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More Wilson/Plame Strangeness

Clarice Feldman has an incredibly interesting piece at The American Thinker, in which she reports a very unusual finding. First read the following from the Wilson/Plame Vanity Fair spread:

Cheney and his chief of staff, Lewis Libby, visited the C.I.A. several times at Langley and told the staff to make more of an effort to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and to uncover Iraqi attempts to acquire nuclear capabilities. One of the people who objected most fervently to what he saw as "intimidation," according to one former C.I.A. case officer, was Alan Foley, then the head of the Weapons Intelligence, Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Center. He was Valerie Plame's boss. (Foley could not be reached for comment.)

Clarice Feldman submitted some questions to Mr. Foley and on May 29th, received the following response:

I didn't know that Valerie Plame or Joseph Wilson existed until after the Novak article. I have never met nor communicated with either of them. Nor did I have any responsibility or authority relating to them, the reported trip to Niger, or the subsequent leak investigation. As for Ray McGovern, I don't believe that I have either seen or talked to him since before his retirement from the Agency. That was many years ago; probably sometime in the late 1990's. Please do not contact me again.

Read all of Feldman's piece at The American Thinker.

Comments (13)

"please do not contact me a... (Below threshold)

"please do not contact me again?"

Okay, he answered the questions, but he's completely indifferent as to how his name, his identity, and his former position in the CIA is being misused?

Thats a wierd response.

On behalf of me, Please, contact him again.

Typical Sgt Schultz respons... (Below threshold)

Typical Sgt Schultz response.

Hmmm.How on earth ... (Below threshold)


How on earth is it possible that Foley didn't know either Wilson or Plame?


Plame worked for the guy. So either he was a managerial basket case that depended on others to do the job or else he's lying.

And Wilson is the ultimate glad-handler. A living Leisure Suit Larry.

A living Leisure S... (Below threshold)
A living Leisure Suit Larry.

That's the quote of the day, methinks......

All this reminds me of an e... (Below threshold)

All this reminds me of an educational channel documentrie I saw on all the spies in both the CIA in America, and in England,MI5and MI6,dosent all this seem to indicate history repeating itself. These people have to be rooted out at all cost.

maybe he just doesn't want ... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

maybe he just doesn't want to get into details with some reporter he doesn't have a relationship with. aren't right wingers constantly clamoring to stop whistleblowing and leaks? he's doing just that.

Hmmm.Sorry if I of... (Below threshold)


Sorry if I offended anyone but Joe Wilson just totally reminds me of Leisure Suit Larry.

Seriously. Just look up the two in Google Images.

And remember one of Larry's early adventures was in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.

C'mon man. That's so Joe Wilson.

Sean? This isn't "whistleb... (Below threshold)

Sean? This isn't "whistleblowing" or Espionage, as you thing, and this isn't "leaking" this is addressing a PERSONAL accusation by another.

WILSON said that Alan Foley was Anti-American, sorry, Anti-Bush and Anti-War, but Foley won't respond to that abuse?

The questions are of a personal nature, NOT of a national security nature.

The questions are of a p... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

The questions are of a personal nature, NOT of a national security nature.

Then who gives a shit.

Then who gives a shit.</... (Below threshold)

Then who gives a shit.

Since Joe Wilson mentioned it specifically --- Joe Wilson gives a shit.

He's not calling Joe Wilson... (Below threshold)

He's not calling Joe Wilson a . . a . . . liar, is he???

He is a liberal saint, he can't possibly lying.

You all remember that "righ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

You all remember that "right wing conspiracy" the Clintons used to accuse the opposition of whenever Bill was accused of wrong doing? Well, here we have evidence of a vast left wing conspiracy. Claims that Bush started the war in Iraq are all false. W.J.Clinton lobbed cruise missles into Iraq more than once. Most nations would consider missle lobbing an act of war. The MSM would have you believe nothing of the sort existed before Bush. The economy is going great, but is unrecognized by the MSM, blame Bush for bad economy. Acts of God, hurricane Katrina, damage the Gulf Coast. Blame Bush, even though the Democratic Mayor and Governor were failed first responders. The fact that the Coast Guard did a miraculous job rescueing people in New Orleans in never printed. Blame Bush. Bush successfully removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan establishing a democratically elected government. He gets no credit. He finished the war with Iraq, that Clinton started, losing far fewer troops in the process than any other major conflict in our history, that has lasted this long, and you would think we are losing this war. Liberals are so angry that the lies they told did not win them the Presidency in 00 and 04 that they will do anything to harm the man that foiled their evil plans. This includes damage to this nation, if they can win, or lose. Treason really defines the current left.

IMPEACH LIAR JOE WILSON.</... (Below threshold)







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