admittedly, Carter deforms the entire curve of inappropriate ex-Presidential behavior patterns, but then Clinton was always a lucky SOB.

Clinton in charge of the UN... (Below threshold)

Clinton in charge of the UN a good thing? He might reform it to some degree, but he will also try to make it (and himself) more powerful. Clinton's desire to make everything he comes in contact with the center of attention makes me shudder to think of him as UN S-G. Just think of the mischief he could get up to. Moreover, he would have no qualms putting his interests above America's (on the contrary, it is expected of any S-G).

Rather President Clinton with him neutered than S-G Clinton and her spayed.

Moe, you're right about Car... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Moe, you're right about Carter, but he's largely harmless and a lot older. Clinton is still vital. And the opportunity is offered to Clinton, not Carter.


Keep Hilary out of the Whit... (Below threshold)

Keep Hilary out of the White House? Hell will freeze over before she cancels that idea. Hilary will most likely dump Bill before 08 - if he's seen as a bigger threat to acheiving her goal to become POTUS.

I'm sorry but a used car salesman with a big heart is still a used car salesman. Bill has an ego to fill, and all of that good heart does is meant to fill that ego.

Based on what we get from the UN today - letting Bill fill his ego as SGUN is fine with me. Who knows maybe the French would like us more if Bill ran the UN (not that I care much what the French think of us).

pigilito, I disagree... (Below threshold)

pigilito, I disagree with your reasoning. If BillyBoy becomes UN S-G, his insatiable lust for attention might just piss off enough Americans to tell him - AND the UN - to go Monica the rest of the world, somewhere else. AFAIK, the only reason the UN is still allowed to reside free of charge at Turtle Bay is that our UN dues (whenever we decide to pay them, which I hope is never) pay for a lot of intel. Perhaps the only place on earth with more bugs per square inch than the UN building is the US embassy in Moscow, after the Soviets built the new one in the 1980's (where listening devices were embedded in the concrete superstructure of the building, walls, floors, and practically anything that wasn't portable).

And don't forget: a Bill UN S-G appointment really DOES sink a Shrillary 2008 presidential run. And the lovely New Yorkers who voted her pandering ass into the Senate can have the joy of hearing her cuss out Bill all over NYC for the next few years.

As for MuslimUnity, I'm glad to see him back. Hey, MU, if Saudi Arabia isn't REALLY muslim (never mind that Mecca and Medina pilgrimage thingy each year that all muslims have to do at some point in their wretched lives), are the Palis considered to be REALLY muslim? If so, their idea of "justice" is to summarily execute accused "jewish collaborators" without a trial, much less due process, and don't forget, someone there yesterday had to beg a crowd not to execute a woman in front of kids [see LGF re this story].

Real Muslims, right?

If I were suicidal, I'd convert to your lovely religion in a moment. Three little repeated declarations, and I'm in. Then I'd "revert" back to some other religion (or is it the other way around? I can never get that convert/revert thingy right with Islam...damn). Don't forget, the penalty for leaving Islam is death.

Oh, and you never answered me last time around: If Allah is so powerful, why does he need a Jewish weapon (the Nuclear Bomb, invented almost exclusively by Jewish scientists) to end "humiliation" of Muslims around the world? And why did Allah let the Jews invent the Bomb, and allow them to deploy it over 35 years ago, without giving his own miserable lot something in return?


Allah gave them OIL!!!

And the muslims were so smart, they extracted it, developed it, and sold it for themselves.

Oops, no, that's not right.

The West had to do that.

But the muslims in the middle east get to benefit from something they didn't develop or market. Kinda like ticks. Oil ticks. Parasites.

Face it, MU: Allah is a parasite. Big Mo stole portions of the Old and New Testaments, mixed in some Persian polytheism, and rebranded it in the name of the moon god allah. And when Mo was done with that, he killed everyone who disagreed with him. When he was [mostly] finished killing, he became a pedophile by taking to wife a girl who was only six years old, and raped her when she was age nine.

As for all the "cultural" things muslims ascribe to themselves, virtually everything cited has its roots in the 12th century or earlier. Very, very little - if any - innovation in the fields of science, medicine, or technology comes from muslim countries. All 22 member countries of the Arab League are run by either a king or "elected" strongman, except for Iraq after we kicked out that sh*tbag Saddam.

Meanwhile, the Jews, comprising little more than 1 percent of the number of muslims in the world, are responsible for literally hundreds of Nobel prizes alone, and thousands of innovations used by the free world daily - and bought and paid for by muslims with oil money.

If I were Allah, I'd be wearing a Burkha in shame and embarrassment. I'd be...humiliated.

I just want to bring up one... (Below threshold)

I just want to bring up one point that hasn't been raised this morning: George W. Bush did NOT walk into office in January of 2001 and say "Gee, I wonder how much hell I can raise, especially in the Middle East..."

He was thrown into this mess by a group of psychos who forced America into war. I'm not here to agree or disagree with how the war is being handled - but had we sat here like a bunch of morons with our tails between our legs, we would have been leveled.

Had Clinton or Gore or Mickey Mouse been president - it would not have changed what occurred on 9/11. Meanwhile - for those Muslims who are concerned about the way America is acting toward them - you need a history lesson regarding the Japanese who were living in the United States on or about December 7th of 1941. Muslims in this country have been given the red carpet treatment by the U.S. Government, and I have days when I'm shocked and awed that it hasn't bitten us in the hindquarters.

It would be oh, so much easier to agree that all Muslims are a peaceful group if not for the fact that I've read too much of the Koran for your own good.

Muslim UnrestThe o... (Below threshold)

Muslim Unrest

The only peace there's been under Bill Clinton was a piece of trailer trash now and than!

Why does Muslim Unity remin... (Below threshold)

Why does Muslim Unity remind me of Eddie Haskel? I just can't seem to trust him as far as I can throw him.

MU:Since it's obvi... (Below threshold)


Since it's obvious that you feel that the violent tendencies of some who claim to be acting in accordance with the Islamic faith constitute a perverted view of the religion, please use this forum to spread some enlightenment and understanding.

It would be tremendously beneficial if you would address the particular passages in the Koran (and in other writings of Mohammed) that the jihadists and extremists quote as condoning (or ordering) their actions and explain how they're getting the meaning wrong.

I'll start you off:

4:34 Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.

Exactly how should that verse be taken to illustrate a) the equity of women, and b) the wrongness of violence against women, two points that would certainly fall within the "support and respect" for women to which you claim the Islamic faith adheres?

I don't intend for this line of questioning to be overly antagonistic, but if passages of the Koran are being misused, or misinterpreted, there must be a "correct" use or interpretation that would clarify the position of "true Islam" and genuinely aid in spreading understanding of the religion.

Wanderlust very well put in... (Below threshold)

Wanderlust very well put indeed.

Jay Tea, as my late grandfather used to say "in life one can be stupid, smart or too smart. And too smart is the same as stupid." Clinton in the UN falls in the too smart or too clever by half department.
Perhaps he ought to made Ambassador to one of the bumfuckistans. Along with Peanuts.
Clinton can lawfully canoodle with three buquas and Peanuts can preach to the heathens. Worth a shot.

A Useless Man for a Useless... (Below threshold)

A Useless Man for a Useless Job. Perfect!

Sorry Jamie, but this is th... (Below threshold)

Sorry Jamie, but this is the same MU that called for the murder of Pres Bush not too long ago. His issue with countries like Saudi A seems to be that they are not violent enough

Hmmmm.Personally I... (Below threshold)


Personally I'd nominate Aheminadinnajacket. You know. The President of Iran whose name I can never remember the exact spelling of.

Let's make him the new Secretary General of the United Nations.

1. That'll get this crazy bastard away from Iran's nukes.

2. Iran couldn't possibly decline this immense bit of prestige.

3. It'll hasten the demise of the reviled United Nations.

4. It'll put this schmuck front and center for all of his crazy theories.

5. Since most of the UN is filled by people who hate Israel, they'll get along fine with him.

6. It'll do the most to finally rip off the last pieces of the veil that covers the UN's repeated atrocities and incompetencies.

Ladies and gentlemen ... Aheminadinnajacket for Secretary General.

Islam has a term for decept... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Islam has a term for deception, which involves telling people one thing while planning and preparing for something else. This religious concept was born out of the weakness of Islam in it's early days in order to allow it's numbers to increase without drawing attention to the growing threat it was becoming. Once strong, then the true plan was reviled to the now outnumbered population.

It's apparent that Muslim Unity is using that strategy. Not long ago he was spouting hatful threats from the true nature of Islam, but all that did was alert people to the growing menace of Islam. So now MU drops a "message of peace and reason" on a thread and then leaves with no attempt to respond to any contributor calling bullshit on him. It's all part of a deception to gain an advantage, just as Islam is a deception to blind people from seeing the truth and receiving salvation.

What if the plan is Bubba a... (Below threshold)

What if the plan is Bubba at the UN and Hillary in charge of a Dem senate?

No American president (Democrat, Republican, or John McCain) could do anything without Secy Gen Bubba's approval or move anything through Congress with Hillary's OK.

Talk about triangulation...

Back to Clinton at the UN.<... (Below threshold)
Big D:

Back to Clinton at the UN.

Perfect. I mean, he can't possibly make it worse than Kofi has. The inevitable UN scandals become Clinton scandals. He can only fix it or allow it to disintegrate. Preferably the later. We can then reform it as a league of free nations, admitting only countries with free and open societies.

MU - Sorry chum. The B.S. about Islam being a religion of peace and justice just doesn't fly here. Most of us have actually read some of the holy Koran since 9/11.

Islam is all about submission. Women submit to men. Men submit to their rulers. Rulers submit to imams. Everyone is required to prostrate themselves to something, somewhere. It seems pretty much antithetical to the concept of equality, liberty, separation of church and state, and freedom.

Question - If Saudi Arabia et al are not the REAL Islam, please tell me where in the world I might find it?

Dear friends,The r... (Below threshold)

Dear friends,

The real Islam is in the common person. Common Muslims who work and spread peace. The Muslim working in your office, in shops, everywhere. That is real Islam. Muslims go to Saudi Arabia to worship the holy places. We DO NOT support Saudi when they force women not to drive and not to work.
Islam is about finding out the truth and spreading peace and love, just like other religions. Whether Christianity, Jewism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.
I wonder if most people here are biased against Islam? Every time I say something here I am bombarded with negative comments.
Maybe I should stop commenting here, and leave.
Good Bye. Hopefully one day we will all live together without evil terrorists irrespective of their religion. Terrorists are NOT Muslims or Christians or Jews. They ARE JUST terrorists. I am sure one day the world will know the TRUTH.

How many times have you sai... (Below threshold)

How many times have you said goodbye, MU?
How many more before you really go away?

I am sure one day ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
I am sure one day the world will know the TRUTH.

Yes that's true, but it won't be a good day of Islam and it's followers.

MU, part of the problem is ... (Below threshold)

MU, part of the problem is your handle. Even as you try to make the point that the Islamist terrorists don't represent Islam, you proclaim unity in Islam.

That's what we in the West refer to as "a mixed message."

Back to Bill Clinton:... (Below threshold)

Back to Bill Clinton:

Moving Bill Clinton from the United States political arena to the United Nations political arena will quadruple the integrity of both poliltical arenas.

yeah, the Quran has violenc... (Below threshold)

yeah, the Quran has violence and calls for subservient women. Like the Bible doesn't? Get off your high horse and take a look at how much violence and oppression is ordained in the Judeo-Christian holy text; the Quran pales in comparison.


As for Bill Clinton at the UN, at least he knows a world exists outside U.S., doesn't spy on Americans or lie to us in ways that get our troops killed.

Take off the blinders, please!

Tony,First, the si... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


First, the site you linked to demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the Bible as evidenced by the comment on Genesis 1:31.

Second, the history of what God did or didn't do in dealing with sinful humans was part of a larger plan of salvation. That's not a call for humans to practice violence.

Third, unlike the Quran, there is no general call to war against people in the Bible. The war and conflicts recorded in the old testament were for the purpose of bringing about the nation if Israel, through which all people would be blessed. See the New Testament

Fourth, woman as a gender are never treated as property in the Bible.

Obviously you have no understanding of either the Quran or the Bible. You need to take your blinders off before making such stupid statements.

Mac, thanks for your commen... (Below threshold)

Mac, thanks for your comments in regard to the bible and the treatment of women.

Anyone having concerns or questions should spend time in the New Testament - Jesus Himself held women in high esteem. Paul clearly tells husbands in Ephesians 5:21 "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church"

and Colossians 3:18-21:

"18 You wives must submit to your husbands, as is fitting for those who belong to the Lord.

19 And you husbands must love your wives and never treat them harshly.

20 You children must always obey your parents, for this is what pleases the Lord.

21 Fathers, don't aggravate your children. If you do, they will become discouraged and quit trying."

It's pretty hard to read these few lines and not feel that the Bible is outlining some clear-cut ways to have a harmonious family. These are just a select few - there are many more.

I'm sure the feminists will get up in arms when they read the line about wives "submitting" to husbands. This does not mean we are to become property under men - this means that the husband is to act as the "President" of the household, and the wife is to act as the "Vice President".

With regards to Tony's comment about Clinton not spying on Americans: this practice began in 1993 under the Clinton Administration. And have we all forgotten Somalia?

yeah, the Quran has viol... (Below threshold)

yeah, the Quran has violence and calls for subservient women. Like the Bible doesn't? Get off your high horse and take a look at how much violence and oppression is ordained in the Judeo-Christian holy text; the Quran pales in comparison.


As for Bill Clinton at the UN, at least he knows a world exists outside U.S., doesn't spy on Americans or lie to us in ways that get our troops killed.

Take off the blinders, please!

Actually, Clinton DID spy on Americans. And SOLELY for political reasons (Google project Eschalon). So, please, do take off your blinders.

And it's odd that you don't seem to have a huge problem with Christians strapping bombs to themselves and killing innocents as a political strategy.






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