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Woman Hit By Lightening While Praying

Drudge linked to this story of a woman who was struck by lightening in the kitchen while praying. I guess that saying "be careful what you wish for" could be revised to say "be careful what you pray for." God really does move in mysterious ways.

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I figure God heard her pray... (Below threshold)

I figure God heard her prayer and decided to let her survive the lightning.

Maybe she was putting to mu... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Maybe she was putting to much cumin in a recipe...

Maybe she was fasting too.<... (Below threshold)

Maybe she was fasting too.

Maybe she will become a gre... (Below threshold)

Maybe she will become a great reformer of the church like Martin Luther (with similar lighting incident which he decided to become a monk, but was not struck)

Essentially proving that li... (Below threshold)

Essentially proving that lightning hits people everywhere. How many golfers have been praying when lightning have hit them? ("Oh please, help me make this putt...")






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